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Thumbs down Disgusting Service at Etheridge Ford!

The other day I was visiting the local Ford dealership Etheridge, only to be met with some interesting responses from the salesman.

Firstly, I currently drive an EF xr6 and have been trying to decide, investment property or new xr6 turbo. Now I know most people would be saying to get the investment property first but I think I have been bitten by the new BA…. until now!

Being in my mid 20’s I also expect to be met with some caution and reserve from salesman, but I also expect just normal decency of “Hello” or “can I help you”, but my current visit took the cake so I thought that everyone should at least be aware. Also being an active committee member of the XR8 and XR6 owners club of Victoria, I will also be making them aware as well!

I went to the dealership with my friend (of the same age) and my brother who is 17, and the reason I dropped in was to have a look at the new citric yellow (GT colour) turbo and also the new xr8 that had been delivered. I was not looking at purchasing on that day, but maybe early to mid 2003. After spending some 5 mins in 1 of the xr6 turbo’s (and with all doors close I might add!) I heard an older salesman speak to one of the younger salesman “Go and stand by the car as those kids are sitting in it” It was said loud enough for us to hear so he was not trying to hide what he said! I just continued to look over the car, feel the gearbox and also have a look at the functions of the centre stereo console etc, etc.

So while we continued to sit in the car we were “stood over” by the salesman with nothing said. For the next 20 mins we looked over all the other new BA’s and getting a bit more pissed with the dealership while they said nothing, not even “Hello”, but just watched over us. The young salesman eventually gave up and returned to his desk, while still looking at us but no longer with the stand over tactics.

Well I had just about enough, after another 5 mins I though rather than making a big scene and trying to speak to the manager, I thought that I would take the sensible option and let them know that when it was time to buy my new car I would not be buying it from Etheridge Ford because of the treatment I received (or lack of it!). So as we were leaving I walked into the young salesman office and said “Thanks for your help, when I am going to purchase my new car in a few months, I will not be buying it from Etheridge Ford!” Then (to my utter surprise) he stands up and yells at me “GET OUT!” As I am stunned at this response, I reply “You offered me no assistance not even a greeting…” as I was then cut off with another “GET OUT, GET OUT!” In front of about 3-4 other customers he was yelling get out, I respond once again as I am walking out the door, “You can’t treat customer this way, if you want to sell cars!” only to met with the same response again.

So with nothing actually said to me except “get out” and also with no other salesman even trying to find out why their colleague was yelling at a customer. I thought that is the worst display I have ever seen, and as my work currently (and also previous jobs!) involves a lot of customer service I thought I would stick with the old adage of “Get great service and tell 2 people, get bad service and tell 10 people!”
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what a wanker I would have had him hauled out to dry infront of the manager and if I didn't recieve help from there I'd be after the number of the dealer prime that dude should loose his job.
People need to realise that young people tend to have lots of money now days and Ford should come down stupidly hard on people like that as Ford really needs to build more of an image with young people.
Make sure you go back there with your new purchace later on and laugh at him.

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That is awful D_XR6, good to hear to you stayed calm though under what where pretty inflamatory remarks. I've had similar experiences; I don't think these salespersons know how many young people have quite respectable careers, responsibilities, etc. They seem to think anyone less than 25 is instantly a crack smoking, good-for-nothing, car jacker. Or that's the impression its easy to get...

I can understand them being cautious about protecting their assests, but customer service doesn't have to be sacrificied because of it.
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Geez thats pretty poor service !!!!!

Thanks for letting me know even if I dont live in Melbourne, but if I ever need to buy a car from Melbourne I wont go to Etheridge Ford!!!!


BA XR6 'manual' ute owner
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Write a letter to the Manager of the dealership, telling of the events of that day, how dissapointed you were, and what Etheridge Ford can expect from yourself and your friends in the future. The "young" salesman's performance will definitely be evaluated!
You might even get a favorable response from the management for any future business.

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Dude, go to the ford web site, and either call Ford Customer Relationship Center or send them a nicely worded email saying that as a Ford supporter and past customer you were disapointed with the service from this person (if you have the name of this person that is even better) from this Dealer and it will be dealt with, I can all but guarrentee it.

There is nothing worse that in any sales industry, then a rude and ignorant salesman. Ford need quality and passionate salesmen at this time, not the people you ran into.

Falcon Killer (if you believe what Ford Service Departments have to say about me)
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45,000km service coming up - and i'll be asking for a sizable list of fixes:
* Gearbox (3rd time)
* Steering click (5th time)
* Brake Shudder (2nd time, and has the applied "Fix")
* etc...
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That is absolutely disgraceful.

Etheridge Ford have a customer feedback form at their website. Check it out below.


How is Ford ever going to become number one again with bloody idiot salesman like this. I think these experiences with dealerships are becoming all to commonplace. We are doomed to failure if we cant get the basics right. We have the product, but fail miserably when someone actually wants to buy one.

Shame shame shame...
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D_XR6, sorry that you were treated rudely mate. They've lost one customer that's for sure. Hopefully I won't have to deal with the guy who was rude to you, Etheridge Ford does servicing on my car they're pretty good, must just be that a-hole.

Glad to see you're better than him and not get into a slagging match mate :) well done.

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D_XR6 in a previous life
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Thanks everyone for your replies.

I am currently drafting a letter to send through to Etheridge about the incident. (in between trying to work!) I am going to call through to find out his name as he didnt have a name badge on.

Lets just hope that in the future other potential sales dont end up being treated this way, as I wont walk into a Holden dealersahip but there are many others that would after this.
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my advice
(1) get on the phone to Etheridge Ford and find out who the dealer principal is (and make sure he is in)
(2) get all cleaned up and in your nicest clothes and go down there and demand to see him.
(3) In as reasonable fashion as possible explain the situation to the dealer principal also explaining that obviously you aren't completely penniless as you drive an EF XR6 and make your point.
(4) leave quietly and calmly... also dropping sentences like "there is no way my dad's company will buy cars from here" even if it's total BS just to rub in that they never ever know who they may be talking to.

What happened is inexcusable and the salesman concerned should be sacked and also look for a new line of work.His temperament is apparently not suited to public contact.
If he was p!ssed off at you .. he should have waited till you were gone and then chucked a wobbly.
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