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Air Force secrets revealed

Its all in the chickens fellas.

F-111 Chicken:
Crosses the eight-lane highway both ways!
F/A-18E Chicken:
Crosses the road ahead of schedule and with less cost than expected
TSR.2 Chicken:
It tried hard to cross the road, but got beheaded before getting to the kerb much like the F-23 and the seaborne F-111 chicken which met the same fate.
A-10 Chicken:
Tough enough to cross the road even when cars are about!
Rafale Chicken:
You see different colored feathers while it crosses, but cook it and it still tastes like... chicken.
F-15C Chicken
Seeks out and destroys other chickens or infact any road road going vehicle with impunity aka- chicken hawk.
F-22 Chicken
Even better than the F-15C chicken though it cost so much none will ever leave the ground well not for another 10 years anyway.
Mig-29 Chicken
The Russian equiverlent to American chickens. It can perform some good maneavers while crossing the road but has been known to break up mid flight while performing in its airshows.
F-15E Chicken:
Crosses the road fast, low, and very accurately, and wards off any cars that might want to knock it down.
F-16 Chicken:
Small, light, and agile, but seldom has enough fuel to reach the other side.
F-4 Chicken:
Getting elderly, but still in top form to take on tomorrows roads. Very ugly, but very effective.
Foxbat Chicken:
Crosses so fast it gets a speeding ticket!
E-3A Chicken:
Looks left, right, forward, back, up, down and all around, then directs all the other Chickens as to where is the safest place to cross.
JTIDS Chicken:
It doesn't need to cross the road, it just sends a message.
F-117 Chicken:
Only crosses the road at night...
B-47 Chicken:
Tried to run, but got flattened by the B-52 Chicken
B-52 Chicken:
A rather elderly Chicken that crosses the road with noise, smoke, and a huge load, but can easily be knocked over by a car before it gets to the other side.
B-2 Chicken:
Nobody really knows...
SR-71 Chicken:
Can't lay eggs, but if run on the correct JP-7 fodder can reach high enough speed to outrun any preying foxes, and can flap high enough to escape the clutches of their paws. Easily discernable by piping hot black feathers. It never ever gets speeding tickets unlike the Foxbat chicken as it crosses so fast the copper does not realise it has gone already!
Boeing Chicken:
First it builds the road...
Stits SkyBaby Chicken:
Can't cluck, and can't lay eggs, but you can carry it across the road in your pocket
X-15 Chicken:
Crosses faster than any other chicken, but if you don't dip it in liquid nitrogen first, it arrives on the other side fully cooked.
Carrier task force Chicken:
Starts to cross the road and is never heard of again until it appears on the other side.
Aurora Chicken- there was no such chicken that ever crossed 'that'
road I cannot confirm nor deny it was just a 'weather chicken'.
NCTR Chicken:
NCTR Chicken? What NCTR Chicken

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Tongue Re: Air Force secrets revealed

Lol, and go the mighty foxbat! Possibly the finest piece of engineering to come out of the soviet union, excepting of course the indestructable Lada neva, (damn those things are tough). Although the mig-25's engines did have that unfortunate tendency to occassionally overrev at high speeds causing even HIGHER speeds.......but hey, on the bright side it scared the helll out of a few radar operators! (imagine the poor bloody pilot) hehehe.
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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

Mighty P38 chicken:
Crossed the road then the big pond and seriously f#@&%$ all the other chickens!!!
Grumman F6F chicken:
Accompanied the above chicken across the road and pond and when it got to the other side did some serious f#@&%$ of its own.
Mistubishi zero chicken:
Crossed the road and got found out big time by the above two chickens and was the one that got the serious f#@&%$!!!
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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

Hmmm, Think you forgot about the Patriot Chicken (closely related to the A10 chicken) incapable of telling the difference between friendly chickens and nasty nasty chickens.........

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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

Doesn't the A10 just blow cars out of the way?

Mmmm 30mm chain gun......
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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

Yeah and allied armoured personnel carriers. Way to go yanks..."If it ain't flyin' the stars and stripes its gotta die"....too much power in the hands of idiots.

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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

The Mig25 Foxbat is another rocket powered bobsled which is grossly overrated, sort of. Well when they gun it past M 2.7 to M 3.1 they do overrev causing serious damage to the engines making them throwaways afterward. However they can accelerate bloody quick like the F-15 making it hard to get a lock on especially when BVR engagements are involved. The F-15 however can hit M 2.5 all day long however although at very high altitude >80000ft the Foxbat may have a slight edge.

Probably a better asset than its ex- cruise missile engines are its bloody giant radar. The 'Fox-Fire' Radar which uses thermionic valves (old school tech but tough) has over 600kW power to burn through enemy ECM jamming. That’s right a 600kW radar people and with that kind of radar the world can be your oyster. Well if the opposition is not wise or arrogant enough to see that a huge amount of E interference in a gird area on a AWACS.

This radar in Gulf War I gave the Iraqi Air Force the ability to hunt at will sadly (if AWACS was not smart enough to detect them by their huge presence) and hi cover from F-15s. In the first day of the war I think one of these Foxbats shot down a Navy F/A-18C of VFA-81 29nm SE Baghdad by a MiG-25PD and left a A-7 badly damaged before doing the runner before the F-15s could close in due to the Foxbats big radar.

The USAF still deny the F-18 shootdown to this day due the fact they did ignore heavy ECM interference in the vicinity of the F-18 as the Foxbat was closing in.

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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

Ramrod....that all sounds v good and stuff, however reading Janes Defence Weekly does clearly not qualify u to talk about something which u obviously know very little about

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After working 20 odd years in the RAAF and another 5 in various defence firms include BaE and MDD (now LMTAS) from everything from a ADGie to winding up as a avionics engineer I think i might have some viable information on the matter. Though I spent my time on Canberras,
F-4's , F-111's and finishing up with Mirages I have a ok undertsanding on AC structure and general avionics rigs and setups. I even spent time up at Lakenheath back when the -111's were there as I did some training back in my F-4 days with Pave-Tack and it helps those yankers just a bit.

Janes is about as useful as wheels and motor car magazines in the real aeonautical circles it caters for enthusiasts and not professionals. The amount of censorship involved in most of the details on avionics and ir/rwr and ecm systems is laughable. The only rag I occasionally read is world airpower jounal which has some useful info but apart from that it is a pretty pictured bird rag mag. I suggest you join up in the RAF if you wish to know more details than the public is allowed to read.

Exactly what part where you questioning on my summary of the Foxbat-
1. The motors are very unreliable but fast.
2. Overspeed limitation with engines.
3. 600kW Fox-Fire Radar
4. The incident that lead to a F-18 shootdown on the first day of the Gulf war, that is quite common knowledge in most military circles.

Most of my knowledge on Foxbats was gained by Mr Banlenkos defection in the 70's and the following dossiers on the aircraft. Also 'tested' details
from ex- CIS aircraft on true performance figures.
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Re: Air Force secrets revealed

UKfalcon_owner - Stop drop and roll buddy, you're on fire! :s6:

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