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Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

As a new owner of an ex-police car, I was wondering if I should be worried about acts of vandalism from someone who may hate the police and take their aggressions out on my car, or worst-case scenario, shoot at me? Has anybody ever had this happen to them?

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Re: Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

Hello mbtech,
I have a dark gray grand marquis and have been at times considered an officer or undercover by some people. I do remember many years ago, I think in california where an elderly couple was driving a white 5th avenue and they took a wrong turn and one of them was killed. I like the rear wheel drive gm, but It can give a rather bad impression in some of the bars I hang out in, not to top off I've lost a few women in count of it. Some think I spying on them by their x's or otherwise.
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Re: Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

My 1985 Mustang LX was deverted from an order of Highway Patrol vehicles. Seems two of us had special ordered our Mustangs four months prior and Ford keep having to delay the builds in order to meet CAFE. Seems Ford finally shorted the law enforcement run by two units to get our orders off the books.

Strange thing is that both cars were shown being built on a TV program about a red convert. Mine is shown moving through the paint department and at an assembly point. Near the end of the program the convert is seen coming out of the "tunnel" at the end of the Dearborn production line. The other special order (silver) is next in line, then my black coupe. Behind that was an "endless" string of highway patrol livery.

Not many people in Ohio realized the 85 LX coupe could be ordered with a 5.0 H.O. package and I had one of two V-8 LX coupes in my home county that year. The other, which I saw once, was the the rare 5.0 FI engine with about 190 hp vs mine with carb and 210 hp. (Each year thereafter the number of 5.0 LX coupes increased in the area which I regularlly drove but not in the rest of the county. There were 4 86's, 12 87's, Ford owes my for advertising!)

Knowing I had an unsual vehicle I went to many area cruise-ins. Had some ledgit requests during subrub shows from the local police department who want to "borrow" my car to prove to the tax payers they "really" needed a pursuit car. When I refused two actually asked if I would be willing to run one off against one of their Vic's on the nearby outerbelt so they could determine which was faster. (Yes, I am serious.)

"The outerbelt? The one which is heavily patroled by radar-equiped State Highway Patrol cars?" Do you think I would be dumb enough to trust a small town police officer who promised that if stopped he would claim "hot pursuit" and get me out of being ticketed?

But more in line with what you have asked: Yes, even though Mustangs were not used in Ohio during 1985 many of the residents in my 'hood had close ties to the states that did employ Mustangs. Therefore their twisted logic lead them to suspect I was either an undercover cop or NARC. Not the feelings you want your neighbors to have when your neighborhood is starting to become known for illegal drugs, after hour clubs, etc.

I have felt my neighbor's wrath several times after some major bust took place in the 'hood. Conditions have since improved and there has been a
drop in the crime rate but I'm still swimming in shark infested waters.

On the road, especially on I-71 in Northern Ohio, I realized that the residents of southern states were noticablly able to spot a V-8 powered LX due to the tel-tell twin exhust pipes from at least a quarter mile back. I was actually glad when one of the original tail pipes fell of the car because it appeared that the car had a six.

Ah, but out on the road! Once on I-71 I was coming up out of a valley on a long incline and happened in the mirror that a car a mile behind me that was weaving in and out of traffic and without question traveling 20-25 mph faster then other traffic.

The car got to within an 1/8 mile and as I watched as the passenger, who had been casually looking out the side window, almost had her head smashed into the dash when the driver slammed on the brakes. She turned and yelled, the driver franically pointed to the rear of my car.

That was my first encounter I had being falsely labeled as law enforcement and it didn't occur to me what was gong on at first. When I noticed the car had no front plate I knew it wasn't an Ohioian, had to be a state w/ Mustang pursuit cars. Since came to realize that Mustang pursuit cars must have terrorized southern state drivers.

In this case the other car followed for three miles, and of course I slowed 5 mph on purpose to see how long it would take before the other driver got brave enough to pass. When they fonally did they must not have known I had been watching as they both were giving my car the evil eye. When they were directly beside I turned and waved as if I had no idea that anything had happened. When they finally passed, sure enough , South Carolina plate on back.

