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D**ckhead Arsonists

came home today and the news was on tv, with a segment on all the fires we (south-eash queensland) are getting at the moment due to this idiotic weather, and apparently some kids are lighting the fires up in bundaberg i think it was. considering pretty much every firefighter in the area has been fighting fires that have been threatening property and everything for several days now across the south-east region, and most of them are bloody tired, i dunno how or why people would go around lighting more fires. apparently they (firefighters) had got the bundaberg blaze all under control and had firebreaks set up and these kids went around and lit it up on the other side of the break. wtf? thats just blatant criminal activity, not just kids lighting fires cos they are ignorant (these kids were serial arsonists. im not sure on their ages, but apparently its life imprisonment for setting fires that damage property and 5 years for general fire lighting or something along those lines. im sure the kids would be too young to be thrown away (unfortunately) but dad said once they start working, they should have their pay severley docked to pay back all the damage they caused.

i just find this whole thing absolutely disgusting and thought i'd share my thoughts and open things up for yours

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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

I hope they don't just get the book thrown at them.... I hope they beat their pathetic little heads in with it.

Better yet, I hope they burn down the house of another inmate and get beaten to a bloody pulp, daily, while in jail.

When I was 15 I knew exactly whether I was breaking the law or not, I don't believe age is an excuse anymore and the courts should stop being so lenient. I bet they don't even see a cell.

Just like a Tsunami.
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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

Its quite disgracful. These little insolent Friggin kids need there asses kicked big time. With a few close family members being volunteer firies, I am sure they would like to kill the little shits too.


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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

I have lived through the 64 fires in the Upwey, dandenong ranges area (I was four thankyou very much), also others as a teenager, and have rellies who have survived the ash wednesday ones as well as other fires.

The carnage the fires do mentally as well as physically is beyond comprehension and I have a great respect for all the firefighters. I just heard on tonights late news that a 61 year old firefighter died today...suffered a massive heart attack and was raced to hospital. Not sure what state he was from but very sad news indeed.

To think morons take delight in starting these infernos...well perhaps a bit of 'work release' in a victims burn unit may curb there enthusiasm for flames.
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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

Look you can't do too much about the little kids who are 6 years old playing with matches. It's sad that the parents could have been a little more responsible, but then again, if a 6 year old wants to play with matches then he/she will, there is at times a natural attraction to matches/fires for children.

Its usually in the teens that you start to get arsonists - proper maniacs that get a thrill out of destruction - there the ones that you have to worry about, then unfortunately the volunteer fire services have their own issues with arsonists - there is a certain degree of natural attraction to work in that field and its a real shame because it tends to detract at times the brilliant work the other volunteer firies and paid firies do at times.
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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

I agree with dave-au.. There is something mesmerizing about fire.. But not at all an excuse to be an arsonist.. Let all their toys, bikes, PC's, gaming consoles burn to the ground and see how they like them apples....
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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

Nah, you could castrate these guys and they still wouldn't take any notice. Pyromania is a metal illness, these people are not quite right upstairs.
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Re: D**ckhead Arsonists

Originally Posted by EB-maen
...and apparently some kids are lighting the fires up in bundaberg i think it was....
gee that gives a great rep to the rest of us non F*ckwit kids in bundy

and i hope these little F*ckers get caught and beat to death with the book

Am i suppost to put something funny here?
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