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a couple 86 Crown Vic questions

Hi, I have owned my Crown Vic LTD for 4 years now and it is the first car I have owned that is newer than 1977. I'm a little new to smog related pollution attachments. My Vic has a 5.0 with AOD Tranny. It runs great other than it doesn't do much went I stomp on the gas or climb hills, Especially in overdrive and these are mainly gradual up hill climbs on the freeway. But I still get around 20 to 23 mpg on the highway. Here's my questions...

1. When climbing hills on the freeway or going past the halfway point of acceleration (when I have no power). Hot air comes out of all the vents. When I back off and the car cruises with little acceleration it stops pumping hot air. It doesn't matter what the thermo controls are set at. I was thinking it might have to do with the exhaust (or lack there of) or O2 sensors? My exhaust consists of 2 Cat Converters the y pipe that brings it into a single exhaust and about 2 inches of pipe after that. No Muffler or pipe out the back it just stops under the front seats. Any ideas where this hot air comes from?

2. I want to put a dual exhaust on it and I am wondering if removing the cats would help or harm performance. I would also like to get rid of the clunky thermactor. Is this a wise decision?

3. I'm poorer than dirt and was wondering if there were anysites I can find tires, rims, and parts for cheap or almost free. All the junkyards here in Lima Ohio crush cars for cash so there are not alot of parts available in my area. I'm looking for 2 Crager Keystone rims, Universal-Bolt Pattern 15in. Of the four I have on it 2 are badly bent. ( a neighbor of mine gave me these 13 years ago and I had been toting them around with me until I bought a car I could put them on.) I'd also like to put some performance shoes on the rims but don't have the $150.00 or more per tire to do this. Maybe someone has some stuff lying around they'd like to get rid of for free.

I got lucky, the interior was in good shape just your average cracked dash and faded material. Which I have almost replaced all of it.

Basically I'm a struggling car lover who wants to make his daily driver as reliable and clean looking as possible. For as cheap or free as possible.

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Re: a couple 86 Crown Vic questions

The proven formula for dual exhaust on box-body Crown Vics:

1) '86-'93 5.0 Mustang headers (factory or aftermarket)
2) '86-'93 5.0 Mustang H-pipe (again, factory or aftermarket, cat or no cat depending on budget, preferences, and local smog requirements)
3) Two Walker PN 43281 midpipes (trimming required; must buy flanges separately)
4) Stock '95 Caprice mufflers (2.25" in/2" out, offset/offset; Walker 21110/21111 or equivalent)
5) Stock Crown Vic tailpipes

- OR -

3) Two Maremont 339221 midpipes (flanges included)
4) Your choice of 2.5" in/out offset/offset oval mufflers
5) Dynomax 2.5" tailpipes for '95 Impala SS.

My old budget system consisted of lopping the exhaust off behind the cats, getting four 2.25" 45 degree bends and some straight piping, and two cheap 2.25" turbo mufflers with no tailpipes. It worked OK, but low-rpm engines REALLY prefer to have crossover pipes if at all possible.

For a cheap-ish wheel and tire upgrade, consider looking for '98-'02 Crown Vic police wheels. I scored a decent set with mostly-good 225/60/16 Goodyear RS-A (V-rated) tires for $200 including the correct lugnuts and centercaps; if tires aren't included, Kuhmo Ecsta ASX's (also V-rated) are comparatively inexpensive and work quite well.
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Re: a couple 86 Crown Vic questions

Hello 1987cp. I think I must agreed with. Those are good steps on how to budget money and your box-body Crown Vics will be looks nice and awesome. :D
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Re: a couple 86 Crown Vic questions

how long has it been since plugs, wires, cap and rotor were changed... along with fuel filter? that i am guessing is the cause of your loss of power uphill...

exhaust i would do what was stated above but you can only use shorty headers and not long tubes... if you go with mustang headers, you will need different O2 sensors since the stock ones will be too short and will have to use mustang ones... you can go mustang shorty headers, "H" or "X" pipe, to mufflers of your choice and turn downs to avoid the heat blowin directly on the rearend.

the thermactor (smog pump can be removed) but will have to talk about in PM since that is part of emissions that the site here is against breaking of laws since it is needed for emissions federally...

your heat from vents is due to the blend door not shutting all the way and leating air pass the heater core and into the car... you can adjust the door by accessing the cable behind the glovebox. you have to remove the glovebox, and look for a cable and move the temp lever to make sure you have the right cable... where the cable attaches to the arm leading into ductwork, you can undo the clip... adjust it as necessary to get the door to shut tight... you want it so that when set to hot it doesnt quite move all the way to that side on the controls... over time the cable slips in the clip and needs adjusting.

my 1986 Grand Marquis LS... Rose...
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