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Problems.. need some advice on what to do

Commie311: my car is running like SHIT.
Commie311: it will barely idle...
Commie311: but when i first turn it on, it idles fine in park
Commie311: until i put it in drive
Commie311: and then it will run shitty again until i put it in park, and even then sometimes it still will. Idles at about 250 rpms.
Commie311: black smoke out the tail pipe, sounds like its missing on about 3 cylinders, heh
Commie311: i just replaced the plugs, wires have about 20k on em but they wouldnt fail THAT quickly..
Commie311: could it be the disty?
Commie311: i'm hoping it isnt the timing belt
Commie311: it does suck in neutral
Commie311: its just slightly better because it idles a little higher there..
Commie311: still misses like crazy though
Commie311: its missing all through first gear. everything seems to run better when its above 3k rpms or so
Commie311: maybe its just harder to hear it missing. hm.
Commie311: ya, it just changes suddently...
Commie311: stalls all the time
Commie311: at like every intersection. its not driveable.
Commie311: argh! this is driving me nuts. and pt is down, ahh
Commie311: i have a disty out of a 95 gt sitting on my passenger seat in my car
Commie311: i could try putting that in and see if its better
Commie311: no MALF codes either
Commie311: will a 93 cap and rotor fit a 95 disty?
Commie311: it would never idle ok
Commie311: which it does every once in awhile, in park
Commie311: i'll go crazy tonight checking for vacuum leaks. wish i could do a compression test on it, dont have the guage though.
Commie311: i'll try the disty swap too
Commie311: stuck injector(s)? timing? disty? bad VAF? vacuum leaks? i dont know which direction to start in.

There's a more extensive post about it on probetalk, but this gives the basic idea. I'm almost sure it has nothing to do with the tranny. This problem seems to be at its worst when I'm not moving and the car is in park. At speeds of 40+ mph it's basically unnoticeable, although I'm sure its still misfiring and/or not running properly. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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hmmm, have you done anything recently to the car? any part switches, repairs, cleaners, etc? you said you just replaced the wires, and have a disty laying around, that sounds like a good place to start since you have the disty, but I think that the 93s and the 95s are different. you know your getting fuel right? I dunno mikey, Im just making wild guesses here.

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some more info, from my posts about it on PT..

my 93 probe gt atx has 70k miles on her now. It's on he original timing belt and distributor. Recently, it has been acting up at random times. the strange thing is that it will act funny for awhile and then go back to normal completely. I just changed the plugs and wires and the fuel filter, as well as the cap & rotor. I'll be at a light and the rpm's will dip way down, usually stalling the car. The idle & TPS are both set perfectly. It'll start back up, but it struggles and feels like it's misfiring rapidly.. Once I get accelerating it will move.. but up to about 3k rpm's is rough.. Once the car is moving it doesn't feel too bad, but it's obvious that there's some serious problem. This has happened to me 3-4 times now... wtf?? Things I suspect- distributor, bad VAF (no CEL though), timing belt lost a tooth. This is pissing me off, any input would be greatly appreciated. When I let off the gas it seems like the rpm's go lower than usual, almost like it's coming out of gear. That makes me suspect the tranny somewhat.. but how would that have anything to do with the idle problem and the car feeling like it's missing at idle? Being at a stop light at 200 rpms and trying to feather the gas pedal just to keep the car alive is not fun, I need to get this fixed ASAP. Thanks in advance..

post 2-
i'm very open for suggestions, whatever you think it could possibly be. After just driving home 10 minutes ago from my friend's house where I posted this originally, it was terrible. It seemed fine on startup when in park, but as soon as I put it in drive and was at idle, it started missing like crazy, missing all through first gear, etc. Every time I came to a stop it either idled at 200 rpms or just stalled immediately. I probably stalled 10 times on my way home, that wasn't fun.

At this point I'm thinking its probably either the distributor going bad or the timing belt needs replacement, both of which I could take care of but would obviously not rather do if it's not the problem. A disty from a 95 will work fine w/ a 93, right? 93 cap & rotor should fit on there? Fark!

The fuel filter was replaced about 18k ago so that should be fine. The fuel pump is almost brand new, I replaced it myself with a walbro 190. It really does seem to be electrical... argh. I'm in a really bad mood now cause of this.

Since then I've checked the electrical connection for the CPS, swapped in a new VAF, and am going to go try the distributor right now.
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Arrow try these....

the 95 disty works on the 93 klZE so i'm pretty sure the 93 disty will work on the 95 klo3. Any ways this has happened to me before. Try this look and make sure the vaf is plugged in, if that is good then if your air filter is clamped directly on the vaf then maybe the clamp is too tight wich wont alow air through. black smoke is a sign of not burning your fuel all the way. So i would look into your air consumption and fuel system check for clogs of somthing clean the throttle body, clean the upper intake, with intake cleaner, take the feul rail off and cleanit out. Maybe run an injector cleaner. From the discription definatly check fuel and air induction. well thats my two pennies!

-- Wes
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! thats all the symtoms less crazy backfiring of when my dis went out, feel lucky if thats it because u have a pre 96 , my dis cost 675$ .
I hope thats all it is and not somthin major (like me)
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new distys from the dealer aren't even that expensive. they are only 3-400....96+

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The timing belt or the disty, if you take it to Ford they can check if its the disty pretty quick. But I'd replace them both yourself, especially the belt..they have fun with that installation fee. My car had the exact same symptoms and the timing belt had skipped a tooth or two, my friends however was the same symptoms also but his was the disty....

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My car was doing that as well...was a bad VAF. When PT comes back online, I can check for sure...but try this..

Get a mulitmeter, check the voltage of the VAF at idle and with the plunger pushed all the way in. Ignition turned, car not running, IIRC. Or msg Andrew Brownsword...he can give you specifics.

I'd be willing to bet its the VAF. Its dumping mad fuel, as its jacked up..causing the stumbling.
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Hmmmmm. I would check the disty for sure. Sure seems like your getting fuel, just not enough Spark in those 2 cylinders. Try the 95 Disty. It should work fine. Double check all connections, and make sure that the firing order is correct. Also, doubler check the spark plugs to make sure they are not fouled out.

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Im gonna go out on a limb and say

1: Yer not Dumb, SO I suspect youve got the right firing order
2: There is NO Condensation anywhere
3: Im with Darin - My bet is on a BAD BAD Vaf.....

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