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E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

It time to start the voting for the 2 positions for moderator's of the E-Series forums Following on from this thread: E-Series Moderator: position available I have started an email account to enable voting to start.

There are two positions up so this is how voting will need to go. Your email will need to have the names of the 2 candidates you wish to see mods and then your forums name (or the name you signed up to the club with). It doesnt matter what order you vote as votes will be tallyed and the 2 highest scoring candidates will be submitted to FordForums to be given mod duties. Note if its deemed by FordForums that a person is unsutible to be a mod then the next person in line (3rd highest vot count) will be submitted.

Here is a list of the candidates in order and their 'election speech' if applicable.

Back in July 2002 I found Stumbled across the E-Series Club and joined up. At the time I had just bought myself a 5 speed EA and had converted it to Multi Point. I was keen on finding out more about the car so I joined the discussions forums which at that stage had just moved to Ford Forums. I soon become somewhat 'addicted' and started posting. At the start my knowldege on E-Series cars was somewhat limited. I was quickly accepted and started making some friends through the club - mostly people I'd met at meets at first but later more from MSN and IRC Chats. I've tried my darndest to help people with their cars and their problems. MPI conversions was my strong point
Some of my notable acheivments within the club:
1: Working on a few of the club members cars helping with modifications, upgrades and fixes. The most obvious time was the weekend when we had a mini meet in melbourne to do fix ups, diff swaps, upgrades.
2: Organisation of the biggest Victorian meet to date. This was the Heathcote drag meet held on June 1st 2002.
3: I was the E-Series membership officer for a period of time, only recently handing the job over to John due to other time commitments
4: Helping countless people with practical advice, with their cars trying to ort out problems. A lot of members benifited from this through MSN and IRC chats. I try to get to know people on a first name basis and help them where I can. Wether its an offer of a ride to a meet or trying to source car parts or anything I can do to help basically.
I've quite reguarlly been included in discussions relating to key club decisions which is evidence of the respect I've gained over the time.
Basically Ive given so much and received a hell of a lot more I'd like to become a permanent part of the team to help the club keep moving forward to become one of the best if not the best damned car club in the country!

In my time here, i've learnt a whole lot about e-series cars, and cars in general.
This site has been an inspiration to me, and has allowed me to meet new people and do new things. I've become totally addicted, and only think it is fair that i give something back.
Although there are better people for the job than me, i'd still like to be involved and put my hand up. No-one can blame me for wanting to help and giving it a go :)
Good luck to everyone, and i know that we will get great mods, because everyone that has been nominated would do an awesome job.


Mother Nature
Whilst I have only been an E Series member for a short period, I have been a forums member for a fair while. I am currently the NSW rep for our club and am enjoying the challenge of being able to get our NSW members out and about.
I know I have the ability to be able to communicate and mediate on all levels required in a club and forum perspective.
As one of the more mature(read older ) members I feel it helps me to be able to assist the younger guys and gals in finding answers to their problems even if I dont have the exact answer on hand. Sourcing information is something I can achieve easily.
I think this position is more about the ability to communicate correctly and being able to respond to anything that is put in your direction in the appropriate manner, keeping friends but at the same time having the ability to keep level headed when problems arise.



It all started in april when i got my ea falcon s and i started to get interested in what other people had done to their car so i was looking at images of ea falcons on altavista then one day i decided to try search the web and i stumbled across eafalcon.com i liked the site so i joined. then i got to the discussion link and it lead me too here so i signed up. a few days later i started to like the site more so i set it as my home page on my internet browser
these days im on ff for hours spending most of my time in the general discussion area (3+ hours per day) as soon as i get home from school i get straight on the net and stay on till 11pm as i have nothing else to do.
i try to help out as much as i can but as i'm only here for a few months many people haven't gotten to know me too much but i really try my hardest in every aspect of helping out to just being a friend
as i have only been on this site since may i havent been able to build up much rrspect like other people of the club that have been here since the start and i think i would have to wait a few years for another opportunity like this to show up again
i am very eager to become more than just a member and because i have nothing to do on the internet most of the time so this would give me some thing to do
in conclusion
i would really enjoy this job. so please give me a chance. I bet i will not let you guys down and be able to take care of general moderator duties and more

Ok. Well firstly, before I put in my two cents, I would like to say that there are definately more suitable people for the job than myself. I belive that NZ (Karl) would do an excellent job. Many countless times I have had car related questions, and on each occasion, he has done everything in his power to answer them. As such, I would highly recommend him for the position.
I would however, like to say that I have also seen the club grow from ford.i8.com days to what it is now. Although I havent been the most active member, I reguarly visit the forums, and would like to put my hand up to assist those who may be selected for the position.


