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frown Blueprint XR6

Saw my first BA XR product today, it was a NA XR6 in Blueprint.
All i can say is ***k!! I cannot Believe How much better They look in the flesh! Even though it was still to be PD'd and still had the white plastic on the door handles and plastic on the seats..
I cannot believe how much Phatter they look than AUIII

However, And this is a Big However, If ford want to sell these things, They need to educate thier salesmen. Or Failing that, They Need to employ people that are capable of retaining the education that they are given.

Here i was, Lookin at the car, talkin to this joker that had a AUII Futura. He didnt know anything about the BA, so, I was educating him. You know, Control Blade IRS etc etc. Needless to say this guy (an obvious Ford fan) Was Quite impressed, and loved the look of the XR6. (i could see him wetting himself when i informed him of the XR8 'Bulge"!)
Then the salesman came over.
He did not even know if the car was a turbo or not. He didnt know about the placement of the fuel tank. was sketchy on the IRS. He wasnt aware that the car had a longer wheelbase.

He was able to point out the different boot though. Ok to sell the car to someone whom that is of vital importance.
But it wont help him sell the car to a holden fan. Or to someone that is tossing up between the two cars, But is dealing with a holden salesman that knows his shit.

This kind of thing really grates me, but i guess i'ts the same with every company. These guys hold the future of Ford in their Hand's, and they dont really seem to care.
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I understand how that is. Me and JamesR go to our local Ford dealership a fair bit. One time we went and they had a sweet black N/A XR6 there and there was a guy looking at it. The dealer was talking to him and me and James kept butting in correcting stuff. Wasn't even sure how much torque it had! Ended up teh dealre left and we talkied to the other guy. He owned a current WRX STI and had just come back from europe on a business trip. James knows everythinbg there is to know about the BA and was what a saleman should be. The dealership didnt have any broshures but i had one in my bag, so i gave it to the guy to look at (i was going to give it to him but he said it was ok). The guy went away very informed and happy.

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BA at last
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Interesting stuff.

My experience so far has been both positive and negative. The sales guys I have spoken to at 3 separate dealers have all been pretty much on the mark with what they know (yes, I go in and act the fool) and the info I have received was accurate (except none of them knew any definite dates re XR6 T surprise surprise).

Problem is, I've had to stand around for at least 20 minutes at two of them before anyone approached me. One place had three salesmen all having a nice chat before one asked if I needed help.

It won't stop me from buying one but if I really was relying on some quality service to have my questions answered, I may have thought twice about putting the bucks on the table for a dealer who didn't seem interested.

Then again, the BA sells itself really......
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One thing i do have to credit the guy with, is that on the weekend, when i was looking at the XT, He gave me the time straight away, even though he saw me jump out of an '85 Holden Barina wearing scraggy old jeans, unshaven and generally looking a mess. Even though the product knowledge could be better, And the Passion for Ford Cars was obviousley missing, It was Highly refreshing to be treated no different than i would if i was driving my old company car [S3 XR], or something comparable. Infact i was even invited back to drive the Turbo when it arrives, even though i didnt indicate i was going to buy one. So, in reflection, I guess the good outweighs the bad. But in a different frame of mind, The bad outweighs the good.

After seeing The XR6 in the flesh, I know what I want, i just cannot wait to see that Bulge in the flesh!

Now just gotta find some cash.
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Re: Blueprint XR6

Originally posted by Beatnik

However, And this is a Big However, If ford want to sell these things, They need to educate thier salesmen. Or Failing that, They Need to employ people that are capable of retaining the education that they are given.

LOL, I know what you mean! I've bought my last four Fords off the same salesman. I was the one that told him what the BA line up was going to be, what engines and kWs they were rated at. He was wrapped to hear what his product was going to be!!

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i was once arguing with a *new* salesman that was trying to tell me.. "Its a shame you can't get the XT's with a manual and v8. They would be the ultimate sleeper."

"Errrrrrrr" was my reply to him.

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haha, youse reckon thats bad, well a few weeks ago when the BA had landed here in WA I went for a drive around to some of the dealers here to have a squizz.

First stop was Titan Ford, on a Saturday. They were about to close in about 10 minutes, but I still wanted to look. There were still heaps of salesmen and staff milling around, it looked like they were having some sort of party. But they sure as hell werent interestred in taliking to me. No matter how much I pored over the cars and gawked, they just ignored me. Two other people who arrived the same time also got the same treatment. So I thought screw you guys, and I left.

Then during the week, on a day off, I went to Range Ford. A salesman came up to me and gave me the usual. He was polite, dont get me wrong, but when I asked "do you have the BA around here somewhere" he replied "I dont know". Exit Ford dealer number two.

Third time lucky? I went to McInerny in Morely and had a good look at the car. A salesman by the name of John Johnson came up to me pretty much straight away, and proceeded to give me the low down on the new car. Whilst I made it clear that I was not interested in buying one, not at the moment anyway, he appreciated this and still explained the ins and outs of the new car, without any of the hard sell. So due to that experience I would probably go there if I was to ever buy one.

So top marks to McInerney. Geoff if you are reading this, next time you are over here you can give 'em a pat on the back.

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I went to Stillwell Ford in Adelaide to have a look at Barra on the first day it landed. I am only 19 and had just come from work (a printing factory). I was pretty scruffy lookin and probably reeked of ink (smells like turps). Straight away a yonger salesman came up to me, shook my hand introduced himself and said welcome to Stillwell Ford. I was mighty impressed. I told him I was looking at the new range and I told him I wasnt a buyer but he still showed me around the whole car (Fairmont) and invited me around the back to have a look at some XTs and a NA XR6. I was there chatting to him for like 30mins about the car and he even took an interest in my project car - a MK1 Capri.

It was a very nice experience and becuase of it i have been back a number of times just to sit in Barra and admire them. If I ever have the money to but one i know where I am going. :)

Uncle Geoff - if you are reading - send a huge pat on the back to Stillwell Ford in Adelaide.

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I was talking to a sales person in Bendigo who was still denying the existance of XR6 Turbo saying that they might bring one out early next year. Considering this was a week after they had taken delivery of their first barra and they had even released prices on the internet that I had looked at the day before. I had also read the review in the October wheels magazine. I still can't understand what sort of line he was towing because they were all but out of AUs to sell and you would think that they would want to drum up enthusiasm rather than disipate it. Admitably he was not their cheif sales person be he still did work the staff should be up to date with what is on the Ford web site so that they don't talk to customers who might know more about it than they do.

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Indeed I agree.

Which is why when i am in a position to buy a new falcon, I shall be buying it from someone whom A: Knows what he is talking about. B: Isn't afraid to say that he dosent know something, and C: Is Obviously passionate about falcons.

If i cannot find a sales person whom i consider to be all of the above, I will be walking into a certain dealership, and agree to buy the car on two conditions. 1: The deal is a house Deal. 2: A Certain Mechanic, Whom I have found to be very knowledgeable, and very proud to drive an XR6. Receives a 'Spotters fee'.

This way, The comission goes to someone that deserves it.

unfortunatly ... its gonna be a long time untili can afford a GT.


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