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Dazed and Confused
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Best (and WORST) shows on the telly..

Okay, best shows on telly everyone..

I'll only bother to watch telly if any of the following are on:

South Park (recent episodes have been hilarious, extremely clever)
Simpsons (although after a dozen or so seasons it's now not a shadow of the show it once was)
Motor racing (specifically Formula 1 and V8s)
AFL Footy
Footy Show (AFL)

Worst shows?
* 'Comedy' Inc - give it the boot! see Skithouse for how sketch comedy is done.
* Commercial 'Current Affair' Shows are pathetic (Today Tonight, A Current Affair .. since when does some neighbour's dispute over a fence count for credible journalism? And how many times a month do we need to hear about how someone lost 150 kilos in 2 weeks?)
* every f@&#ing soapie.. the American ones even manage to be worse than those that Australia produces.

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a little bit sideways
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south park
wwe wrestling
boxing / kickboxing
motorsport, esp v8's and rallying
some of the english sketch shows

all good.

just about anything else is bad. especially

'current affairs' shite
star trek...any of them
seinfeld...i couldnt understand the appeal
american 'comedy'...the yanks just dont get it

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Rove Live
Jerry Springer (Not as many fights though these days)
Everybody Loves Raymond
Home and Away


American soapies, Passions is just so ridiculous I could scream for 2 weeks, Young and the Restless, I mean for christs sake not everyone plots on everyone else, and a couple others I forget thankfully. Although I don't mind Bold and the Beautiful, is an actual story that is somewhat close to real life, but still a bit too soapy at times.
Skithouse, Comedy Inc. Pathetic. Bring back Monty Python, Benny Hill, etc.
All these stupid new kids shows, can't remember their names. Just poorly done and no good to watch. Whatever happened to looney tunes?! They ruled!
Sport, cricket especially, I can't stand it. I really would rather watch grass grow if I had to make the choice. I don't like my TV polluted with too much sport. It's an annoying obsession in this country.
Those idiot kids games shows like Pick your face. Should be kick your ass.
Not enough war coverage and international news. Reception for SBS ain't too good here :(

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60 Minutes (hey, the controversy is great)
WWE Wrestling
Motorsport and Cricket
Will and Grace (Call me crazy, but both of these shows make me laugh, i think there fanatastic)
Something Stupid (seen it once, adn reminded me of Full Frontal)

I could bitch about those soapies, and how terrible they are, but i dont mind sitting down, and watching how truly crap they are. Its a comedy, without comedy intentions.

bout it really....the rest is watchable.
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Passions Don't get me started on that crap!

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I can't believe nobody has mentioned Pizza on SBS! That's an absolute cack!

* The Simpsons would have to be right at the top of the list for me, I can watch it all day - and back when I had Fox, I actually did on more than one occasion!
* I have been known to watch the odd episode of Buffy as well (mmm... Buffy...), and on the odd occasion, Angel. I gotta have my fill of wierd-ass supernatural comedy/drama, with the odd moment of eye candy, each week!
* I'm a huge fan of CNNNN - REAL comedy!
* Red Dwarf - smegging brilliant!
* BlackAdder - "Baldrick, your breath comes straight from Satan's bottom!"
* The Late Show (on the ABC, not Letterman) - the benchmark for skit shows, nothing has come close since. Look how lame these guys are now on The Panel etc.! A tragic loss!
* Monkey - yes, I have the complete set on DVD. Timeless!
* Top Gear - where else can you see 5 people in a convertible Rolls Royce, with their arms in the air and cheering, going sideways, in a cloud of tyre smoke! Since losing my Foxtel, I have really REALLY missed this show.

* Any and all daytime soapies - especially Passions. A work colleague admitted she taped it, and I had no hesitation in telling her immediately that I thought less of her.
* Paradise Beach - pure excrement.
* The Bob Morrison Show - I actually feel physically ill thinking about that so-called "show"
* 95% of US sitcoms
* Any and all morning "variety" shows - is there anything more depressing?
* Nauseating afternoon chat shows - Oprah especially.
* Infomercials - an insult to intellect, at best!
* Don't Forget Your Toothbrush - words fail me.

There are plenty more on both sides, but compiling that last list has left me heavily disturbed and drained.

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I don't watch TV anymore, the stupidity depresses me.....

Except for:
South Park
Simpsons (everybody loves the Simpsons)
Comedy Inc.
And Skithouse.
Oh yeah and the odd movie.

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Sopranos has to be one of the best shows on tv
Banzai is magic when your drunk
The Bill the old classic
Scrubs is emerging as a laugh
Simpsons by far the best show
Young ones pitty it isnt on anymore
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A shit load of Dim Sims
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Spin City
The Late Show - with Sparkles on this one
Everyone loves Raymond (sometimes).
Documentries on Discovery/Nat Geo/History channels (such doco's as crop circles, spontanious human combustion, Ferrari, the Boeing plant etc )


Most of the boring and crap sports shown on Foxtel, where's the good stuff like formula 4x4 offroad, jet sprint boat racing, or tractor pulls?
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Originally posted by skip

Amen brutha

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