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Cop bullsh*t

Thought i might share quite a frustrating experience I had last night with you all...

Had just been picked up by 3 of my mates in their Tarago (owned by parents) at Hunters Hill. We (stupidly) did a U-turn just past a set of lights and over double lines up the road a bit.

To our complete horror we had done it smack bang in front of a copper who subsequently flashed his lights and pulled us over. Anyway instead of just writing us a ticket for the U-turn offence, he calls ANOTHER cop car.. so now there's 4 of them.

They get us all out of the car, search it entirely, run scans on rego, even do a search of my mate who was driving the car (got him to take out everyhting in his pockets etc etc) and then took all of our details down? Now excuse me, but WHY THE F*CK do i have my details taken for a U-turn offence when i was a PASSENGER??

Anyway, the most amusing part of it was when one of the coppers, who was obviously fresh out of the academy and acting like the biggest hero i've ever seen, finds a few golf clubs underneath some folded up beach chairs in the boot. He starts crapping on saying 'why have ya got golf clubs huh?' and insinuating that we were going to use them as WEAPONS!!

Swear to god I felt like cracking up in laughter. One of my mates says to him "mate, its a family car, can't you see that?" while i try to tell him that we arne't the kind of people who go round bashing others with golf clubs. He then replies "no, it doesn't look like a family car to me?" FFS mate its a TARAGO!!!

Let me remind you all that none of us were being rude in any way to the officers.. One of my mates probably used the wrong tone to ask his questions, but he didn't shout or anything. It was almost an insult for the dickhead cop to suggest we were gonna go somewhere to bash someone with a few golf clubs!!!

Anyway after about 30 mins of them searching the car and doing all kind of bullshit he finally writes the ticket and lets us go. That's 30 mins that the second cop car could have been out patrolling and possibly catching real criminals. When asked why there needed to be a second cop car, the chick cop goes 'because we can'.

I have no problem with being charged with the U-turn offence, either does my mate who was driving. But i do have a problem with arsehole cops trying to be heroes and wasting my time. Anyone else had a similar experience? I gotta say i just wanted to let loose at the lot of them. Idiots.

ps. $176 and 2 points... a little harsh for doing a U-turn perhaps?
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Re: Cop bullsh*t

Yes overkill by the cops, but considering that VANS are the best for robbing stores/houses etc, I can some what understand, 3 kids in a van do a sudden U-Turn at lights .......... they just may be up to something, if they caught a gang would we complain ..... NO. ...... we would say what a good job they did :0)


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

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Re: Cop bullsh*t

it just sounds like you guys were in the wrong place at the wrong time. it gets better as you get older. they dont assume as much. but in the eyes of the law your "more likely to cause trouble"
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Re: Cop bullsh*t

Sounds a little harsh, however I agree with Jason. If you have a problem, make an enquiry to their station... For all you know, there could have been a spate of robberies or gang-bashings in the area, or else they were just being heros.

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Re: Cop bullsh*t

let me guess, you live in melbourne???

i have heard the cops r like that there


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Re: Cop bullsh*t

I have got off for the moist unbelievable things, you just have to respect thier authority & not be a smart arse.

I got pulled over one night about 5 years ago doing 120kph in a 60 zone.
That was on Forest Road in Fern Tree Gully.
Anyone who knows the road, knows that is way to fast & dangerous.
They caught up to me at the lights on Burwood Hwy.

When I pulled over, I jumped out of the car, as I always do when I get pulled over, & this old copper & a yound female officer approach me.

First of all they ask all the questions.
Can I see your licence please?
Your car?
Where are you going?
Where you been?
Why were you speeding?

Then one that completely shocks me.

Do you have any weapons or drugs in the car?
Back in those days I used to carry a hunting knife in the drivers side pocket, cause you never know who might hassle you in the middle of the night.
So I told the old guy, I have it in their for protection, especially travelling late at night, cause I dont want to be hassled and all.

He ended up telling me that when I get home I should put it in my top draw & forget about it as thats what he was going to do.

I could not believe it. Had he forgot about the speeding fine.
I grabbed my licence, jumped back in the car, drove home at 60kph and when I got home I just had to wake up my old man & tell him about it.

If you show them a little respect & dont piss in thier pockets you should have nothing to worry about.

Geez I need a drink after typing all that.


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Re: Cop bullsh*t

Second cop car was most likely a duty officer's car. As for having 4 cops, its usually against police SOPs to have only one officer per car at night, two is usually required.

As for spending 30 minutes pulling apart your car, well that may come from several reasons:

The cops may have treated everyone as "hostile", hence the search
The cops might have been on the look out for a group of youths in a van etc
The cops might have been showing the probey the ropes of a car search
There may have been an intel file written on the tarago
It is in their power to randomly conduct car searches.

U know, searching a car and finding golf clubs can get mighty boring, I doubt they would have done if for fun. If they were both highway cars, or the youngan came from a highway car, this would be incorrect as all police need to spend 3 years in general duties first.

Certainly, there are a lot of good blokes in the police, and a lot of blokes who got teased a little too much at school. Ive got a few mates in the police force myself, and generally, they do a pretty hard job, especially once a domestic after domestic rolls in, I certainly have respect for them, but this respect has probably be gained more from hearing stories from my friends. Sure I can understand your mad, I dont blame you, but I guess don't let a few incidents, or even hearing about a few incidents on FF direct you to "pig bashing", the majority seem okay, least to me.

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Re: Cop bullsh*t

No that sounds like un acceptable behaviour to me.
Complain to the station.
I would expect to be treated as a crim if wearing hip hop gear and cruising in a beat up old van/car or a jap machine but in a tarago and the only thing they find is golf clubs???
Get your parents to complain as well .

