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Ford warranty, What warranty?

Well, got my car back yesterday - over three weeks it was in at Gregorys Motors for
this gearbox problem. Gear roll-over noise at idle and while driving and extreme
backlash in the box in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears. Funny, it is "sweet as" in 1st and 5th.

An engineer from Tickfords came and drove the vehicle. A new clutch was put in -
this was the Tickford engineer's answer to the roll-over noise. We waited four months
for the clutch to arrive. When they fitted it there was no difference.

A new spacer was put on the reverse idler shaft - Tickford says some were put on the
wrong side of the gear in manufacture! So the new one was put on the correct side -
made it worse!

So Gregorys ring Tickford again - they say OK put in a new gearbox - waited almost a
week for the box to turn up. When fitted the gear roll-over noise was heaps worse
than ever and the shift mechanism was stiff and baulking - however it had no
backlash in any gear.

Gregorys ring Tickford - a different engineer comes on line and he says "standard
operational noise, the customer has to accept it". Gregorys ring me, I blast them, they
apologise and give me the phone number for Ford Customer Service.

So I ring FCS and explain the history and the problem - three days later I get the call
back - Tickford tell us it is standard operational noise and we can't do anything more
for you.

I request my original box be put back in the car because, as bad as it is, it is still
streets ahead of the new one. Gregorys say we have to get approval from Ford to do
that. SAY WHAT?! When you replace a part in a car that is worse than the part you
take out you aren't allowed to put the original back?

So it's down to the Dealer Principal, Trevor, and he takes the car for a drive - agrees
that it is unacceptable and rings Ford and tells them so. They finally agree to give me
my original box back.

I request that before it is put back that it be checked for internal clearances as I
believe that is where the backlash is arising - second gearbox didn't have it - Ford guy
tells me if I want it stripped and rebuilt I have to pay. I agree to pay if they find
nothing wrong but otherwise it should be their responsibility. He agrees.

Gregorys wait three days for spec sheet to come so they can measure to box - unable
to supply! SAY WHAT? Ford are selling a vehicle that they cannot service?

So I ask "How can a manufacturer sell a product for which they themselves don't
know how to determine whether that product has a fault or not?" I put this question to
my solicitor and his response was that Ford are in violation of the consumer
protection laws in every state of Australia.

So the upshot is Ford tell me they couldn't find anything wrong in the box and I have
to pay $450 to get my car back. Well DUH, how are you going to find anything wrong
if you don't know the specs? After another day of toing and froing, Trevor talks them
into sharing the cost of doing this with Gregorys so no cost to me.

So after more than three weeks, I have my car back exactly the same as it was - WOW
what an achievement by Ford!

Trevor and the service guys at Gregorys are as frustrated as I am. They have been
doing their absolute best and Ford are stonewalling on the problem.

Now I will have to seek independent engineers advice and report before starting legal
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Sorry to hear its gone so wrong for you :(

I'd be like this if I were you :fmad:

Good luck with eventually fixing the thing
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thats a really unfortunate situation for a top of the line vehicle. I can only hope the BA XR6Ts aren't going to suffer the same problem(s)
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gee if we could only get our motoring bodies to focus on some real consumer driven issues rather than some of the other dribble that they carry on with
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I bet if it happened to anyone who deals with warranty they'd have it fixed straight away...

What a joke...

It's a pity you can't drive it right into the warranty building (thru the front doors), hand them the keys, and say to the man "here's your car bitch" and walk away...

Hope you get it all sorted....

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Thanks for 2004, crew.
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Tman, sorry to hear that.
Does Ford want your future business, makes us wonder.
GP, did you read that post, I hope so.
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ive had a similar problem with an AU2 Fairmont that has bad wind noise inside the cabin. Ive had it back to the dealer about 10 times, called some RUDE pri*$ in Melbourne and got told that it is a standard thing and that I will just have to except it. Why dont we all get a big legal action against Ford? I think its about time Ford woke up and started to recall some of these faults and fixed them properly, LIKE THE LEAKING SIDE INDICATOR LENSES.
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Yes, Ford's answer to a problem is that if several ppl have the same problem then it is "standard for that model" so therefore there is no problem.

Maybe one of those class legal actions - any clever lawyers on the forums?
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Oh My!

Dont people have some issues!

I personally have been back to my dealer with 3 new cars several times, and on each occasion I have warranty issues handled professionaly.

Warranty issues that is, not Dealer staff! (another issue)

T3 man, I gather correct in that you drive a series 3 TS50? if not what car? Age., K's and driver history?

I personally would not be happy with the issues you have, however, what has been put in writting to you?

As a consumer you shouldnt have to deal with these issues! and I do beleive if that your box was replaced with a new one then the issue may not just be the box.
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Thats a real poor effort for someone who spent 60K on a car. T3man, a least your dealer principal is trying to help you, the mob (dale ford) we bought our xr from did shit all.
Quality issues really need to be addressed with ford. My old man spent 50K on a XR8 and got very poor help and service. He was glad when the warranty finished. My oldiesare definately never buying a ford again because of the treatment or lack of they had.

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