Second time it happen, ironically, was in the middle of the curve on I-71 just outside the walls of the Ford "Cleveland" engine plant (actually Brookpark, Ohio). Car came up behind me at high speed, slammed on the brakes, driver pointing wildly, passenger cussing. I had been on an outing and happened to have a thermos bottle sitting next to me. The thermos had a large red top, the other car had no front plate. Time to experiment!

About a half mile down the road, other car still following, I placed the top of the thermos on the dash, just like it was a beacon as used in unmarked cars. Looking in the mirror I could read their lips, "Oh *&^%*&!"

At that point they ACTUALLY puledl over to the side of the road. They sit there a few moments probably confused because I had kept going.

Couple of minutes later the same car came flying up behind me, got beside of me as the driver and passenger made no efforts to hide the fact they were looking for law enforcement logos , passed, and changed lanes so close that I had to hit my brakes.

I figure that their one finger salute was a suggestion that I NOT try to follow.
Or maybe it was a means to tell me my car was "#1"????

To be honest, in one way it was fun to watch reactions like these but at the same time I do realize what would have happened if one of those cars would have wrecked, or a passenger actually was thrown into the dash. Wouldn't have been my fault since I did nothing but it would have been on my conscience.

What would have happen if the car that cut me off had of made contact or the driver desided to resort to physical harm?

ALSO- I have seen ex-enforcement cars in this end of town which have been shot at. (I live near the city limits, semi-rural and uncoded housing on the other side). Can't say it was because they were ex-enforcement cars or because the driver or the residents of his area weren't haveing a personel arguement. Lot's of road-house type bars and red necks out that way.

In another more "racial" part of town I have seen ex-enforcement cars with bullet holes but there was no question that those were the result of a "culture" shooting. Too many nightclubs in that area with bullet holes riddling the outside walls. I stay clear of the area when the sun goes down.

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mad Re: Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

I've been the victim of some vandalism by someone who apparently thought my civilian CV was a cop car. In addition to my Crown Vic Sport (see sig photo at bottom) I also owned an exceptionally nice 1996 Crown Vic LX HPP (which now belongs to my son).

While away at college, some lousy "keyed" his rear quarter panel across the fuel fill door. My son says he doesn't have any enemies at school so he thinks either someone was jealous of the car or thought it was a cop car, so they keyed it.
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Re: Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

God, your son is a lucky guy Cooper. Good shape back then on the CV. Especially the rear tail lights. Don't like the current rear tail lights as much as the ones from older series.

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To do: Use touch up paint, buy CD/MP3 head unit
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Re: Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

Theyre a very big car arent they!? How old is your son? He must be a helluva driver to be able to navigate one of those big things!

Ford Fiesta Zetec Mk6

You know who I am...
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Re: Cop-car owners, ever been vandalized or shot at?

Okay my story also!, (98 grand marquis grey), some people think your a narc or investigator and I have lost a few women in the bars cause they think that I have been hired by their x's to spy on them or otherwise. Its just funny how some of these small time criminals are or lack the intelligence to determine an undercover agent or othewise. What I can't understand is these people think I'm a narc and up to this day I havent seen a police car with $ 400.00 mags on it, but Oh Well!. I love this large rear wheel drive car and will always have rear wheel drive cars. Too bad Cadalic has front wheel drive, cause that was my first choice. P.S. I did have a 97 Grand Marquis with 8K mile and had a head on at 82 MPH, the other car was going 76 MPH. I was a straight head on and I never pressed my brakes. I am alive and here and will always consider these "5-star" cars safety ratings well worth the money. Dont try this but you will live, the air bags burns or rashes your face and inner arms and the seat belt turn your skin yellow for about 3 weeks and you get real whiplash and you ankles and wrists and upperback will always bother you from now on. The other guy?, well he lived but has brain damage and is handicapped. He was driving a 85 5th avenue. He didnot have a seatbelt on nor airbags. It was his fault also, he got a ticket and a broken face.
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