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ACA story on Speed Cameras

Just heard on the radio that there is a story on A Current Affair tonight about the misuse of speed cameras.


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Re: ACA story on Speed Camera

moreso giving out fines to the wrong people (computer error)

tried using that excuse once.. didnt work lol

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OK this story was on ACA and TDT,young bird,OLD Toyota corolla,was according to fixed speed camera doing 160kph.
Given some benefit of doubt they cut it back to 158kph,fine $400+,loss of licence 12 mths.
Young lady is fighting TIN,talks to radio station talk show host(can't remember who)he organises for test of car with Dean Youlden(I think) at race track in Melbourne.
Car makes it to 147kph and is handling like a pos,all over the place.
Did see a police station wagon in shot once following the corolla round the track.
To me moral of the story is if one camera can be so wrong what about the others....but it's all about safety isn't it......and if she had copped it sweet and paid up,then they would still go about revenue raising.It just may bring about a inquiry into the entire system.
AP,here's a chance follow this and it just maybe the catalyst for the removal of the fixed speed/redlight cameras.

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Re: ACA story on Speed Camera

It was a Datsun 120Y, and they do not do 160kph and I can vouch for that . We tried numerous times to crack the 100mph barrier in my mates' mums 120Y years ago. It never happened .
This woman will beat the wrap , and rightly so .
Screw the government and their revenue raising tactics.
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Neil Mitchell, 3AW has taken up the fight against the cameras and the fact that there are so many flaws in the system. The cameras have accuracy problems, there are clerical problems in processing the TINs, problems with identification of the alleged speeding vehicles.

Yeah, "Wipe off 5" we will still ping ya!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Herald Sun 31/07/03

Car can't top ticket speed

A MOTORIST who police claim was travelling at 158km/h is contesting the
fine because she drives a 30-year-old car she claims is incapable of
that speed.

Vanessa Bridges, 31, of Altona, says it is impossible for her 1975
Datsun to travel more than 120km/h and police have made a mistake.
She said she was driving to Sunbury along the Western Ring Road when a
fixed camera allegedly caught her speeding between Forrest and St Albans
roads on Saturday, July 5.
Ten days later she received an infringement notice in the mail.
Police, who claimed she was doing 158km/h in a 100km/h zone, fined her
$430, slugged her with eight demerit points and cancelled her driver's
licence for a year.
"When I opened the letter I thought 'Oh my God', and when I saw the
speed I was supposed to have done I was shocked," she said.
"I couldn't believe it. The first thing I did was run out to the car in
the driveway and check what the speedometer actually reached.
"The highest speed on the speedometer is 160km/h and there is no way I
could have been doing that.
"My car just couldn't do that sort of speed.
"We've had the car tested on a dyno machine and the fastest speed the
mechanics could get it up to was 117km/h."
Ms Bridges, who works in an Altona pharmacy, said she had been fined for
speeding in her car only once before, years ago, when she was nabbed
driving 70km/h in a 60km/h zone.
This time she refuses to accept the fine and has hired a lawyer to
contest it, in court if necessary.
"Maybe the camera detected another car speeding and took a photo of
mine, or maybe it was a typing error and I was really travelling at 106.
Other than that I can't think of any reasonable explanation," she said.
"If I was doing 160km/h there must have been a lot of other cars doing
it too because there were plenty overtaking me."
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Re: ACA story on Speed Camera

I say frame the 'Penalty Notice' for prosperity. Then contact the Guiness Book of Records for 'World's Fastest Stock Datto 120Y'.

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Then contact the Guiness Book of Records for 'World's Fastest Stock Datto 120Y'.

however, if the police were smart (dont laugh) then they would let the fine go and all will go back to normal. by digging their heels in, the case will generate so much publicity, especially when the plaintiff wins, that the repurcussions could be enormous.

mind you, a 120Y at 160kmh is still one of the funniest things you could imagine.

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Re: ACA story on Speed Camera

who would want to drive a 75 Datsun 120Y at that speed, death wish
saying that i think i had my 70 Datsun 1600 at 160 km/h once ot twice (long time ago) would never consider doing that now

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Re: ACA story on Speed Camera

160 on those skinny 12inch tires lol yeeehaw
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The issue of electronic enforcement is corrupt, the operator gets paid an annual fee for the service they provide, the operator then pays the govt, royalties, the govt pays the operator bonuses for meeting or exceeding targets. The operator gets paid bonuses if it is able to reduce bad debts. The operator runs the PERIN court, the operator administers the Sheriffs Office. The PERIN court increases penalties if you don't pay on time or don't pay at all. The operator then sends the Sheriffs, to either collect the money owing, grabs your VCR, your car or anything of value. If all this fails, you get locked up.
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