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A day in the life of a saleperson..

True story. Have a read and tell me what you think:

Thursday evening 5:50pm the boss and the salesperson start locking up the cars in the yard so that they can leave by closing time of 6pm. A scruffy looking bloke starts looking at a used car, so the salesperson approaches and greets. Bloke says, "Howya goin' mate, isn't this one a beauty?" After abit of small talk with lots of “f@#ken this f@%ken” he says “sorry mate I’m a truck driver I swear a lot!” then he asks for a test drive. Salesperson says ok lets do, “I just need a copy of your license. So of they go. 5 minutes later back at the dealership Bloke says “gimme your card mate, I’ll come down t’mora with my trade in”

Next morning at 7:15am salespersons mobile rings, it’s the bloke “sorry mate, didn’t wake ya did I?” salesperson says no, no! I start at 8:30am though. Bloke says, “no worries I’ll wait for ya”
Salesperson gets there and bloke doesn’t have his trade-in , but says he’d like $15000, it’s a Hyundai Grandeur 2001 with 60000km and Sat-Nav. And he want to swap the plates over to the car he’s buying. He also needs finance so the salesperson proceeds to obtain finance figures based on the assumption the trade IS worth $15000, but with no guarantees until it is seen. Salesperson tells him to go get it so we can value it and to make sure he brings his rego papers, he says “no probs, but I want to pick it up today”. So of he goes.
In the meantime, salesperson and valuer have a look through the Redbook and find that the car is probably worth closer to $10000. Salesperson mentions the car is white and has Sat-Nav, valuer immediately says the car would have been a rental car so probably worth $9000 because of that.
Salesperson then thinks “I better ring the customer to let him know” to see what he thinks. Bloke says “your f$!ken joken”, and then says to give him revised finance figures based on the new changeover price anyway. In the end he agrees and says “I’ll come down to pick up the car this arvo”, salesperson say “Don’t forget to bring the log books and the rego papers”.
1 hour later the bloke arrives. The valuer and salesperson proceed to look over the car and yes it is an ex-rental car, has 62000km and is a 2000 model not 2001. Log books show some service may have been missed. And the bloke has forgotten the rego papers!
Valuer says “ok, I’ll call a few wholesalers to see if they want this car”, reason being the dealership will not sell any ex-rental cars. He could reach all of them so it was agreed we wait 5-10min.
Bloke says “what’s goin’ on? You c*&ts are f%$ken me around. Just gimme the car and you have mine” Salesperson says “we need the rego papers to prove that you actually own your trade-in, and not to mention that we need to go to the RTA to swap the plates and get a reprint of his rego paper”. Bloke then gets pissed off and starts complaining about how long this is all taking. He then gets up starts verbally abusing the salesperson for stuffing him around calling him a spineless pr!ck, lying bastard etc etc. Salesperson keeps his composure and says “Sir there is no need to get personal, this is just how things are done, I can’t let you have the car without going to the RTA etc etc”
Bloke storms out, says “you can forget it, and I’m gonna rubbish you blokes”

As I said this is a true story and sometimes makes you wonder how these people have the guts to say half the things they do.

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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

hehehe.. You get people like that every now and then. They are either really like that, or trying to pull something.

Sounds like he was trying to hit you up for a wopper trade in value and intimidate or act pissed off enough to get it.

Good thing he left too. Last thing you want is a arsehole like that hanging around makin a fuss. Or comming back once hes got the car askin for the impossible (like changing the engine, complaining the brakes get warn after 40,000 km etc)..
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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

he obviously didn't own the car...

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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

did he actually own the car in the first place?
sounds like he hasnt done alot of research into the car market either.

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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

Hahahahahahaha dodgy as!!

And people wonder why salesman get a little sick of losers coming in for a joy ride..
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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

damn man, why ppl have to go an hassel sales guys like that, i mean, granted, some are dodgy as but you have to draw the line somewhere, afta ll they got a job to do right????

have friends that do that sometimes and it just pi*ses me off a bit aye
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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

How often do you get pricks like that RATT???

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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

yikes RATT. I feel for ya. seems he tried to scam u guys.

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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

Maybe the car "fell off the back of a truck", more than likely his one!

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Re: A day in the life of a saleperson..

So thats why you keep that baseball bat i saw under your desk, what car did he want. Did you have the plates run to see if he owned the car but it seems weird if it was a hottie that he wanted to keep the plates.

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