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mad Calling all NSW p-platers

Hi everyone,

As a p- plater, i am strongly opposed to the introduction of a curfew system by the NSW goverment.

As such, i have drafted a letter to Carl Scully (the man behind the madness) and i am sure you would like the oppurtunity to voice your opinion. so simply insert your name, and add a few comments (if 100 identical emails turn up, it wont be taken seriously) and send it to:

we don't need stupid comments, but thought out answers are the go. we are already stereotyped enough in society as it is, we dont need to make it worse.

Thanks for your time guys, hopefully we can retain our rights. (below is the draft)

Dear Mr Scully.

My name is (insert name here)

I believe that the proposed p-plate curfew is not an effective way of helping to control road deaths, and a more effective option would be to focus on driver training.

I think that the introduction of limits on vehicle engine capacity and power to weight ratios will affect many families who have young drivers. Many family cars such as Ford Falcons and Holden Commodores have 4.0L engines, and by restricting cars such as these a financial burden will be placed on these families, as they do not have a car for their children to drive, and may have to pay out more to fund public transport.

I also believe that it is important to note that many p-plate drivers are on the verge of being able to cast a vote for the first time. As a large group of young Australians, this proposed policy could have the potential to significantly impact their choices on the day.

I find it ironic that at age 18, we can go to war and fight for our country, become a parent, vote for the leaders of our nation, but we cannot drive our cars after 10pm.

Thankyou for your time,

(reinsert name here).
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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

well i actually think its a good idea. not perfect i agree but has its merets. Unless you need to get to work then thats a fair enough reason.

i think you should have an alternative in that letter if you want any credability.

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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

Ahh, I love their enthusiasm that these stupid laws will actually do anything :)

Lets face it, the kids who will be dickheads and show off and write off their cars / lifes will do it earlier in the day if they have to. It's just an inconveniance for everyone who works late, everyone who, once in a while, NEEDS to go out for some reason (other than to party).. parties will just start earlier and finish the next morning now

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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

Oh what, I can't go out after 10pm to hoon around with my mates? No street drags, no burnouts on public road, no speeding? Damn, better stay home, wouldn't want to break the law or anything!
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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

good Idea RADEA my e-mail is sent!!!

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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

That's the way things are going with our ridiculous society. Let's just ban everything if there's a problem with it. Let's not worry about the fact that any moron who knows how to start car can get their license, what a joke. No, let's give these inexperienced and untrained and unskilled drivers a license, then blame them for not driving properly. Attack the cure, not the symptoms you stupid, worthless politicians.

I really have to start a political party...

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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

It certainly is stupidity on their part, but people have been begging them for years to bring in some half decent driver training. I'm not sure what they are gaining by leaving things as they are. Perhaps it would be a financial burden on the states, but on the flip side I'm sure it isn't cheap dealing with all the accidents that the politicians indirectly cause...

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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

Excellent idea mate, I was going to do something like this on another level but this will do for now. I find this stupid because: they want to ban high powered cars, have 10pm curfews and you aren't allowed no more than one passenger.

I drive a modfied V8, drive mostly after 10pm and drive many people around (including my siblings) all the time and in my 2 years of driving I've never had one fine or accident.

Dickheads will always be dickheads and these new 'rules' aren't going to change the two main things that needs to be looked at; driver attitude as well as experience. Obviously the only way to do this is by having compulsory defensive driving course but the government is too stingy to do this..

I must say, Brogden will most likely be getting my vote now next election (even though it is such a small issue).

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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

When I use to be 18-19 I had to drive to home from the Army Reserve at about 11:30 -12:00 and when I finished work it would usually be about 1am or 2am. I must have been pulled over for about 100 random checks over a two year period, but at least I could still go out and do stuff!

And what about young women that want to go out but don't want to use public transport because of all the wierdo's out there? I'm a bloke and even I don't feel safe at some train stations.

Maybe we all need to be plugged into the Matrix.
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Re: Calling all NSW p-platers

And what happens for example if a p plater were held up somewere till 9:30pm and it was a 45 minute to an hour drive home??? Or they were stuck in a traffic jam??? Are they meant to speed to make it home on time so they won't be caught out by the curfew??

What about those p-platers that are married and already have families? Are they not allowed to drive their families anywere because there is a restriction on the number of passengers a p-plater is allowed to have??

And aren't we encouraged to drive in all conditions when we are on out L plates? Including during the night? So wouldn't banning p-platers from night time driving be a complete contradiction to what they teach us about driving experience when were on our L's??

Anyone who goes out specifically to drag for example, is going out with intentions to break the law. I can't see how introducing a curfew law is going to deter anyone if their intentions are going to be to break the law anyway... If these laws are being introduced for p-platers under the age of 18, then MAYYYBE it wouldn't be so bad, but once you turn 18, you are considered old enough (as stated before) to vote, get married and die for our country, but for some reason, not to drive after dark

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