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Begin rant

I just read the article on drive read it here

I am sick and ****ing tired of our government making millions from speeding revenue. First it was removing the 10% error margin on the speed cameras, and now red light cameras that **** u for speeding as well. And i quote "It's very, very simple," he said. "Obviously people are going to get fined until they stop speeding." How many times has someone been done with flowing with traffic or whatever else, and we are not talking about excessive speed we are talking about 5kph. And wipe off 5, in the last year we have had 50kph residential zones and more tac bloodshed ads than ever possible, and yet have resorted to wipe off 5.

If they want to lower to road toll they would invest in DRIVER EDUCATION, i dont know about other states but here in vic, u can get you license with your eyes closed. But instead of educating ppl they would rather get funding for god knows what. And it would be a good question where that money goes, we pay rego, we pay tax on fuel, and fines as well and look at the condition of the road, if you have ever driven on most melbourne roads u would know what i am talking about. If only they teach ppl how to handle and maintain their cars then they would see a reduction in their road toll, but they are more interested in revenue.

End rant

Ps. sorry for bullshit rant but just pisses me off
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Im with you on this one Madeas! Its moreso the quality of our roads and drivers that are causing accidents, not the speed drivers are going at.
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Yes.. i am a victim, the fact that i was speeding substantially over the limit has nothing to do with it.
The Bracks goverment wants money and cant think of any other way to get money, other than to plain out rob people of money that they know they'll get. Gettin people speeding through orange lights , or dickign people for going 3kms/hour over the speed limit at the bottom of a hill is always goign to happen, so they'll continue to do it as a means of revenue raising.

Im fcuking sick to death of it.
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Its simply that speed can contribute to the seriousness of an accident.
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The Goodz
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Right on

I agree with you all. The speed doesn't make a great deal of difference, and it's not what causes accidents, unless it's like VL wanker style 50km/h over... Then it can cause accidents, but if you go around the speed limit, whether it be 10k over or 10k under, won't make a difference. And what a load of shit it is that the dropped the residential speed limit to 50km/h. I would seriously like to know how much the road toll went down. They need to educate them stupid invalids (or more commonly known as children) that running out on the road isn't the best idea. If someone runs out on the road they deserve to be run over in my opinion. Their fault, not mine. The road is for cars, not people.

Then not only have you got the stupid government making things bad, but you also have idiot useless moron minority groups who think that by banning bullbars they're gonna save lives, because after all it's the 4WDs fault that people get hit, not the idiots who run onto the road. I mean really, maybe we should all drive at walking pace so we can share the road with pedestrians, those who choose to walk to work can jump on the freeway and get there quicker too.

This world will never be right until we abolish minority groups and revenue hungry politicians. Oh and by the way, I think it should be mandatory that we purposely aim for people that are on the road if they are not at a proper street crossing, in which case they should make more of.

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Re: Right on

well according to our government going from 60 to 50 will save 80 people from injury or death per year. id be interested to see if after a year they release all data to see if they are correct.
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Westkoast EA
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Im no saint , but there is a time and place for driving fast , what I cannot bloody stand is people (mostly in vl,vn,vp commies and shitty 250cc 4stroke bikes) doing 90/100kmph in 50kphm suburben streets ,you look at em and there facial expression is like they think they are some bad ,rebel ,racer man , .....

thing is speed kills , simple ,..your ability to judge your own driving abillity and your cars limitations plus factor in weather conditions , road surface conditions , traffic and so on , when people drive TOO fast they will allmost allways crash .

I drive as fast as I can see , if you know what I mean .

having said that , Ive done 170 kmph in my EA and i do little..hehe burnouts every now and then and I like to go full throttle through the gears from stand still and spining the tires in the wet and,and....

west EA .
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Ripe off basterds is the Gov

yes driver education would go a long way to reducing the road toll , how many people get there licence then never think about there driving habits ever again or for that matter keep up to date with the new road rules that keep changing etc,you only have to look at the average car driver that doesn't indicate just pulls out in front of you , or those that don't have the slightest idea about round abouts .Then the stupid pareants etc that just walk there kids out infront of traffic while there is a crossing 10 meters away, a car hits them and the driver is to blame . Driver education will help , these stupid speed laws etc dont do jack shit.they are just money makers . Hell the Brisbane Lord mayor Jim stingy said that people should pay to come into the Brisbane area , he wants to charge people $1 each for the privelage .MONE MONEY MONEY.that is all these wankers in power are interested in .Cut there wages until they deleiver the goods.
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Revenue Raising

I agree that driver education is the way to go. I found it ridiculously easy to get my P's. A quick drive around the block + a parallel park does not prove ones driving ability. When I completed the driving part of the test I got out of the car and thought to myself, is that it?