Do you think the situation and your opinion would have changed if the cops had actully explained some sort of reasoning for their actions?

If they said they had reason to suspect some gang was cruising in a tarago I'd imagine you'd be a little more helpful with them.

Cops and the Gov need to realise that pissing off people does nothing but make them more un cooperative in the future.

I have had enough dealings with the cops where I have been perfectly polite and reasonable and still been treated like a to-bit punk.

So now my general opinion of cops.... Well it's not good.

I'll still give indiviual cops the time of day but overall I think they are a pack of dicks.
Eventually there inability to handle the general public in a polite and respectful way results in people like my father.

My father is a perfectly law abiding citizen but has had 2 altercations that have made him the most unhelpful and agrivating person if your a cop trying to talk to him.

1) Averted getting slammed up the arse by a speeding moron by moving out of the way half way on to the road through a red light. The speeding car then slammed in to crossing traffic instead of hitting my dad. My dad (then a nurse) jumps out the car to help and a watching cop pulls him up and gives him a ticket for going thorugh a red light!

2) Getting pulled over for doing 70 in a 70 zone because the cop thought it was a 60.
The cop refused to budge on the matter and wrote my father a fine even though my father offered to drive the cop less than 50 meters away to the 70 sign he had just passed up the road (this was on marion road before the sturt road crossing less than 2 kms from a bloody cop station)
Then he had to take it to court.

Both of these incidents happened when I was a kid but far out don't even mention police in a sentance around him.

So I fully understand your rant and while I believe cops have an important role to play a little social etiquette wouldn't go astray.

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Re: Cop bullsh*t

Well seeing as tonight is my birthday and i've had a few i'll still try to reply to these posts, even tho its probaby not the best time to!

I live in Hunters Hill (Sydney). To anyone who doesn't know the area, well we have pretty much a ZERO gang situation and in all honesty it'd be bloody funny to think that the coppers would suspect gang activity in the area. Hunters Hill is near Gladesville/Ryde. The majority of local cops i've come across have been good blokes.

To dave_au,

there's no reason to consider us 'hostile'. We all have clean records, and i'd like to think we are all good blokes. Its just the attitude that the mentioned cops seemed to have that got under our skin. The fact that they would spin shit about golf clubs as weapons really got to me. What right do they have to suggest that? They have no records of us in regards to violence or crime, they just spin shit like that to get a negative reaction out of us. And there's always one in the group who will react angrily to such a comment.

I understand what you're saying about not doing the car search just for fun, but if you want my opinion, i honestly thought that the two younger coppers were acting like heroes. All they wanted to do was piss us off. We committed an offence, yes, but the bullshit that went on last night was inappropriate.

And Carazy, YES. The situation would have been helped immensely had the cops just explained WHY they were taking all our details and why they were searching our car. The bottom line is, thats all we wanted to know. We had no problem with getting fined for the Uturn, because we know that was an offence. But instead of answering our questions, the cops took it as an 'insult' for us to be asking questions. I think you all know what i mean when you simply can't say a thing to a copper and expect a decent answer. Its mostly like this for young people. Cops have to fu*kin wake up and treat us like human beings.

All in all though, i agree with you tx3dude. Its gonna be like this till we are a bit older, but pisses me off and this is place where i can let off some steam. :)

Finally, i'm not pig-bashing. Because i know there are a lot of good cops out there. But when you get a dickhead constable in charge of a few young liutenants.. that's when things get VERY aggravating. Personally, i know how to talk to cops. But when your in a group of mates, there's always one who will blow up and make the situation a bit worse. I think that's what happened last night. Still doesn't change the fact that the whole thing was uneccessary.


ps. it is now time for bed, as i am completely stuffed :D
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Re: Cop bullsh*t

theres my story:
got bored of lapping my home towns main st,and thought "hey lets go for a drive" mind you i lived in the goulburn nsw area,so where did i want to drive to :SYDNEY:
anyways coming into bankstown area (i think) and this cop flys up from behind,me driving a XC with 302 lowered with wheels,im like WTF is the cop up to,i come to set of lights and proceed to go through i turned and touched the white line,and BAM the lights come on,so i pull over,the cop comes over"get out of the car" im like "WTF" so i do it.

put us all (5 of us) onto the footpath and one by one start to be searched,next thing we know i look around and 4 more cars turned up,and the dog squad,IM LIKE wtf is going on.
my mate proceeds to ask them why they are doing this, they say shutup or be arrested,anyways they search the car and what do they find,my kids cap guns they got for xmas,cop shows em to us and says YOU CAN BE CHARGED FOR THESE,i say "what for a piece of plastic your kidding right" he said no i aint,destroy em or be arrested,im said their my kids presents,he said do you want to be arrested,i say no,so on the side of the road he puts em down i had to squash them (2 of em) then he says "your littering,pick it up or be fined" mate i wanted to let rip,here were we at 2 am outside 7/11 ppl standing there,we are just country folk going for a drive yet they make us look like GANGSTERS,anyways he asked why am i 200k's away from home,i said just going to visit rello's in millers pt,he asked what st,whats their name,etc etc etc finally after 1 hr 15 mins we are allowed to drive away,with the warning "dont come back,or expect the same" i drive away with very nasty thoughts about this officer..

they never gave me a fine,nor looked for defects,just decided to do the 101 questions and checks on me and my friends..
cops wonder why they are hated so much,now i know why..

cars are a lethal weapon,your not invinsible when you get into one,and no matter how much skill you think you have,you are never in control you are always on the edge of death it may not happen today but if you keep driving like you do,you too will end up dead!
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