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F*cking Testing Officers

Oh yesturday I went for my P's test. The test was at 8.15am, we got there at about 8 as ur supposed to, he arrived 5mins later and said to me and mum (coz she had to take me up) that he would be at the car in about 10mins. I walked back to the car, and I said to mum that she should come because my little sister had a cold and it was a cold morning. So she came back with me and was sitting in the back seat. He finally arrived at 8.25, he then walked to the back door where my mum was sitting and arrogently said "Well be back at 9" without an explaination of why parents could go for the test. Mum got out and co-operated.

I then went on my test. And we were approaching an intersection at about 60 and I was gradually slowing for the intersection. I was around 50 (not good with distances) but was fairly close, and the lights changed orange, I was going to pass through the lights as it was unsafe to stop. But almost immediately after they had changed, he yelled "STOP" so i literally had to slam on the brakes, I had only just pulled up in front of the lines with the tyres screeching and the following car literally nearly ending up in the ass end of me. He then terminated the test because he had to tell me to stop. I was very unhappy with that.

My mum has complained about him being arrogent and rude to her. And ive put in an appeal about the decision.

Im just so pissed about it all especially bout him being so rude to my mum.

Sorry if ive bored you all.

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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

Yea you run into a few wankers with Vicroads or wherever ur from.

Its ridiculous that in order to pass the test you have to drive like a granny whereeas if you show confident car control and good skills you get a fail.

Definitely push that complaint across, it costs close to $50 just to book the test and your gonna have to pay it again just casue ur instructor was a ****head.

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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

can you do your test some where else ?
putting in a compliant might make it hard for you on your next test, you well get one of his mates next time...


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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

damn what an assh*le, i was lucky i had a good instructor

cant you do it with a different driving instruction company like here in SA???

if so i would definately appeal and get him in the sh/t
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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

dont know if it has changed or not but the driving instructor is sposed to go as well and sit in the front seat. he should have said something about that. next time if you come to a yellow light, just lock the car up and say " i dare you to fail me for this as i have been failed before for going through a yellow when it was unsafe to stop".
contest the decision and use the other people in the car as witnesses. i dare say that this guy didnt get a root the night before.

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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

Ha, good luck with your appeal, I think you are gonna need it. Teh majority of these blokes just dont give a rats arse.


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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

I got failed the first time for not using the handbrake in my 3 point turn.
She was worried that as I was in a manual, and backing towards a storm water channel I was gonna stall it, or roll into it.
Scared the hell out of my when she grabbed for the handbrake.
The woman was an idiot.

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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

I think that you will have to live with it. I would certainly complain about the attitude of the instructor towards your mother, however appealing the fail will (unfortunately) most likely fall on deaf ears.

Best to go do it again, again I was a lucky one and got a really good instructor.

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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

my driving instructor, back at the end of last year, was telling me about a girl who went for his test and the exact same situation happened, but afterwards the testing officer said that he had probably been too hasty and subsequently decided to pass her as the rest of her driving was fine. i thought i had failed my test cos i had to do a reverse park on some gay corner where half the road was missing and some dodgy guy had parked at an angle in front of me so virtually all of the 'reverse park reference point' things were useless. so i was kind of mad and wanted to get it over with so went about 2-4k over the whole time. however i passed and his only comments were 'you need to look over your shoulders every 5-10 seconds' which i dont think is warranted unless you are trying to be one of those clowns at fairs that you put balls in the mouth of. on the way back my instructor told me that apparently, the testing guy hates people who sit way under the limit (aka, granny mode) so my speed-limit bordering driving actually would have helped me. its a crazy world out there, but unless there is any proof or the guy admits he acted hastily, i dont think anything will come of your appeal, transport departments are the height of pain-in-the-ass-ity; it took me three attempts to actually get GIVEN the test for my L's, cos apparently I didn't live in queensland (yeah, that's the one ...) and then my birth certificate was illegally presented, as i photocopied it and dad, who is a JP, signed it. the woman was goin, while laughing arrogantly 'i just completed my course and he can do that if he wants, but its against the law'. also, one of my friends (we went after school) two booths down got his test without any proof of residency. after these incidents, phone calls were later made to the justice department and queensland transport department and apparently they launched an investigation into that particular branch. as has been brought up above though, the most annoying thing is having to pay the money all over again. the learner test actually used to be free here but then they started charging like $15 just to take it, and then a further $15 if you pass. try no. i dont know what kind of magical, gold leafed paper they print it on to warrant that..
//end bitch-session

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Re: F*cking Testing Officers

I know he was the instructor but he wasn't in control of the car at the time.
The traffic light thing is really at the drivers (you) discretion, If you cannot stop the vehicle safely BEFORE the line then you can proceed through the intersection.
A definition of stoping safely would be braking force that does not move your back from your seat.
You have a few points to bring up should you wish to contest it but it really isn't worth it. Re-do the test, get your licence and you'll never have to do it again.

You also said the tyres were "screeching". Learn to depress the peddle only as much as needed. Maximum braking power is achieved without skidding.

I somehow aced all my driving tests. Parallel parking was a breeze. Had 3 goes at it, all perfect. The instructor said "you've obviously done this before"
I hadn't, not even once.
(haven't attempted it since though, there's better parking styles/spaces)

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