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Bring Back the 24hr!!!
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Car Vandalised!

Walked outside this afternoon to go down the street and get some bits and pieces as I was working on the landau, I was rather shocked to find that someone had kicked the right hand rear door in on my XF which was parked on the street :err: what posesses an idiot to damage a persons car in such a way? I am quite pissed off, and won't mention what I would like to do to the pricks that did it, but I am happy that it wasn't the landau which was parked some 5m up the road from the XF.

Anyway venting complete
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a little bit sideways
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it is bullshit really. some prick decides that cos he doesnt have a car, it is therefore okay to damage someone elses. you can bet it was some scum sucking low life (not a lawyer) with no future. you can take some consolation in the fact that this prick will probably be dead shortly, probably by his own stupidity.

You wash your car like it was your firstborn child, you tend to its needs like it was your own body, you protect it like it's your family, then you drive it like you stole it.

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Not a Twink
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That sux mate :( Would be good to find them in the act, and drop them with a swift boot to the skull.
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Thats so lame I would prefer someone to kick me to my car anyday some people don't deserve air
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Most likly some stupid wanker with his mates
"stupid ford" one of them says.
then to impress his mates one of them goes over and kicks it and they all laugh.
Hope the moron broke his foot on your fine automobile.
Since having my old car vandelised then stolen nothing will stop me from applying foot to ass in the case of morons seeking thrills from damaging another persons property.

Breathe! It's only the internet....
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I Know how you feel - I have an XE that is a real POS that I use as a daily driver, used to park on the street overnight. It never got touched until I put new tyres on it. Came out the next morning to find 1 tyre slashed. Put the spare on then went to a servo for fuel and found no fuel cap. Went home and by chance happened to see my fuel cap in the gutter about 10 metres from the car. These wankers really have nothing better to do.
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I too know the feeling, got mine back today after having 1400 buck's worth of scratch's cleaned up.
For those with short memories:

It's a pathetic individual that attack's somebodies car when there not even around to see them do it.(not that you want too see it happenin the first place).
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Team Galaxy Try Hard
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"It would be worth it just to catch them in the act" - Pulp Fiction
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Cleveland Powered
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It really annoys me hearing stuff like this as I can't comprehend doing something like that to someone else's property.

I'd love to beat some sense into morons like that. As rsgerry said the only thing that can make you feel better is knowing that these these guys will probably end up dead or in jail due to their stupidity.

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XA Coupe owner.
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I had my XC 4 door broken into they broke out my window and threw all myt stuff out on the street, they tried to steal it by gettting a screwdriver jammed into the key barrel and turn it, they just managed hacked it to bits, but the fact was I just put this new colomn and keybarrel in a week before all this, due to the keybarrel seising, I had my door booted in by my brother in a fit of rage, I don't park my XA coupe to far away from me and in a very open space, so no bastard can do to much to it without me being 20 feet away.

DK I feel for you, I would fully belt the f**k outta anyone who mentions being involved in wat happened to your car! I'll keep an eye and ear out for you DK.

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