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Ford new lineup?

Forums are about wild speculation, and scince people refused to send me any info, I will post some wild speculation from my own deductions.
Things we will see from ford? Here is my guess, this doesn't come from a Ford source, but some seem likely (or is that possible) none the less.

4.0 base
tweaked for improved economy.

4.0 Twinspark VCT
~185 Kw
Improve NHV levels, improved emissions, improved power.

5.0 V8
200 Kw/420 nm (cars below Ghia level)

5.0 V8
220 Kw/435 nm (XR8)

4.0 i6 turbo
~210 Kw (Xr6 LE)

5.6 V8
~225Kw?/470? nm (XR8 LE)

5.6 V8
260Kw?/~480?nm (T series)

4.0 i6 turbo
~240Kw? (new TT40 tseries?)

Engines over 220Kw will have a new 5/6 speed transmission, Most others will feature the old 5 Speed from the 220Kw V8 or the normal trans.

My projected Verdict, I belive this is a adiquate engine line up to fight Holden, or who ever is up for it. I belive holdens LS1 is still a better unit, but its no longer a desision breaker, its just another sweetener. The six cylinders which are the bread and butter will be the show off units.
The Twin Sparkplug VCT will make a good choice for the Fairmont Ghia and above. Powerful, smooth and refined yet, with a sweet engine sound.

If ford goes with this powertrain lineup, the pressure will be put on the styling and handling and features. Ford has been strong on features, and weaker on options.

Now for my projected wheels review:

Holden is expected to release the 6 speed Calias (V8 only). New colour range, and more options. Will the Fairmont Ghia be upto the competition? What else does holden have up its sleves. Can it compete across the range? The VXII brings new suspension and design tweaks to the proven VT and VX platform. How does Fords new cars first impress?

T series, a agressive TS56 will be launched, with boy racer bodykit, that outshines HSV's GTS, the TE56 will be the more sedated version, the sleeper version if you will. TL56 is still there but basically a bigger TE, however Tickford will have TL exclusive options and chroming. Special colours will mark the T-series range, including Ford racing Silver, and Blue Oval Track, hailing Fords racing success.

The TT40 is the R34 GTR reborn, or a 4 door GTT atleast. A car for those nissan fans unhappy with the girly R35. With a six speed, and more torque than six cylinder before it. The six speeder is both slick and required, as the pull from idle to the harking redline would exceed the old 5'er. Perhaps a touch too ricey for some in standard form with its high Spoiler(prodrives catalog?), Tickford can suppliment this for a smaller item. Ford has a car with real export potential here, prodrive could sell these along side any WRX, people might think its the new R35 GTR, the good one, not the crap one.

Its Fords low cost cuz'n of the TT40, the XR6 Turbo , will undoubtably be all preordered before you ever knew about it. With a tad less than the Xr8 in power thanks to its low pressure turbo, the VL turbo now has its true successor. Ford better keep a eye out for bleed valves, there will be alot of warrenty claims on this baby, espically now Summernats has no PSI limit. Everybody wants to be a hero.

The XR8 launch with the LE 5.6 (limited edition, and its true this time), with a minor 5Kw power hike, inline with Holdens V8, but more torque than a American talk show host. This is the windsor
we should have got when the LS1 was first released. The diffrence is amazing, the urge never ending. A little raspy, a little rough, but well executed, a hard one to walk past, but don't expect dealer discounts.

The Fairmont/Fairlane/XR get the new 4.0 Twinspark VCT. Forget the hash roughness of the old, the note has never sounded sweeter, the emissions never cleaner. Power is a perky 185Kw and provides fun motoring in the Fairlane (is it possible) and true joy in the Xr6. Forget the crabby 3.8 V6 in the holden, think bmw, think 330i. Touching the accelerator is like rubbing two pieces of silk together, slinky...

The base range is filled up with better pricing, more options, and a better 4.0, which is more economical than ever. Futura owners no longer have to hide in shadows, its a nice car, fitted nicely, finished nicely, unexciting, maybe, poor value? No.

Well isn't that the review we would all like to see? (ok more holden bashing would be the only improvement i guess :D )
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Hell mate you have gone to some trouble there. Well done huge effort> Hope you are right.
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Thumbs up

IPhido, thats impressive mate. That must have taken some thought.

Check your PM's
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Huge effort mate!!

Now have you sent your application for employment to David!
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Sh*t fella!.. Well done. Lets hope it turns out like you say.. I think Ewan Page or Ged Bulmer might be looking for a new words-smith mate..

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I just had some time spare, and thought I would type out what i was thinking. As for me writting, I dunno, seemed kinda all over the place... I guess I was just excited with the prospects.

Besides, I thought the forum could do with a few meaty posts here and there.

Just think, if I wrote this up in spare time, imagine the advertising Ford must be putting together, and the time they must be spending on thinking out every single idea and component.

I hope ford has something and I hope I like it.
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Just having think about how Ford could introduce the AV into the marketplace. If the AV is as good as expected (even though Geoff Polites is playing it safe and saying its just a facelift), then I think something different is called for. Instead of having the usual couple of minutes on the news showing the new car etc, why don't they dedicate a little TV documentary style show, where they interview several designers/engineers and go through the models in detail!

I would love that
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I am worried about the AV, actually.

Everyone is thinking its going to be the big falcon that saves the day for Ford, and everyone is getting their hopes real high.

What if, it doesnt meet up to your expectations like the AU1 did??

What if, it is STILL an ugly car that no one will buy???

I am just bringing this point up, because everyone is thinking of the AV as the almighty falcon thats going to save Fords arse, I certainly hope it is. But until we have seen it, i wouldnt get my hopes too high!
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My version.....Falcon range......

Engine... Models...
Base 4.0, 185Kw, Forte, Futura, Fairmont/Ghia.
XR6 4.0, 205Kw, XR6, Fairlane/ LTD.
XR6 Turbo, 220Kw, XR6.
Base V8, 230Kw, Forte, Futura, Fairmont/Ghia.
XR8 V8, 245Kw, XR8, Fairlane/LTD.
XR8R V8, 260Kw, XR8.


FTE Predator, 270Kw
FTE Sequential, 280Kw
FTE Predator LWB, 270Kw
FTE GT Turbo 6, 250Kw
FTE GT V8, 290Kw
FTE GTHO, 340Kw.


Ford Lineup.......

Passenger Vehicals,

Galaxy MPV,

Commercial Vehicals,

Falcon Ute/4x4,

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And this........
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