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Any Sports Card or Comic Collectors?

Who here collects sports cards? I have not in a LONG time, but I still have mine. I guess my best ones are the Barry Sanders rookie card, Sammy Sosa rookie, and my Gale Sayers Hall Of Fame card (with real signature).......

My newest cards are about 10 years old now. I have a good collection of baseball, football, a little bit of Basketball, and some Garbage Pail Kids........

I also have some comic books from a ways back, but none are really worth anything. My best one I guess is my Spawn #3, they are up over the 100's now, but it's still only worth like 12 bucks or something......

I had a X-Men #1 YEARS ago, but it unfortunetly got trashed or lost or something, dunno what it's worth anymore......


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I have an assload of cards, but I dont even look at them anymore.
All I remember that I have is a Topps Cal Ripken Jr. Rookie, and a card from the 60's (Topps I believe) with Mickey Mantle and Harmon Kilebrew and a few others on it.
My one friend used to run a comic book and toys store in high school. He still sells stuff on ebay.

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Haha, yes, I too have many cards.. Got the whole 1989 Score set somewhere, Topps Dan Marino rookie, Topps Jim Kelly rookie, a bunch of others I can't even think of.. they are all in storage, have been for 5 years at least now. Also have a boatload of comics, in storage. I've been out of the hobby for a while now, 10 years at least. My greatest collection are almost all of the Groo comics. :s6: They aren't worth alot, which is partly why I started collecting them, plus they are funny as hell, or at least were when i was 12. I still need a few to finish my complete collection, but with Ebay around that's easier than ever. I should do that. I also have the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles very first set that were worth alot.. I think they've fallen in price lately though.

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yeah .. ive got alot of marvel comics.. thats all i used to do.. i drew them all the time.. i was pretty good at it.. now i cant draw for nothing.. ive got the very original xmen comice.. spiderman, punisher, even some real old batman comics..:s6:

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Hockey Cards

In Canada, baseball cards are all but unheard of. It's all (and rightfully so :)) hockey cards. When I was a kid I had hockey cards, hockey stickers, sticker albums, the whole lot. I have a fair number of semi-valuable rookie cards (Steve Yzerman, Lindros, Bure, LaFontaine, Hawerchuk, Jagr, Gilmour, Robitaille, Selanne, Hasek...and many others I can't remember) but nothing huge like Gretzky or Lemieux.

Which year is Sosa's rookie btw? I remember I used to have a Sosa Upper Deck card banging around but I don't remember which year it was.
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I remember GROO! It rocked, and so did the moral at the end of every story. I think Sosa's rookie was in the early 90's, like around 91 or 92...

1990 Ford Probe LX 3.0L V6 :s6:

1989 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II 13B-T "FC3S"
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I do...

At least I did! Many years ago. I collected comics and still have every single one of them. In great condition and stored at my parents house (like they should be!). I have the X-MEN #1 in all the different covers, the Uncanny X-MEN #300 signed by the inker and the someone else, Green Arrow #1, Wolverine #1, X-MEN xtinction agenda crossover series (xmen, xfactor, new mutants), as well as the Death of Superman, and one of my favs: Spiderman vs. Wolverine. Yup, those were the days! :bs3:

1990 PGL with some extras! :bs4:
See it at: (in the 1990probe folder)
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It's been a long time...
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I got all the kansas city/raiders bo jackson cards still, from when it was a good collectible.

I have lots of Image #1's when they frist started coming out. I have lots of sketches.

My 3 best comics, for me at least, are:

-a Wetworks #1 signed by all the artists,
-a WildCATS #2 w/ coupon signed by Jim Lee and all of the wetworks artists (their first preview was in this comic)
-and a (Image) Deathmate (promo) comic signed by Mark Moretti, Sean Chen, Bernard Chang, Greg Capulo, Alex Garner, and Brett Booth...and each of them sketched a character on the back of it.

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Thumbs up

collections eh?

well, i still have approximately 400 superman comics in my bedroom right now. i stopped collecting them about a year ago because i didn't have time to scope out a new comic shop after my regular shop closed.

before then, i used to have over 2000 different comics, ranging from star wars (i had the complete set [issue 1 to 106], and i mean the original from marvel, not the dark horse series) to superman to spider-man. i had the issue where peter parker got married, the hobgoblin was unmasked, the green goblin (norman osborne) died, when gwen stacy died, when superman died, and the entire series when he came back. hell, i used to have the man of steel mini-series when john byrne redid the origin of superman, making him more mortal. i had 4 mint copies of that set, plus the last issues of superman and adventures of superman with the character originally created by siegel and shuster. then there were the batman comics. i have most of knightfall and all of knightsend, plus a few afterward. i don't have many of them anymore though. :s3

along with my comics, i had quite the collection of baseball cards as well. i had rookie cards of most superstars from the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, and many from the 1980's (including 5 mint tony gwynn topps cards, with him wearing number 52, not 15). these too were lost while they were in a storage facility. i haven't had the desire to restart a collection with today's stars, althought i do have a mcgwire rookie card, a randy johnson rookie card, and some other notable rooks.

that's not to mention my sci-fi book collection, of which i used to have over 300 books. that is only a shadow of its former self now. i really only collect the dragonlance and doc savage series now. gotta hit the bookstores again. :s5

phew! i think that's it.

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eh... I only have like 15-20 cards
  • Mickey Mantle Rookie
  • Steve Yzerman Rookie (step brother gave it to me)
  • Deon Sanders Baseball & Football Rookies
  • Emmit Smith Rookie
  • Michael Jordan Rookie
  • 2- Mark Mcgwire Rookie 1 regular 1 signed w/ picture of him signing it for me
  • Joe Montana Rookie
  • David Robinson rookie
  • Barry Bonds rookie
  • About 5 other cards... that's it

I always used my cards w/ laundry clips on my bikes to make "cool" sounds the whole collection thing never caught on... I only wanted to keep the ones worth alot to begin with... That way when I was out of $$$ I could sell them.

I'm a disgrace to the cards I own.
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