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What day is it again?
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Dirty Coppers

On the subject of arsehole Coppers - I got screwed over by 2 in a divvy wagon on Saturday. Driving along a road (60k limit) at 70, and heading to a roundabout to turn left up the next road, and Cpt. Intelligent (that's me) goes round the left in 3rd a teenie bit faster than i should've, but nothing dangerous. it only made the tires squeal - then much to my horror the Jack Wagon is sitting stopped on the other side waiting at the roundabout - needless to say he saw me and went to drop a U-turn. It took him probably 20 seconds to wait for traffic and do a turn (he didnt go around the roundabout, right around the little islands dividing the road) and he started following me up the road (60k limit here too) I'd seen him and I was driving up the road quietly at 65 - obviously he's going to pull me over. He started after me when i was about halfway up the road, but his lights weren't going and he wasn't going top speed. (80-90 my guess) it took him till the end of the road to get right behind me, so I turned off and pulled over (still no lights yet). Anyway, cut a long story short, I copped 3 different fines that day - 1 for a passenger apparently not having a seatbelt on - Even though I know for a fact he did, he just took it off because he thought we had to get out. I got 1 for not having my p-plates up (fair enough, my bad) and then he proceeds to tell me how he couldn't believe I took off up the road at 80kays after seeing them, and gives me a $200, 3 point fine for it. Now is anyone else puzzled here? I drove up the road at 65 in a 60 zone after seeing them, they didnt have a radar, and they had to speed up to get right behind me (ie. making the other half of the road up before I got to the end) and apparently i 'took off' at 80+ after seeing them. They then tell me that there's something wrong with my speedo, their's is perfect, and I should get mine checked. All but saying, 'don't bother to try and contest it'. tragic thing is how the hell can I? it's their word against mine - a 21 year old versus an arrogant f**karse copper in a Courtroom. Why bother?

The fine read 'Allowed Speed : - ' 'Detected Speed : -' they only wrote that they followed me and I was doing 80. No proof. Go figure.

A pox on all Commondores and those who drive them!
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But wait ... theres MORE!
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Unfortunate but also worth askign what size wheels do you have on your car and has the speedo been reclaibrated if they are different??

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you might wanna talk to aussie pete about this mate! he's got a bit more a clue about this type of thing than the rest of us...

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What day is it again?
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That's the interesting part - it's stock, and has been for the last 4 years. Every other speeding fine I've had has always been right (as much as you hate it) but I'm not very happy to just swallow this one - it's a crock. The other copper also spent about 5 mins solid looking over my car, searching for something to get me on, but he couldn't - so hey let's book him for everything else we can.
And this was in Lilydale too (junkie central) I'm sure they can find more worthwhile things to chase and revnue raise on.

Itwas also amusing how one copper signed the 2 fines for me, and the other signed the 1 fine for my mate. 'Here you have this one, and I'll have this one.'


A pox on all Commondores and those who drive them!
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Contest it mate,

What sane person would speed up after seeing a cop car!

Contest the seat belt and speeding fine, they havent got you on radar!!!!!!!

The P Plates scenario is something you would have the cop, but the rest is bullshit!

I got done for the same thing in my old valiant years ago, the cop did the exactly same thing to me, u turn chase etc etc,

He claimed that I was doing 80ks in a 60, which a wasnt, gave me a fine for speeding, selt belt, ( i took it off before he reached car) and he was a real jerk.

I demanded to see reading of my speed as at no stage did he follow me! The bugger told me to keep my mouth shut and dont even dare to take it to court!

A Barrister cost me $500 bucks, it saved me $200 at the end of the day and it was well worth watching the magistrate throw charges out of court!

Do it, contest it!
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What day is it again?
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Is it possible to contest them for the legal costs involved? It's not the $200 I'm worried about it's the principle of the fine, and the glaring fact that it leaves me with 2 points on my license if it processes. (I daresay that's half the reason he gave it to me, he didnt say the 80 thing immediately, only after he got out of his car and tinkered on the radio for a bit)

A pox on all Commondores and those who drive them!
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mate! contest it! definatley!

That is disgusting, I cant beleive there are cops that crook out there.

Get a solicitor and take it to court! I'd do it.
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i agree, contest it. i've also had a simmilar experience. i didn't even get a solicitor. i just took it to court and told the truth. most judges are actually fairly reasonable, not jumped up security guards on a power rush. i was let off with a warning and 100 bucks court fees.
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[V8]Ford Power
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*I agree with the guys who say to contest this in court but i would say you were wasting your time if you dont seek legal advice or representation. You sound as though you are a young bloke and when you go to court the police will be as thick as theives. Thats their job, watching each others backs. Also barristers know the system and i am afraid that just telling the truth doesn't cut it these days. If you ever have an accident involving a government vehicle they will almost always contest them in court and have a full time legal crew to back them up. Just to screw over people who go in half cocked. When my Capri is finally going I will definately be carrying a small tape recorder with me when i cruise and i wont be telling them about it. Cheap insurance i reckon. I was once sent to the pits in Newcastle in a 100% stock standard 121 Bubble. I was at the spot where the drags used to happen but i had done nothing. They pull me over "these back tyres look a bit scuffed up... what have you been doing?", i say "nothing, it is front wheel drive" and then they took me to the pits where after a full on check (2 year old car at time) of steering etc i was told "the back tyres are a little scuffed... but i think there is plenty of life left in them yet". Iwas lucky i was squeaky clean... but i learned a lesson... if you want to play their game you have to use their rules. So, the morale to my long winded anecdotal story is... "walk softly and carry a big stick". Go get em mate... but take some friends... they will.
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Welcome aboard [V8]Ford Power. Some good advice you got there.

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