No speech provided ( will add one in if you wish to provide one carazy)

I became interested in the club before i even got my car, i kept an eye on such things like cruises and progess on jacks car, i ended up signing up on here under a different nickname for a few months.
After purchasing my EF i got a different account and joined up to the club, i've been to as many meets as i've possibly been able to make and have tried my hardest to help out and become friends with as many ppl in the club as possible.
I love seeing what other people have done to their cars and it further inspires me to take my car to the next level (its not anywhere near there yet)
At this stage i've been to many events and cruises as well as help organise 1 or 2.
Taken over the membership officer position and so delt with any questions that new and old members have.
Produced the successful club stickers to help promote the club.
Spent as much time on the forums and IRC channel as possible to contribute the club discussions.
If i'm not to get the possition then i'd be glad to see NZ to take care of us

The Goodz
I've been around since before we were officially a club, back in the ford.i8.com and ezyboard days. I watched it grow into the EA club, then the EA-ED, and now the E-Series owners club. I volunteered to take over from Jack the job of being webmaster, designing the EA-ED club website. I then redesigned the site again to the E-Series Owners Club website which is what we have now, and the website has pretty much been the backbone of the exposure of our club. Being the webmaster and being on the net all the time, it seems somewhat appropriate that I help out here on the forums too. I don't have as much mechanical knowledge as some others, but I'm learning quickly and I've done quite a few things, and working at a Ford dealer I'm learning heaps and heaps more, and I try to advise people where I can.
I've shared in many higher level decisions to do with the club, and I designed both our logos which is proudly shown on many club cars. I know the club, I know the members, I know the forums, and I want to help out even more.


gm dstroya
No speech provided but provided this link: http://www.fordforums.com/showthread.php?t=53108 Same as aboove will add one if requested.

My time with the club started back before there even was a club, if you understand what I'm saying I was one of the first members to sign up with the ford.i8.com EZboard and when it was announced that we would become a club as such, I was again one of the first to sign up.
I have seen it all, from being at the first club meet back in Dec 2001, to seeing the eafalcon.com discussion board become part of the FF community. I feel that I have a good understanding of Ford Forums and what is expected of the moderating team. I am online for at least a few hours each day of which most of that time is spent in E-series general discussion.
I have a good relationship with Sundeep the existing moderator and I also get along well with the other candidates for the moderating position. If chosen, I would do my best to not interfere and only step in and moderate when needed. I really believe this club is going places and I want to help it along the way as much as I can. If I'm not voted in I will still be here to help in anyway needed and lend my support to the E-series moderating team at all times.


No speech provided. Will add one if requested.

This vote is for E-Series Club members only. Votes will be checked against the club's database. The email address is eseriesclub@yahoo.com.au
All members are urged to vote. Please take the time to vote, include 2 names in the email and your own screen name.

At the moment I have control of the email account. I'm hoping Tim will take control to be fair to other candidates.

Thankyou and good luck to all candidates!

Dot Aye You

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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

Done, although I didn't see in your post if you can vote for yourself. So I put in 2 sets of votes in the email explaining who my other vote was for if it couldn't be myself.

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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

I forgot to add, Voting will finish next Sunday night at 6pm (30/11/2003)

Dot Aye You
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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

Oh yes I guess you can vote for yourself.

Dot Aye You
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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

an example of how to set your email out

FORUMS SCREEN NAME : your screen name here

VOTE 1 --- 1st vote here
VOTE 2 --- 2nd vote here

1994 ED Ford Falcon Gli wagon, polynesian green, 4speed auto, dual fuel, spac cluster, 3.27ss diff,pioneer DEH3600 head unit, trip computer, ED fairmont grille, EF T-bar

Mods to come: 2.5'' lukey cat-back mandrel bent exhaust with 1 resonator and 1 straight thru muffler, EF cam, Clear indicatros all round, AU3 XR snorkel, 17" Keizzer rims, EDxr front,12"sub,sports wheel

In Progress: EF door trims

Pics Here: www.edwagon.tk
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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

Question: When will voting lines be closed ??

DOH - should have hit submit sooner :(


I did put something here, but it vanshied, I think

"So long and thanks for all the fish!"
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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

I vote. I hunt.

TQE, SWB, ATPS, Worst of the E-series.. and I wouldn't have it any other way
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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

Originally Posted by juarez
I vote. I hunt.
If i chose not to hunt, doe that mean i can choose not to vote? Well not in this country anyway. God damn monarchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

RIP 88' EA Falcon S pack
92 EB Fairmont - Retired POS!
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Re: E-Series Forums Moderator Voting now underway!

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