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Another drunk driver tale


Was heading home this morning at about 4.30 from Frankston after some much needed loving, anyway got 8.7 economy on the freeway :)

I turned onto edithvale road and noticed a car stopping and going looking lost, upon overtaking I assumed someone was just looking for a driveway or something but my suspicions got higher when waiting for a red light to turn into nepean highway the car came up behind a bit too fast for my taste then took half a minute to get over the intersection. I was travelling about 40/kmh on nepean highway with him about a kay behind me and noticed swerving almost clipping parked cars etc, then lost him, only to reappear again as he sped past. This time I was in Mentone and was stopped by another red light, lucky I changed into another lane otherwise my EA would have been written off, heading towards Cheltenham I notified police after he almost hit a traffic light pole and almost swerved into another moving car, I was still on the phone to the cops when coming over the hill to highett road I noticed he went straight into the back of two stationary cars at a red light without braking at all, possible speed was close enough to 85, therefore writting off a VR commodore and consequently that car hit an EA falcon which only had minor damage, the Commodore was written off front and rear and the petrol tank split. Thankfully though the police were there only half a minute after I arrived after following him from before, he was obviously well over the b.a.c limit.

Something I haven't come across before driving home and I'm thankful it wasn't my car he wrote off but feel for the people who's car he did as they were going to adelaide for the long weekend.

Goes to show I guess it's not worth driving drunk
Thanks :)

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good thing the police didn't book you for driving on the phone.
Top stuff pitty the cops couldn't get to him before a crash but I'm sure he would have done a runner and caused more carnage anyway.
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Lucky you avoided getting hit mate!

And about the mobile, you could just say you were using a handsfree kit the whole time.

Ahhhh Frankston, loved that place :) We were almost VIP's at that hell dodgy strip joint there.. and my mate got the number off that skinny butterfaced chick in there.. was pretty funny hey.

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***** Idiot....
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SO i have to ask about Drink driving. DO they take your license and privis away? Or is it like here where it gets tied up in courts and usually the Drink driver gets a slap on the wrist?
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No John here it's abit more serious. Firstly (and this is going by what I was told from my best friend, who got in his XR Falcon after a hard night on the turps and passed out with his foot flat to floor *tisk tisk*) they get you the breatho and then give you a little "trip" down to the station. Then you get your license removed and get a court summons in the mail a week later. You don't have to go to the court hearing because it's an automatically assumed guilty but if you want to appeal (which is got an EXTREAME possibility of making things worse for you) on some grounds then you can go.

The it's a matter of waiting the 3, 6 or year ban and coming to terms with the amount of stupidity you swallowed drinking and driving...

PS. In a situation when your calling the cops to alert them of somebody comitting a crime you don't get fined, that would just be idiotic.

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why i ask is that here it goes something like this.

1. you go out and get smashed.
2. you get in car and drive erratically.
3. get pulled over and field tested and fail.
4. get hauled away in car to station and tested again there.
5. spend night in drunk tank for hearing in morning.
6. bond set and court date set. then you call your bondsman
7. your out on bail and you have the ability to drive around until your court date.
8. You have good lawyer and you can get off 75% of the time with just a fine and time served or community service added on with fine.
9. you are out driving again
10. you do it again multiple times.

There are people that are driving around with 8 or more DWI aka Drink driving offenses. It is sickening.
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Sound's the same here John,it happens so often and I for one think that the punishment does NOT fit the crime,it's just like the rest off the Judical system.

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You would not believe what goes on in Alice Springs!
I went to court as an excursion for legal studies in year 11 (2001) and there were many hearings about drink driving. Most of the time they got off with communit service after being charged with the following:

drink driving, often twice or more over the limit.
driving an unregistered car
driving without a license
driving an unroadworthy car
having been arrested for the same thing, for most of them, more than three times!!!

now imo it is shocking how they can get away with this, the main problem is that they have nothing to take off of them! the car gets taken ot the dump anyway, they already don't have a license and they don't have any money! I just didn't understand why they didn't send them to jail, but then again colour could have had something to do with it...

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Originally posted by carazy
good thing the police didn't book you for driving on the phone.
Top stuff pitty the cops couldn't get to him before a crash but I'm sure he would have done a runner and caused more carnage anyway.
I'm sure getting that idiot off the road was way more important.
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This thread sends a chill up my spine because I read it the other day and last night I was out driving on maroonday hwy with my girlfriend at 11:30 in Ringwood. A guy in a White Hilux did a u turn in front of us across a median strip and instantly we knew he was drunk.

I said to her look at this guy maybe we should call the cops. I went on to tell her about this thread and within about 500 metres of following him he smashed into a car on maroonday hwy and careered on to the other side of the road rolling his hilux and consequently killing himself (he had no seatbelt and was thrown from the car). Thankfully no one else was hurt . Its a terrible site that I never want to see again. I am not positive he was drunk but from his actions I am about 90% sure he was. I urge anyone who sees any activity like this to report it straight away hopefully it will save a life and maybe the suffering and grief of family and loved ones.

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