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Read FORD v HOLDEN your thoughts about the two which is better and is better on the $$$

the battle continues FORDs unbeatle engine versus the holdens beautiful looks (so they say) but whats the background info?
You guys all know stuff about different things so WRITE THEM HERE

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please dont let this degenerate into slagging contest.
keep posts relevant and useful
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Beautiful looks - for a starter i havent heard anyone say that (but im not here to say holden is crap)

As for comparision, heres what the Ford has going for it,

1. Looks
2. Power
3. Drivertrain
4. Finish(not to sure yet)
5. Suspension(very good suspension)
6. Options (great list)
7. Great features!

this is what the holden has got going for it
1. economical
2. price
3. the SV8 varient in the sedan
4. Berlina Wagon
5. resale thanks to VX
6. you can get one virtually as soon as you sign the dotted line.
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Are we there yet?
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Bad things on the two


1) Costs more
2) No Turbo for any other cars (Yet)
3) Weight
4) The stereo isn't DIN sized
5) I don't have one!


1) No A/C as standard
2) Less power
3) No more Executive
4) Very bad looking (although this is up to taste)
5) They STILL have the massive camber on the back wheels

That's all I can think of for now

95 EF Fairmont 5.0 - Heritage Green - 4 Speed auto with AU S5 - 3.23LSD - 17x8" LWT Wheels - King Superlows - 76mm Cobra MAF - 65mm throttle - BPT Underdrive Pulley Kit - 3" Mandrel-bent Lukey exhaust - Tinted Windows - MP3 CD player - White faced dials.

117rwKw - 15.47@89.9MPH
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I really am gettin sick of this BS. We should all be driven to buy the better product as we see it rather than blindly following other people and multi million dollar corporations that dont need our loyalty but rather our money!
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Thumbs up Ford vs Holden

OK boys, here we go....


- Good Style
- Has Holden enthusiast's heads turning
- Torque
- New BA Falcon
- 300+ KW AU Coupe (Ford should revisit to compete with the Monaro)
- New Turbo six engine (Sky's the limit)
- The return of the GT !!!!!!!!!


- Less weight
- Good marketing
- 200KW V6 engine coming
- 2 Door coupe Monaro
- HRT 427

Both are becoming very competitive in terms of what to offer the consumer as far as value for money is concerned.

BA XR6 'manual' ute owner
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yep i agree, but unfortunately holden can build an extra 200 cars a day, or an extra 50 000 a year.
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Guys you oversaw one little detail, his nick isyoung_ford_fan. Unless he's the son of Rupert Murdoch I don't think a BA is on the cards. Am I right dood? We are talking about XP's, XW/XY's, XA/XB/XC's, that sort of thing! For the XP - Pursuit 170 & 200 will urinate all over their 182 and 202, despite their cube advantage. They look better then the General's equivilent and cost nothing to run. XW/XY is the same deal, except the cubes went up to 225... Again they are alot better then General's offerings.

Put simply dood, get a Ford. Cheap to run, good looking and reliable! :s6:

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Well I'll talk about the cars I've had personal long term experiance (driven in for more than 1 hour)
They are: El Futura Auto 6 vs mates VS V8 manual
My car had better equipment levels, smoother drive, stayed infront of his car in a straight line (till around 140kms he'd edge away) and whoop ass though the corners Both cost the same to buy and in the end he was pissed of with what he got.
reliablity: my car got nothing but a 2 services in the year I owned it. Commie, recalled due to gearbox leak, his caliper stuck on and killed his front driver rotor and caliper. The bloody thing rattled like a thrashed out L300 van over 100kms and he never managed to fix it to this day.

77 cortina 4 speed manual 6cyl XF EFI motor with cam and exhaust vs fake Sl5000 Torana auto (did have the 308 at least) Hard comparo as neither car was stock but again my Xf motor had around 90-100 rwkw and made a mockery of the torana. His car sounded good but didn't see anything but my rear lights in a drag. The cortina was nicer to drive and had all the cool stuff as well as it was a ghia. The torana was a nice car though.
Cortina: body was rusted as hell and it needed a new clutch in the time I owned it. The car got defected in the end because the front seat mount was broken and the handbrake didn't work.
Torana, he didn't have much trouble either except for a new exhaust and front shockers but then he crashed it into a tree.

