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Thumbs down Do we really need an E Series Falcon Section?

I dont' agree with the E Series Falcon section of the Forum! IMO it's too Specific, to have such a large section dedicated to a relatively small section of the Falcon Series. What's next a X series section? whats that one 60's to 90's? How about A series section? There was a page dedicated to EA's before and everyone knew that FF existed and everyone was always welcome to post on here. Just cant see the need for the change.
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I agree BOF, it seems a little too specific to me as well.

Its not like there isnt somewhere for them to post about their cars or troubles or anything else really...its all catered for here on FF.

1 vote: 'No need for the E-series section'

thats my 2c + GST

Do I really have to write something funny in here?

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hmmm yeh i tend to agree here, although its nice because it has brought a lot of new members. But really its dividing everyone up a bit, and it makes for too many sections to read!


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I also agree but before all E-series owners get pissed off with me hear me out.

If you start talking about your E-series cars in the E-series forum im not going 2 be able to see and read about your cars most of the time because this forum page is just to big for me to read everywhere like most people I can only spend limited time in here.

And also agree with above, we can’t have a forum for all Series of Australian fords.
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And really whets the go with the colours in that forum anyway?
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During my negotiations with LunaticSS, he informed me that he has been receiving requests for forums dedicated to specific models. But apparently there's no pleasing you lot.

However, I can see where you are coming from, as this can be viewed as inefficient. There is no easy solution at this time.

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

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Well I think its great that the E-Series network has been integrated into FF because the more people the better, how can you argue with that? Give the area time to settle in with FF guys!

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Thanks for that RPO83. Well it's nearly 3:30 AM right now but I obviously won't be sleeping until I have responded properly to this matter.

In the event that new XK-XG Falcon and an AU Falcon sections were created, this would disunite the FF community and, perhaps, reduce its strength. In effect, there are now 2 EA-ED "Garage" sections, for example, because the normal Garage caters for these models. There is less efficient sharing of information that may be relevant to owners of other models (EA and AU engines, for example, are pretty similar).

Now that I've said that, I would like to express my community's concerns. I have been under fire for allowing 'big fish' to eat 'small fish'. But by merging the and FF communities, I see it as an expansion rather than something destructive. And it's important to see the difference here, because this merger is NOT a division of FF, but rather, getting a new community of Ford fans on board (and, I might add, one that I have had to work damn hard to create over the past year). Thus there is no implication of dividing the FF community based on cars owned.

Now to the nitty-gritty. Depending on John's stance on the matter, there is a distinct possibility of merging all E-Series "Garage" (or equivalent) sections into the current Garage. This would need to happen over a period of time, and I suggest that for the moment things stay as is. The For Sale sections were merged from day 1, and I personally believe that the different General (aka Pub) sections should never be merged because this to me would swallow the crucial independence of my club's forums. Obviously the EA-ED Club and EA-EF Club "Events & Meets" sections can remain as is.

As for the colour scheme, this is so superficial that I hate to even respond. I have heard no end of criticism over it. The EA-ED Club forums have merged from our previous ezboard home, and I asked John to retain our previous colour scheme to enable an even smoother transition for my members. Apparently the scheme doesn't work as well on this board, so changes will be made in good time. But as I said in my original post on the matter, John has worked extremely hard on not only making this merger happen, but being sensitive to the needs of both communities. I simply do not have it in me to start whinging to him about colours.

Some of you may be aware that I have begun to contemplate a large, combined Victorian meet for all FF regulars as well as all EA-ED and EF-EL Club members. It is expected to be a huge event, and I look forward to not only meet new people, but showing all my critics what a great thing this merger is.

I hope this has covered everything. As mentioned it's very late here, and I can't do much better than this.

Jack Travis, E-Series Acting President

1989 Ford Fairmont Ghia turbo/GL replica (underway)
1994 Eunos 800M
1990 Ford Laser S
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I think the problem is that people believe that if they have an e-series falcon they MUST post in the e-series forum, when this is by no means the case. Do people who own a tickford HAVE to post on the tickford club's forum??? Of course not...

The forum is simply a tool for the club to communicate, and whether this tool is fordforums or ezyboard is irrevelent.
Having said this, it is only logical that all of the ford forums are in the same place - it just makes things easier! I have always browsed both ford forums, and the EA club forum on ezyboard, so this merger actually makes things much more efficient for myself (and I'm sure I'm not the only one).

So, put simply, if you didn't used to read the old ezyboard EA forum, then just don't read the E-series ford forum. You wouldn't be missing out on anything that you didn't miss out on before...

If you choose to read the e-series forums, then yes, granted, there are going to be many more messages to read. However, does it really make a difference if there is a flood of new messages in another forum, or if there is a flood of new messages in the Pib or the Garage? At least this way it might make things easier for those people who DON'T have an e-series falcon, as they won't be required to wade through messages not relating to their cars.

Just my 2c.


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Give it time guys (& gals).

Things will continue to evolve if this forum is to prosper.

Those of you that have been onboard long enough may remember that the whole Aussie section only come about after we started bitching about the Falcon section being listed under "60's Fords" or something similar to cater for the US Falcon enthusiasts. Initially the Aussie section was also split be car type (as is most of the board) until we decided that at that time an all-in type area would be better. It was only then that "The Pub", "Garage" etc came into being.

I for one, and I am sure many others, being an E-Series owner used to visit both boards anyway and there is clearly a different culture/focus of the respective members (even though some are shared) that should not be destroyed.

I feel that the resistance to change being voiced in this thread is the same fear of something new that has been the concern of some E-series members. It has been expressed as "big fish swallowing little fish". I say give it some time and see what happens. If it is natural for sections to merge (and I am not endorsing this action) then what will probably happen is that posts in one area will fall off as they are posted in another.

I congratulate John as the board owner for listening to the concerns of the members and catering to their requests and welcome Jack and sundeep and their respective E-series members. It can only make FF a better place IMHO.

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