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60 minutes young driver thing

talking about passenger and night restrictions again, when will they get it through their thick skulls that perhaps we need to be trained better, I mean FFS if they bother to put some money into our skills maybe we could be a little better at it, if this fails then they can apply restrictions, but I believe better driver training and continual tests (every 5 years for example) would do wonders for young drivers and old alike.

(And it would be nice if they told drivers that there were these weird little things with two wheels that also use the roads to save them trying to kill me everyday lol )


PS: little bit peeved off atm, if there is another thread then feel free to delete or merge, or if the topics been done to death then delete it :D

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Re: 60 minutes young driver thing

Yeah, I'm not watching it but i will be getting a transcript of it, as well as a copy of the study the RTA is doing into the whole thing, and making one hell of an outcry.

Lets not get into another 'pros and cons' thread though - it has been done many, many times now, all with the same results.

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60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

After watching it tonight, I can't believe they still can't get it right.


Restrictions wont help and it's blatently obvious. Shanes car was overloaded anyway, how would a passenger restriction helped if he knew he was already breaking the law. How would curfew helped if he was heading to the fair during daylight hours.

If Sixty Minutes can't find case that relate to the proposed laws from the 10,000 or so teenagers that have been killed on the roads in the last 15 years, how the hell is the story even relevant!!!


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Re: 60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

For those whp didnt see it, whats the general gist of it?


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Re: 60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

i know aye
i was watching that, seriously how is a curfew going to work, every one i have spoken to about it says they are just going to take there p's off, i mean, what will happen with desiginated drivers, people who do pizza delivery, someone who is going over to there g/f or b/f's house, people who just want to go for a cruise...
i mean its stupid

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Re: 60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

I fully agree, training is the key, but why stop at teenagers? How about we all have to undergo driver training every five - ten years. I think it fair to say we have ALL been in a situation where we have been in a car, overloaded or not, and the driver, encouraged or not, thinks it cool to push just a little too hard. It was obvious from the report in the Sixty Minutes story there was no real evidence of carelessness other than going too quick round a bend and in that relatively simple situation, driver training would have made it either a non-event or a correctable mistake.

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Re: 60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

Typically they interviewed a bunch of marios ripping burnouts infront of the camera. How about they interview some educated younger people on the matter for a change.

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Re: 60 minutes young driver thing

Yah, can't say i'm too happy about the idea of night driving being banned for P-platers. My question to the pollies would be: "Are you guys aware that there is life outside of Sydney? Like you know, people who live in the country maybe a fair way out of town who have NO CHOICE as to whether we drive at night?" I'm sick of being chucked in a stereotype with a bunch of ET pulsar driving idiots with no skill, intelligence, or respect for anyone. (I'll have you know I'm an XE falcon driving idiot thank you very much!).

Better, more easily available driver training would a very big plus. It would be very interesting to see what the effect of some good training would be on the road toll. None of this insurance company sponsored training BS either, a while ago on here I was reading about on course that was teaching locking up the wheels as the BEST way of stopping in a hurry? .

This topic has been done many times before but it is still a very relevant and alive issue. Young drivers are crashing more than any other demographic. From the ground looking up at the problem it looks to be the result of a collective bad attitude and a lack of skill. God knows what the politicians think is causing it but the measures they've taken so far have had very little effect other than to piss people off. I'm going to be contacting my state member to question his sanity in supporting the transport minister's position and I urge you all to do the same.


BTW, nice lookin bike ya got there Barefoot.
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Re: 60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

Merged Barefoot's "60 minutes young driver thing" thread into this one.

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Re: 60 Minutes crap!!! Young drivers

But it seem's to be working in NZ, acording to their fact's, I believe that driver training is the foremost important with to be put forward to reduce the fatalities,but there should be other cause's put forward as well,something obviously need's to be done, for a start I cant believe that in NSW you can get your licence at the age of 17,this is just to young with our ever increasing imature population.

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