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Boy Racers in Auckland

My Dad told me that he heard on the news that a whole bunch of Boy Racers in Auckland decided to be pricks and go fast and furious styles and block off the road to the Airport and do some drag racing in their "Rice Mobiles" and lots of people missed their flights, all i know that came of it was that the police took 5 cars, more probably happened i just havent heard about it. Some of the NZ members might of heard more, but all i can say is Phucking wankers

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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

heh, while it illegal and all that, and a really bad choice of road, it is kinda better that they did that, than just race on the open road.

Dunno if they have legal drag racing setups over there (like eastern creek, heathcote etc), but it might be a sign for someone to think about organising such a thing over there . . .

On a side note, while he didn't go to auckland (I think it was just a north idland trip), a mate recently commented that he didn't really see any ricers, or many hi-po jap imports over there - which is the opposite of what I expected - given that NZ is a dumping ground for 2nd hand jap cars . . .
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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

I think they do have them in Auckland but they wont go on them because its more fun to do it on the road, Fast and Furious reenactment
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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

no they do have places but they the police are just like here they crack down on cars just driving around,look up and under hoons theres more stories from NZ then here,i know i went through the whole lot of em. *winks*

over there in some places police get attacked and stuff thrown at em,and they do close off publiuc rds to do their illegal races,oil poured over the roads for drifting and burnouts..

with such a wide area (NZ) you cant have 2 (just saying)places and say its sufficient,same here make more places get more hoons off the roads.some will stay on the roads but most would prefer to keep their rides too so they will go,where ever the action is,if its at the track that where they will be.

cars are a lethal weapon,your not invinsible when you get into one,and no matter how much skill you think you have,you are never in control you are always on the edge of death it may not happen today but if you keep driving like you do,you too will end up dead!
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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

yea but blocking the road and drag racing on it is incredible wankish
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Gonna miss the ED :(
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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

My mates from NZ and he reckons there are boy racers everywhere. Heaps of imports.

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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

there are cars there that you dont see on aussie roads, or a least nobody i know does
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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

I'm actually wondering if this actually happened, i havnt heard a thing on the Radio or anything i thought it would of been a quite big deal but maybe it was as big as deal as i thought, knowing Auckland though they could of been on a closed road next to the Airport and just made up the rest.

Maybe Auckland needs a another motorway
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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

Being originally from Auckland and just getting back from Auckland, and visiting Auckland 4 times a year, i will say there ARE boy Racers everywhere. And hipo Imports as well. And my brother is one, having owned a GTiR Pulsar, GT Turbo Starlet, R32 Skyline. All his friends as well are boy racers. If youve been to Auckland you'd know there is SFA to do and the roads are sweet as!!


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Re: Boy Racers in Auckland

I'm from Auckland and know firsthand how much of a problem this is becoming!

Just remember that Auckland's young is made up of 95% young teens in high performance jap cars that are considerant and are really just looking for a good time and the other 5% in high performance jap cars that can't drive for **** that give the rest of us a bad name, know jack-all about cars and basically obey everything that is the "Fast and the Furious" Scene, thus classing EVERYONE as "boy racers" because you never hear of the "good" through the media, just the "bad".

I have a restricted license, I am 17 and live in Ponsonby/Grey Lynn which is a 5 minute walk to the Auckland CBD. Over the holidays my elder brother has been kind enough to let me borrow his car on certian nights when he or his girlfriend are not going out. The car is an R33 GTS-T 2.5 Turbo 2dr (Manual), he is fully insured and I am able to drive the car within the conditions of my license and his insurance company, if I get into an accident and It's my fault, I PERSONALLY will have to pay the $5000 access fee, and the rise in his premiums, through an aggreement between my brother and I. I am one of the few out there on Friday and Saturday nights with FULL INSURANCE, the car is a bloody rocket as I'm sure most of you know and I'm sure (I think) that "P" platters or whatever the Aussie equivalent are not allowed to drive a car as powerfull as the R33 Turbo. In NZ if I had the money I could go out and buy a 290kW Falcon at the age of 17 and fully register it under my name, all at the age of 17, there are no Hp or kW limits on any car licenses in NZ, even on a learners! - This means that a 15 yearold, A 15 YEAROLD, can legally drive a A Lambo, Porsche, Ferrari Enzo, whatever.