My Dads XE S 4sp manual 6cy vs mates VH Commie 6cyl
This is the car I drove after the cortina was defected for around 8months. The XE had extractors so the VH didn't stand a chance in hell in the straight line and because the falcon was bigger it was always much smoother to drive. I've never been a fan of the VH dash and IMHO the XE s dash was the sexiest thing made till the EF dash. The VH won hands down in the burn out deparment though that thing could spin the wheels with out a thought (did run 175 tyres on it though.
Reliablity: In the entire time we had the XE the car has got, new clutch, gear box, starter motor and thats it. The cars done 300,000 before the diff went and the car was put out to pasture. The Commie didn't have to many problems just a few niggly electrical faults (flickering lights and blowing globes all the time) but then Matt twisted the crank shaft so his car needed a new motor in the 3 years he had it as long with some other stuff I can't remeber. Was a fun car though i'll give it that.

XC Fairmont 302 3sp auto. vs monaro with a 253 auto in it.
another case when for the money we both spent. I got better equipment levels and more power. The XC was heavy but my god it was easily the most comfortable cruiser I have ever driven ever. It wasn't amazingly fast and to be honest I never dragged the monaro but that things was just a luxo muscle beast!.
Had the car for 9 months nothing went wrong at all sold it to upgrade to the El. The monaro had heaps of problems just about every thing that had a screw in it was busted in the monaro it was a bit of a shitter to begin with and wasn't looked after he always had a pinging problem that we never managed to fix and it was always really crap to drive or drive in. I had the Cortina at the time and always went in that cause we didn't know if the monaro would make it. My Greek mate loved it to death but that thing would have made him a poor man.

EB series 1 3.9l CFI 5sp manual vs VN Spac 5 speed V6.
This is my current car and I love it the previous owner babied this car and it shows. It's very very smooth and the $$ have been spent on the front end so dispite it's stockness it really does handle quite well. I paid $3000 for it and have put in fairmont seats and trim and a Spac Dash. I am forced to car pool with the commie at least 1 week in three to save cash and I find it to be rough and noisy. The motor sounds raspy and is about as refined as my cousins 9sec 1/4 v8 only with out the power or the glorious noise. I don't like the dash on the VN's and the entire interior looks trapped in the 80's He thinks the car is gods gift to man but it's a total POS if you ask me. My other car pool buddy used to have a magna but the 3rd child ment a bigger beast was needed. After driving in a Ford for 2 months and the Commie as well he went and got a EA Fairmont Ghia Wagon nuff said.
Reliablity: MY EB required a head gasket when I got it which is why I managed to get such a well looked after vechicle (reciepts and serviced by the owner since brand new) for $2500 the head gasket cost me $400 to fix (100 for the head to be redone as my mates a mechanic) The only problem since then has been the radiator that died on the cruise.
In the 4 months Dave has had the commie it's needed a new exhaust (doesn't really coun't as a problem but I'll list it anyway) and some electical faults in the ECU (cutting out when driving needed about $400) the gear box is now on the way out and clashes on nearly every gear unless it's double declutched. Rubber seals are all falling off on the passanger and rear drivers door and the child locks are buggered on the passanger back door. I think down the quarter he would most likely beat me but on a road race I'd kick him due to his gearbox and the way my car handles. He thinks my car is slow compared to his but We've timed each other to 100 and I win (not by much but enough to shut him up.)

So there you go pretty obvious why I love fords really.
On top of that my mothers XF that we have had since brand new (1985) has clocked over 450,000kms on the same block the car has had a new head on since just after 300,000. The car is on gas and has been since 1992. The auto is nearly shot now and it squeaks like a bugger but the damn thing starts every day and gets my mom around every day.

My god I should publish that in a book : The lives of the Family Ford by Michael B.

Breathe! It's only the internet....
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Has Holden enthusiast's heads turning

so true my friend so true

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