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I'm curious about the Probe and MX6

Hey, I was wondering how the Probe community looks at the MX6? Do they hate it? Like it? Likewise for MX6 folks thinking about the probe?

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Well, I know for me, I like both. I happen to also have an MX6, and I can tell you I dont like how heavy it feels. I like the light and quick response of the Probe. The MX6 just feels heavier and not as agile.

Is it English? Does it moo?
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Thumbs up It's all good

I like both, and I think in general in the Probe community, both are liked equally. That being said, expect some friendly pranks and namecalling to happen from the various owners, but generally it's all in good fun.

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I like the 2nd gen MX-6, good looking car. Kind of resembles the old Ferrari Dino. I like the LS model the most, V6 plus leather seats ummmmmmmmmm:mmm: .

My first car was a 67 Mustang Coupe, 2nd one was a 67 Cougar XR-7, 3rd one was a 66 Mustang Coupe. Why did I get rid of these cars for ? I know why, because I'm stupid, stupid, stupid.

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Here's an 'Aussie' perspective.......we have so few Probes here in Australia and besides the US knowledge base, we really benefit from the MX-6ers and their 'numbers'.......

The best comparison regarding 'feelings' between the two camps is similar to the feelings you have for a brother/sister. You love 'em, and relate to them - but you're real happy that you got to be YOU. Know what I mean?

Next weekend (Aug 4/5) we have our first 'National' meeting - and it is a joint Probe/MX-6 meet. Those 2nd Gens are really sexy, and I'm getting used to the 1st Gens. It's a little more difficult to relate to them, since we only got the 2nd Gen Probe in Oz.

Wish us luck, guys - I'll post some pics for ya. We may get 20 cars together - which is a feat since we only have 2000 in the country!!

I believe that we'll be making a 'movie' (not sure of the format yet) which will be edited and compiled from all of our video cameras. I think that it will be composed on a Mac???
One of the cameras is a 'pen' type that can be placed on the car bumper etc....

I'll get an extra copy for 'export' to the US - so you guys can see what we get up to over here. Only one catch - I want Myrtle Madness in return :)


Craig Lovell aka Homer

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It is definately a mutual respect... The Mx6... even the 626 and millenia are all respected by Probe owners, and it is the other way around. I liked Mx6's before Probes, but now that I have a probe, I like the more aggressive styling, and better feel (not to mention lower cost to buy). I think most people who have cars that share a platform like the other cars (other than like the Honda Oddesy being on the Accord platform) because the reasons that they bought their car are more than likely in the other car too.
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the 626/mx6/probe are all based on the same platform. the us mx6/probe were manufactured at ford's flat rock, mi plant from it's inception.

all cars share common parts, as well as drivetrains. the probe was the only one which had options for 16" wheels and was the only one available as a hatchback.

most mx6'ers don't know that they are the sister of the probe. there are quite a few probers who don't know this either and both are usually surprised when they find out.

we have a couple of mx6 owners in my club and they are most welcome. in fact, we have a couple who own 626's as well. we've been trying to get mx3's but only because their v6 comes from the same KL-series as ours do.

and don't forget, the 1988 probe gt was originally intended to replace the vaunted and legendary mustang.

ewwww. :eek:

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beign the only six on the board"from what I know" I can actually say that these guys have been very nice to me and my six! I have much respect for the probe and the 626, even the new cougar, there are alot of people out there that dont how how much our car are related, thats why when I came on this board"fordfourms" I was surprised that people actually asked me to stick around,,, I thought that was pretty cool! hopefully ill get some more mx6's up in here
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I gotz mad luv fo da 6z :D

95 Probe GTa ~ KL-ZE
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As far as probes and mx6s go its the same car with a different body... Its all about the styling, but I like all models! Its up to you which one you personally prefer. Ive just seen a few very nice MX6s the other day, I got mad respect for the Sixers!!!
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