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Calling all 4r70w gurus

Hi all,
Have been working on several projects related to my 2000 Grand Marquis and am stuck. Included is:
Fairbanks Transaction Kit #23007 for '91 and later AOD variants.
Replace a broken 2-3 accumulator spring.
Replaced a galled/worn pressure regulator valve.
Replacing the separator plate with a Superior Super Tough plate.
If you look here: AODE AODE 4R70W 4R70W AOD Mustang Parts, aode aode 4r70w Transmission
and search for Armour Plated it should come up.
Those who do so may note something I did not when I ordered this plate.
".... preventing costly No-Go's and comebacks in the Late 2000-up 4R70W/4R75W transmissions by helping to eliminate plate cracking and cross leaks..."
This Merc was off the line in March 2000 so I would not call that a late 2000 4r70w.
My bad, but hope springs eternal.... lol
And finally doing the JMod per Rizzo's video which obviously is excellent.

Rizzo's video shows removal of two round plates that are accessed once you drop the valve body. However on my valvebody there are 3 plates. The same two that are shown in his video, but one more smaller plate with some slots cut in it. The first image below shows that 3rd plate before removing it from the valvebody.

I presumed the difference was really just the year of the tranny he worked on vs. my 2000 and proceeded with subsequent instructions integrating the new parts, the Transaction kit and the SuperTough plate.

Now I'm at the point of reassembling everything and I'm finding an issue.
1. The Superior plate is not drilled exactly the same as the one removed from my 4r70w. There doesn't appear to be any accommodation for this "third plate" on the new SuperTough plate. 2nd image below shows the SuperTough plate at the bottom with BOTH gaskets overlayed on it. The VB gasket and the case gasket (on top in the image).
In the upper part of the image is the old separator plate and the OEM VB gasket along side it.
a. As I've annotated, if you reference the lower left hand hole on each plate, then compare that to the white circle on the SuperTough plate vs. the same area on the OEM plate, hole A in the SuperTough plate does not appear on the OEM plate. And holes B, C and D of the OEM plate do not appear on the SuperTough plate.
b. Also notice that the new gasket BELOW hole A is not opened for this hole. Neither is the OEM gasket.
c. As well hole A would be completely covered by this 3rd steel plate that was on the OEM separator plate. So I believe that effectively hole A will not function and should not cause me a problem.
I feel like I need someone who knows the 4r70w intimately to confirm that.

2. The gasket provided with the Transaction kit is opened for holes B, C, and D just like the old gasket.

I'm thinking that since hole A is covered, I can just create holes B, C, and D in the SuperTough plate using the old plate as a template. And if I confirm that every OTHER hole in the SuperTough is either the same as the OEM, is covered by a gasket thereby blocking it off, or matches the JMod changes, then I should not have any problem using the SuperTough plate.

But as a very experienced shadetree (read old fart), but not really being an auto transmission guy, I'm not totally sure it is OK to modify the new plate as I've outlined, or if I'm getting ready to screw up a transmission. I am just old enough to finally know that I don't know it all. Just don't tell my wife.

I have also noticed other differences between the gasket from the Transaction kit and the OEM gasket as well, but as far as I've been able to tell at this point, where there are holes in the Transaction gasket that DON'T exist on the OEM gasket, there are also NOT holes in either of the plates. So I account for that as simply being options for the range of years that the gasket is designed to cover.

Hopefully you 4r70w guru's can shed some light and alert me to any disasters in the making.


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File Type: jpg 3rd plate -armour plate no holes reduced.jpg (77.3 KB, 8 views)
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Re: Calling all 4r70w gurus

I looked, I dug, really don't know what to tell you about what to do with the plate. Might want to see if you can find a tranny shop nearby and see if they can give you some advice. I had one near me several years ago that gave me tech support on a C-6.

Ever notice that there's so many high performance parts available for GM products?

Did you ever think that maybe they NEED them?
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Re: Calling all 4r70w gurus

Hello Jeep:

I'm also old enough to know that I'm not a 4R70W "geru", but have had several apart ('92-'05)and have successfully modified them to live with warmed over 5.4's installed in CV's. This is a little late, but hope it helps.

The "third" plate you are referring to is (I think) the cover plate for the overdrive servo. Most modification kits do not concern the OD servo, so they are not mentioned. Unless the OD servo is worn, the 1-2 and 2-3 servo's are the only concern. Check carefully for wear and broken springs. Which springs you choose to install depends on how quickly/harsh you want the trans to shift.

I am not familiar with the Super Tough plate. I have always used the stock separator plate and OEM gaskets without problem (use a torque wrench to torque the valve body!), and depending on the year, drilled them for additional [I]pump/lubrication[I] flow. Could the plate and gasket set you have be for a manually shifted automatic?
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