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mad Another Commodore strikes!

What is it about my car that makes Commodores want to hit it? What have I done to them?

I went into Northland today, cursed when I was going in because someone has scratched my car and left white paint on the back quarter panel again.
Came out of Northland walked toward my car and underneath the bumper to the back door has white paint on it. Some parts taken right back down to the undercoat. Son of a *itch!!

I look at the car next to mine, a white Commodore. Hrmm is this just coincidence that another white car has parked next to mine?

I go and have a look at said POS, the idiot has green paint and a huge dent up the side of their car, white paint on my car matches exactly the same place as the green on theirs.

What a freaking idiot! I mean if they had any sense they would have moved their car. So I took down the rego, make, model etc. Get home ring the police and they tell me to come in and file a report.

So this morning I'm going down and filing a report and hopefully they'll find the owner. Hopefully they have insurance because I am going to have the whole damn thing resprayed. Might get my mate to throw in a cut and polish too.

Dammit! I'm sick to death of coming back to my car and finding dents and scratches on it. If I ever hit anyone I'd at least have the courtesy to leave them a note. Or am I just stupid?
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Just give me an excuse...
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

:( not good...i wonder if the driver ofthe commo was going to do a runner or expected ur return...weired how they still parked next to you....well its lucky they did really..get that police report filed and start getting some quotes :) goodluck hope it all works out for you...

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***** Idiot....
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

Disgusting. I say go after the freaks. Hope they have insurance
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

I was there with LuvinmyEB when this happened, and I couldn't (and still can't) get over how stupid the driver of the Commode was/is!

Insurance? Well, that is a possibility, but seeing as they had a TAFE university parking sticker and P plates on a 1985 Commode-door stationwagon...

Freq'en idiots. I mean, I know a car the size of a Falcon or Commodore is harder to park then a smaller car like an Escort, and the parking bays at Northland are just big enough to fit an EB in, but still there is no excuse for not being able to park your car without scraping the paint off another already parked car! I mean, how hard is it to miss a stationary car?

Some people just have no respect for other peoples property!

I've spoken to some people while at work who drive nice cars when they come in to fill them up with petrol, and the most common idea I've heard is to try and park next to a car of equal or greater value - so for example, parking between a Merc and a BMW. The theory goes that they won't want to damage their car, so they'll be more careful to not hit yours.

As far as I can tell, this idea is (sadly) flawed, because it doesn't take into account 2 things:
  1. People who drive expensive cars don't always care about their cars, because to some of them a repair bill of several thousand dollars to fix what, to them, is minor damage they caused whilst getting into or out of a parking spot is nothing.
  2. It also doesn't take into account the fact that one (or both) of the cars could very well be driven off in as little as 30 seconds after you've walked away from your car, and then some retread in a sh*tbox who just doesn't care takes their parking spot.

Sadly, the only way to make sure nothing bad happens to our beloved cars seems to be to leave them safely in our garages, which to me defeats the whole purpose of owning one.

If we do ever get flying cars like in 'the jetsons', I hate to think how much worse things will get in this regard, seeing as so many people have trouble controlling cars that stay on the ground!

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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

Originally Posted by LuvinmyEB
I went into Northland today
i see the problem already, worst idiots ever there, i always park under the movies, and nowhere else.

hope ur car gets fixed ok
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i'll pinch ya mums tyres
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

y not try parking as far away from the shop as possible? there will no one else parking that far away so u dont get ya paint scraped..and give ya some exercise only problem then is higher risk of getting stolen maybe

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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

Not good that its happened, but good that you have 90% chance of getting things fixed and that your insurance company will chase the bugger down
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

a commodore wrote my car off, so thats why ive got my fairmont now. When we go to the shops we use my other halfs mini, when you park there is a lot of room on either side (I park right in the middle of the park to stop door dings) but d*^k heads still some how manage to hit it. same with my fairmont the first day I had it somebody opened the door on to the rear panel and because the car is so straight it stands out a mile away. If only I could catch these people.
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

LuvinmyEb, Hope it's all sorted out quickly and without fuss, also hope you're friendly with whoever repairs the car and you're "compensated" (insert desired parts/services here ) for the inconvenience.

This type of thing absolutely cuts me to the core. Driving ineptitude aside, how hard is it to leave a note under a windscreen wiper, or go and 'fess up at a local police station ? ( there's one in the Murry Rd car park FFS!). Irresponsible people
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Re: Another Commodore strikes!

Whenever i got to northlands i make sure im there very early and im in and out before all the sheep start filling the carpark....
And also i doesnt help much parking next to a prestige car...most of them are driven by mothers who dont give a shit about cars.....
You shouldnt have too many probs getting you car fixed, you have all there details... good luck with that.

cheers, phil.

Terrorising a crap driver near you!
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