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confused Damm Inconsiderate People

Last night my XR was hit in the N/S front door by an unisured driver. Thankfully the damage is minor, and I know the inconvenience down the road is going to piss me off, but I am most annoyed that this guy will have the audacity to drive his car around the streets of Sydney uninsured.

To not even have 3rd party fire and theft defeats me. Another example I guess of.... I'm driving a bomb and I don't give a stuff that I just wacked your beautiful 9 month old XR. The bastard actually tried to tell me that he didn't hit me and the damage was old.

So its off to the insurance company to try and sort this out. In the meantime my pride and joy looks second hand. I suspect that I am going to have to end up paying for this.

Let me ask this though, how many others out there are driving around with cars that have absolutely no insurance, and if you are what is your reasoning?
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My father-in-law has never had insurance. He says it's not worth it if you're a good driver and don't crash. I agree that comprehensive is sometimes a bit steep, which is why I demoted the XF to third party fire and theft. But you've gotta have at least third party for that one day when you rear-end a 7-series BMW.

I had a friend who got knocked off his bike by an uninsured, unemployed idiot. He never got a cent out of him, even though his bike was damaged and so was he.

If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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Sorry to hear the news mate, hope the cost isn't too much to repair her and that she goes back to A1 condition. I feel for your anger as in the end even though that guy clearly ran into you there's cops to access the situation and if the damage in under $500. Did you get any witness's, thats usually a start to nail the person down for the costs.

Yeah unfortunately people driving around uninsured is all too common. Really annoys me people who drive around uninsured. I always feel if you someone drives around uninsured and claims they can't afford insurance then they should not drive a car. By meaning of insurance i mean 3rd party property at the least.

Last year in my EF i got hit on the drivers door and guard by an idiot in an excel he did a runner and i can almost bet he was un insured i had to fork out $700 out of my pocket and the hassle of not having a car and sorting quotes.

Let me know how things go.

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That sucks mate

At least the insurance mob will sort it out!
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Mmm, high pressure wash.
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Damn. It's stories like this that really make my blood boil. Blurter, I hope you can get it sorted and end up too much out of pocket.

Since you spoke to him did you get his details? I presume he has no CTP and therefore the car isn't even registered? Go to the cops and report him. It won't get your damage paid for but it should get him prosecuted. Nail his arse to wall.

Mind you, he should be in hospital recovering from injuries already. And I don't mean injuries from the car accident...

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I'll probably get a lot of shit about this but im not insured either. I was once insured, and when i had an accident they refused to pay out. And i was not at fault. Insurance companies as far as i am concerned can get stuffed. Being a 22 yo male the insurance prices are just a joke. I paid about $2000 a year. Which i just can't afford.

But in your respect, surely you can make the claim and then get him to pay the excess???

I had another incident where I ran up the back of somebody, it was extremely minor. I was insured at this time, and so was he. How ever he just went ahead and lodged a claim, and before i know it i had to pay his excess, plus my age excess, which turned out to be around $750-800 mark.

Good luck never the less.


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Third party insurance is relatively cheap enough.

Anyone that can not afford it simply can not afford to own a car.

Same goes for the rest of the vehicle, if you can not afford to maintain, repair, insure yourself, register etc then ... you can not just afford to drive.

Might seem harsh however there is public transport.

In the end the cost to the individual is protection to the other users of the road from a financial and safety issues.
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It's really up to you isn't it? As long as you know you can pay for any damage you may do to anyone.
If you ask me insurance for people under 22 IS a F4kEn RIP OFF.
They obviously take advantage of you at this age. I payed $2600 a year for my EF full comp., how's that for a joke? Then they treat you like sh#t when you try to deal with them.
They wanted $2300 for the XF full comp too and the XF would only be insured for $2250. I told them they could shove it up their....
3rd party for me. If some wanker tries to steal it, they'll have my angry #oth#rf#ck#ng #ss to deal with. I'm not paying that much for insurance.
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I can understand ppl not taking out insurance for the reasons clearly stated - the overriding proviso for me is: if you choose not to insure you should be prepared to pay up if you are at fault. I have one car not insured at all because the insurance is more than the car is worth - however if I hit a Merc I know I'm in for a large bill. I weigh up that risk every time I drive that particular car. It's five years since it's been insured - I figure I've saved over $12000, so if I'm unlucky (or stupid) enough to hit that Roller in front then I hope I get out of it for less than the $12000.

However, I can't abide ppl who drive unlicensed, unregistered and uninsured and who are (also probably) on the dole but can afford petrol, booze and fags!!!!! I had one of these type hit my parked car and skip - luckily his car was found abandoned a short distance away and he was known to the cops - still didn't do me any good 'cos he was unemployed so I got zilch - he got a few hours community service and was a repeat offender - what a joke!
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Yes I've got his details (I wedged him in so he couldn't move) and reported all to my insurance company, so its in their hands. But I'm now left with the uncertainty of whether I will eventually get wacked with a bill when the guy who hit me refuses to pay up, especially after the insurer adds my excess to the repair job - which I'm sure he did not think of when he said "don't worry, I'm working so I can pay for it".

I can understand the cost consideration concerning comprehensive insurance, especially if you are young, but there is no excuse not to take out 3rd party. For the sake of a relatively cheap form of insurance you buy invaluable peace of mind.

I say take out the best insurance you can afford and take responsibility for your actions.
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