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View Poll Results: What should be done about 4 Wheel Drives/SUV's on our streets?
A Complete and total ban on their sale 6 20.69%
Tax them off the streets like luxury vehicles 17 58.62%
Leave the death traps on our streets 6 20.69%
Voters: 29. You may not vote on this poll

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Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

Thats it, there has been enough sitting on the fence regarding this issue and quite frankly I am sick and tired of it.

These things need to be taxed off the road. I am sick and f%#%ing tired of slow, big four wheel drives and SUV's cruising the once easy going streets of our cities. Now I have no complaints about people putting their own lives at risk with their stupidity, but when they put my life and others at risk enough is enough.

My biggest complaint about them? You can't see around the stupid prcks!! It's like having a big cardboard box on your side window when some wanker in his brand new Ford Territory or Toyota Landcruiser is sitting next to you.

Everytime I go to turn the corner and one of these wankers in their death traps are sitting next to me... I have to wait NOT for the traffic coming on the intersection, but instead the dickh$@d beside me in his 4 wheel drive to move out of the way so I can bloody see the cars coming! Same deal at round abouts... I don't only have to slow down to see whats coming around the round about, I have to come to a complete STOP for the wanker(aka 4 wheel driver) to go around the round-about first so I can see if I'm about to plough my car into someone on the roundabout.

My solution to the problem? Firstly tax them off the road. Give them the same tax as luxury cars because quite frankly people don't need them. Second a significant increase in state registration costs for people with SUVs/4 wheelers in non-urban area's, maybe a $100-$200 premium over the cost of V8 registration.

Now I know some people will whinge and say they need 4 wheel drives. Well what about Subaru's? Need a 4 wheel work vehicle? Get a 4 wheel drive ute.

There is just no excuse for having a death trap like these roaming our streets. Please make your opinions heard on this issue.
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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

a prick in a Holden Premier sped up to stop me overtaking him today (He failed)!!!! thats it GET ALL TWO WHEEL DRIVES OFF OUR ROADS! THEY ARE DEATH TRAPS!!!
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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

I've actually e-mailed the politicians regarding this - I actually suggested that they bring the import duty on 4WD vehicles into line with the duty on passenger cars. The reason why 4WDs enjoy a lower import duty was to make it easier on farmers etc - who needed them 30+ years ago when this change was implemented. Sure, farmers could enjoy the lower duty rate now, but I reckon that's one area that should be looked at - the people using these as largely urban transport should pay the same 15% duty as passenger car drivers - though this is about to drop to 10% in 2 months. This is fairer than drivers of 4WDs paying 5% and everyone else paying 10% on imported cars. If people need these cars to do stuff like go camping, fishing etc - bad luck - that's the price they have to pay for recreational pursuits. The vast majority of large 4WDs are imported - which could boost local car sales if the price rises affect demand for imported vehicles.

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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

Tax them off the road. That way people who need them for work etc, can claim it all back, and your average soccer mum with her bondi bruiser will have to pay through the nose to drive the monstrosity around.

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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

Why do you guys want MORE taxes??? Don't I freakin pay enough taxes??? why shouldnt i allowed to drive a 4 wheel drive just because YOU dont like them?? That's so selfish
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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets


... and ban V8's too. You don't need a V8 to reach the legal limit of our roads.

... and ban those P platers. None of em can bloody drive. Too fast, too dangerous.
... dare I say too youngNstupid?

...and ban those trucks too.....

...and motorbikes, pushbikes too, bloody pests....


I think that import duty on AWD/4WD should be the same as cars.
I think everyone should have the right to make poor decisions regarding their vehicle choice.
I think there is way too much generalisation in this thread.
I think my Territory is a safer vehicle for my family than many other choices.

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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

Hes talking about the fact that people buy them and dont really need them. Like soccer mums who think they own the road, theyre fkn tools. They cant drive, they take up 2 carspots... wow they cart around the kids everyday... nothing a fkn sedan cant do.

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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

Tax em off the road, or at least raise the rego fee's for them in urban areas. The only problem i see is that we'll be inundated with 2WD 4WD's, like in the states where every second explorer is a RWD, i guess that's down to what's classed as an SUV...

-Stu :)
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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

i have no problems with big SUVs , just have to drive to the conditions around u, I drive a mini cooper, triton ute, mustang and a merc , but over here in LA every second thing on the road is hugh with huger wheels . I was cut of the freeway by 2 chicks in a ford exploration thing so i jumped in front of them and stood on the ancors, made the driver drop her cell phone and smeer her lipstick i think...

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Re: Four wheel drives/SUV's on our city streets

My family owns a 4WD, mostly yes it is used around sydney, but we do go out to the bush and drive it around there, also if you can find us another car that can pull our boat up the hill that our house is on, be my guest, cause even when flooring the cruiser to the floor it still only creeps up the hill at about 5km/h... and what about people that live in the country, if they decide to come to the city, will they be not allowed to drive them?

I know you guys are more talking about soccer mums, and i agree, the car they have is totally wrong for what they do and then needs they have...

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