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HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

Ok guys, I defiantly need some help here. I am about a month away from making my purchase (and becoming part of the group) and I need some more info from you professionals!! After doing more research, I have found that if I go p71, I want a 2006 or newer due to the fact that it has the tach in the cluster, and I really like the looks of that.. I mean I guess I wouldn’t pass a good 04 or 05, but I would really like the tach… I do have a few questions about the p71s for you current owners.. the spotlights, I like the duel spotlights (drivers and passengers) but I know they are more rare, my question is this… the ones that are put in factory, is the A piller made for it? What I mean is, is the hole there from ford, or are they actually drilled in after production.. I know they are easy to install, I am just wondering if the hole is actually built in the A piller during production giving the A piller extra support to compensate for the hole. Also does the factory one have factory wiring from ford, or is it just an extra power wire ran to it?? And also I have learned that if you find a p71 with power drivers seat, odds are the wiring is already there on the passengers side, is this true? And lastly on the p71s, has anyone ever (on any car really) had any luck with aftermarket leather seat covers? If I get a p71 I will definetly get leather put in, I am just wondering how the aftermarket covers look installed, I am afraid they will look cheesy, fit wise..
Lastly, I just need opinions.. Is the marauder worth it over a p71?? I like the crown vic front a little better to be honest, and the reason I love the crown vic so much is that it is reliable and very safe. The oil, trans, and power steering is cooled in the p71, is the marauder?? I know the marauder is probably as reliable as the p71 seeing as they are basically the same, but is the marauder as safe as the vic, and as physically strong?? That is the definite choice maker for me, I want the tougher more safe vehicle.. the p71 can take a 75 mhp hit in the rear, can the marauder??? Any help would GREATLY be appreciated. Thanks!! Dave..

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Re: HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

As far as I've seen with our fleet. The pillars are the same and just a hole drilled into it. Mine only had one spotlight and I filled the hole. Some had the extra power ead to it and some didn't. The suspensions are pretty much the same on the newer cars. They have heavier springs for the extra weight with the equipment installed. Our cars had no wiriing for the right seat and the drivers was powered. They both have the safety in case of a rear collision. I can't say much about the Marauder since we've had the P71s only. I like the look of the P71 best too. Don't know about the leather seats in leather.

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cool Re: HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

Well... I'd probably go with the Marauder myself. Let's see, Leather seats standard, tach standard with volts and oil gauges moved to a full console w/floor shifter, more power than the P71 by way of a 4V 4.6L, 18" wheels standard. Price wise, well... it actually wouldn't be cheaper to go with a Marauder, but it's not much more expensive than the 2006 P71 with more toys. Comparing to the same model year P71 with more miles is a bigger difference. Retail prices:

2004 Marauder with say 30,000 mi. and no sunroof:
NADA- $16,275
KBB- $14,965

2006 P71 with around 45,000 mi. to be fair, since a cop car will get more use in a shorter period of time:
NADA- $12,050
KBB- $11,825

2004 P71 with 90,000 mi.:
NADA- $7,525
KBB- $8,100

2003 Marauder will be a little cheaper, but only 2 color choices, black and silver. 2004 just adds Garnet red.

Master ASE Certified L1 Chrysler Technician- still a Ford fan at heart.
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Re: HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

After reading tbird100636 and what you're looking for, I'd have to say the Marauder looks like the way to go.

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Re: HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

But wait! My buddy Jim has a 2001 CVPI with stock exhaust. He runs pullies, intake, mass air kit with a 2005 ziptube, and a tune. He even has the Marauder cluster and floorshift. He has ran a 14.6 naturally aspirated for now and can beat any stock Marauder on the street. The best part of it all is he got the car for just about $4K. After recently becoming friends with a bunch of "2-valvers", I am impressed to say the least at what they have been able to accomplish with their cars which are all former Interceptors and government vehicles. If money is not an issue, buy a Marauder. If you want to save a buck or two, buy a CVPI and throw some goodies on it. Really, if you think about it, the Marauder was a 15 second range vehicle and the CVPI was a 16 second range vehicle. A few simple bolt-ons can quickly close that gap. Of course, listen to me I have a 4-valve, but it turns out the Mark VIII is much cheaper than a Marauder of the same mileage. I was originally looking at a Marauder myself until I started doing the math. I love the Marauder like crazy but can't see spending over twice the price I did to get the Lincoln form with the same mileage.

So while you are thinking about it, why not watch this video of my fellow 2-valver at the track.

-1992 Ford F-150 (winter truck)
-1998 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (fun car)13.591@101.72mph
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Re: HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

I would go with the Marauder. I am partial since I own one. It has 80,000 miles with no major issues. Great car. The Marauders were offered in three color choices each year. 2003 offered Black, silver, and blue. 2004 offered black, silver, and red. Total production for both years is 11,052. I like the stall converter. You can just sit at a light and let your foot off the brake and it just sits there purring. Power brake it and light em up and chirp second with no problem. The only down fall is premium gas only!

Production numbers for the Mercury Marauder:
2003 - 7839 (327 Blue, 417 Silver, rest black .. 7094)
2004 - 3213 (981 DTR, 987 Silver, 1245 Black)
Total production, 03 and 04 was 11,052
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Re: HELP!! I JUST NEED HELP!! Marauder or p71!!

i would wanna marauder... can add a few things and make it bad a$$... i like the way they sound with trilogy blower and stuff
'03 Marauder vs '03 Corvette - Car Videos on StreetFire
2003 marauder vs. 2005 mustang - Car Videos on StreetFire

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