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I need help...please respone

my car is dying....i don't know what the hell is wrong with it but, the car is overheating when i sit in traffic and when i start going again or give it gas it goes back to normal...also when i am sitting at idle it shake and then the rpm's drops and then it goes back to normal and the battery drains when i am sitting at a red light also...but, when i start going again it goes back to normal...what is up with this car??? I am so ready to sell it and get another 95 with less miles....what do you guys think...i need help.

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Sice you said your rpm's are erratic, and overheating at the same time. Have you ever changed your timing belt ? Maybe your water pump or the pulley is going bad. Those are the only things I can think of.:(

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Or maybe its two separate problems. For the overheating the first thing I would check is if the fan kicks in when the engine starts getting hot...
The problem with the idle could be a lot of things, Ive heard so many things it will be a PITA to find the problem... It doesnt sound like a serious problem though, I mean at least its not the engine or the tranny. I dont see why you would want to sell it, just have someone look at it they should be able to find the problem pretty quick... Good luck,
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ill just start throwing things out there...

if your coolant is low your engine will rev up and down sometimes and most of all over heat.. your alternator sounds bad if your running out of juice. when your sitting at the light its not spinning as fast and not producing enough electros......... which in part takes your batteries.. if you put to much oil in your car it will run rough at idle and really smoke:WH: i dont know im really retarded in mechanics..:CraZ:
try adjusting your tps for the idle
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:confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

i am doing the following saturday...i hope this works out for me.

changing oil
changing alternator
changing battery
changing spark plugs
flushing coolant system
changing to a cato high flow cat

if this doesn't work anyone want to by a 95 pgt with 80,000 miles on it? Lots of mods...ready for NOS...just need the kit. I found a 95 TT RX-7 for under 10,000.00 with less then 53,000 miles...it has a little front end damage but, he has all the parts, the frame is straight...what do you guys thing...don't worry I am also looking for a probe GT that i can buy out right...for 7,000.00 or under... yeah, i know...i am going to use my savings to buy another probe...i will get a loan for RX-7

thanks everyone.....for all your help...i will let everyone know how it turns out....:CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ: :CraZ:
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Just a little word to you about what your are gonna change. If you are gonna change the plugs make sure you change the wires as well.

I am going through something similar with a car of mine...which shall remain nameless. I have a Chuggle, surge issue at or about 1900 - 2400. I have changed the plugs, wires, EGR valve, EGR Solinoid, MAF, injectors, 4-O2 sensors, cats, T-Stat, TB and Fuel runners. The last thing I can do is replace the opticrap system that it uses.

After this the only other thing it could be is valve float, but I would notice it more through out the rpm range.

Gremlins are a biatch to chase down and when you are doing it try to do as much of the chasing at one time. There is no sense on replacing the plugs and not the wires along with them.

Just my $1.98 worth of input
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:p :damack: :damack: :damack: :damack: :damack: :damack: :damack:

yeah i thought i put that on there...oops. if this all fails, what esle could it be?
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mess with your TPS...

Throttle Position Sensor....

it's right infront to the Throttle body...

it's got a blue and silver sticker on it with number's and it's kinda round at the top then sauare's off at the bottom with wire's coming out going to the right tward's your intake tubing...

it's very sensitive so adjust it carefully...

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