IMO the problem is mainly the new immigrants. I'd like to state the fact THAT I AM ASIAN MYSELF, I'm born and bred in NZ and consider myself as a Kiwi. There is corruption within AA Centres where anyone can get a licence with out doing a test. Let me explain, I have a few chinese/korean friends, all of which are at my school as exchange students. There can bearly speak a work of English. The all have cars, one owns a bloody Sti Rex, the way they get their licences is... in NZ if you cannot speak English you can request a translator to sit beside you at the test (scratchies for a learners test, if a restriceted test they are the person that takes you for the drive(same as Final test)), and what they do instead of translating is give you the bloody answer instead. The person who wants to take the test contacts the translator before hand, this translator actually works for the AA Centre by the way. Apparently this is how about 75% of new immagrants in NZ get their licences, without turnning a single ****ing page of the NZ road code, these AA wokers charge $200 + for this, so I am told. They advertise openly in the local chinese papers and my friends say that know of alot of people that obtain there licences in this way, infact it's become the norm in many circles.

I work at New Zealand Performance Car magazine, durring the holidays and after school, (I mainly deal with subscriptions) ,I love certian Jap cars, yet i despise anything that is not RWD or 4WD. I am as a blue blooded Ford guy as they come, I live and breath V8's and the Supercars and all things associated with Ford, without owning one. I'm planning to buy my first car midway through this year, because I've had a job since I was 15 and working my arse off I am in the position to be a fairly decent car as my first. Everyday I deal with "Boy Racers", and I know that it's a select few that think they're gods gift to the streets and adding a bigbore and a tacho to their Civic (not forgetting the stickers, oh god no) think that they have the same cars as on the movies. If I see rice, I'll point and laugh. I've tought my girlfriend to identify rice, as we all know it's not hard. I take pride in demorializing egos at the lights, even if I don't own the car I'm driving. And I believe that this attitude makes me a "boy racer", if so, so be it.

As for the Auckland Airpot inncident, I have not heard of anthing along those lines. BUT, there was a night when my girlfriend and I decided to follow the trail one night, we drove all the way out past Piha (for those of you that know where that is) and the people ahead parked alongside some lifestyle blocks and blocked the roads with witches hats, orange cones, then they began their runs, although well short of a bloody quarter mile and in certian parts lose gravel that was blind in the night, people were lining up in pairs in their milkbottles and reving them to a couple of billion, before spinning their FRONT wheels and tearing down the road. Samething applies on Quay St beyond the docks and just after the Helipad, although cops patroll this are durring rice activity nights they all seem to disapear when needed most. Although they don't block these roads, the pairs beind them are virtually stopped and thus affectively blocking the roads as slow traffic.

The problem is too big and well out of hand in Auckland and in certian parts around NZ such as Christchurch and Rotorua. The police are already over streched and there is no short term solution by the looks of things. The cars that you can buy in NZ at the prices that they sell for are unreal, I was once told that the reason these types of cars are not redily avaliable in Aus is because the Government applies a $5000 to $7000 tax on imports, inplace to protect the local car manufacturers (Holden and Ford...), because NZ has no car manufacturers and all of our cars are imported from Aus, Japan, Germany etc, this tax is not neccasary as there is no local car manufacturer to protect.

I've been to Aussie and the States on various family holidays and the Rice problem is the worst in my beloved NZ. There are so many things that need to be addressed and not enough police to do so. Thats the end of my rant!

I'd also like to apologize for the many a spelling mistakes, gimme a break, school's out for the summmmmer! :)

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