They need to find a way to prevent the idiots from getting on the road in the first place, then it won't be necessary to have stupid unfair rules and limits. But like it has been said, at the end of the day most of it is about revenue raising, so we will have to put up with it.

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Grandpa Henry
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4WD's, revenue raising and BMW's and everything else.


-vote for the Motorist action group in the NSW state election
and the fishing and no beer tax party. i don't need to pay f-in tax when i go fishing!

Old Grampa is gonna have a whinge about everthing and everyone, so take a deep breath! As for revenue raising (apart from Tassie and NT) the other governments are a bunch of Shylocks. There targeting poorer suburbs mostly and where most of the 'big time speeding goes" in the country their is no cop car in sight. You see more cop cars in Wyong,Wallsend and Cessnock than in Waitara, Wollstonecroft and Waverly, sinister huh? Kids who have just got their cars are being nailed by over zelous cops. If I was some rich snobby prick on the North Shore in a BMW Id probably get off. F-ers.That Faber-Castell rich prick gets nailed for doing 200+ in his BMW on L's and gets off Scott free. Some poor punk from Wallsend would get the slammer for sure.

A country kid has a 15x greater chance of getting killed on the roads than in the city, hmm wonder why? 3 of my high school buddies have passed on and the govt really cares about saving drivers lives? A bunch of f-in thick bullshit. They are trageting the city as there are more cars, thus more revenue. If they wanted to 'save lives' there'd be more' highway patrol' cars not in the city streets but on the highway and especially on country roads.Ironic Highway patrol is hardly on the highways :rollin:

Back in 60 and 70s when you used to go flat chat and if got pulled over, you'd be let off with a small fine and a warning. Boy how times have changed.These days the road toll has dropped admittedly but it has stayed the same over the past 5 /6 years or so. Showing bloody corpses and twisted cars is revolting and abhorrent though people don't care if they need to get to A & B real quick. I agree they should make getting the license tough, though speeders and maniacs will always slip through no matter what. They should concernetrate more on better driving courses like the ones done in Europe that deal with various driving conditions.

Its always what comes out of the ordinary that catches drivers out and proves fatal and you cannot help impatient human nature either. Also for a point of reference speeding also takes 2nd place to our biggest killer of being sleepy and not concerntrating at the wheel. They account for around 70% of minor accidents and over 55% of major accidents involving fatlity. Though it would be difficult be fining people for that?

Society seems to have got so desensitized with violence of late and it seems to be everywhere. Funny where using cop cars chasing "speeding criminals" though you pick pockets, bag snatchers and muggers seem to slip through the net? The road toll might be low but how about the rate of domestic and violent crime on the increase? Looks like that does not bring any money. With the Carr govt you now can buy policeman/woman suppose that sums up their disdainful attitude. If it does not give us any $$$ we don't give a f.
The governemnt is supposed to be for the community rather than be so selfish and so 3 year term minded.
Local member meets that Costa police minister fella about the violent robberies in our locality and he ignored problem and was more interested in the oppositions dress sense at the media parade.
Political scum shells like you know what.

And as for 4WDs there seems to be more in the city than in the country. City lads and sheilas seem to use them like MBT's
instead of off roaders. They obviously have some dangerous ego problem.
They should restrict 4WD ownership in the city and make the licensing rules tougher. They should make it like a gun license (funny how they restrict rifles but not auto handguns?) why do you need a 4wd in the city sir/madam? No decent excuse no f-in license. No wonder roads in the city are shithouse! The 4wd city drivers are far beyond that.

Long Live the EA!

Grandpa Henry
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