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Front Wheel vs Rear Wheel Drive

Front wheel drive
Rear wheel drive

Which do you like better and Why
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eek REAR

Rear duh? It kicks assphalt! :D
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I will say Rear Wheel drive most of my friends and neighbors would agree. Unfortunately they don't make hardley any anymore. The reason I think RWD is better is : Easy to work on,More durable(around here it takes a tough car to survive)and More fun to drive. Front wheel drive is better on the ice. That is the only time it's worth it. It is not better in the snow even if they tell you so. When the front wheels hit a snow bank they go up loose traction with the road and your stuck. Give me a big old boat with a good set of snow tires and I'll drive you through snow that will get those little excuse for a pickup 4x4 Rangers stuck. When those FWD cars brake down you just have to throw them away because they are too expensive to work on. FWD cars are built like tosters you use them till they brake throw it away and get a new one. I never felt safe in those little cars . Hit anything and your dead. My sister in law had a Dodge Shadow. She hit a racoon one nite. She almost lost controol of the car. She did not but, she broke the front spoiler. The whole front of the car was one big pice. We had to total the car. Over a stupid little 25 pound coon. I know of a guy who lost controll of his moms Town Car and took out 2 telphone poles and walked away from it. Try that in your Probe. Go buy a real car and be safe.
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Thumbs up

both have their advantages and disadvantages.

since i happen to own fords that have both, i generally lean toward my garaged mustang, but i drive my probe daily so i appreciate the handling aspects of that car.

if i HAD to choose, it would be RWD. :D

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I say both, nothing beats Four Wheel Drive, not AWD, that's great for on road stuff, but, I'm talking about big iron gearbox with 50/50 torque split, an ARB locked rear axle, and a trac-locked front axle turning a minimum of 31x10.50's. But, for a car, RWD is second to none. AWD does come in a close second because it makes for great handling and is very easy to launch.

Evan MacDonald
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86 F250 4x4, 460/4 speed
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I agree 82F100SWB 4 Wheel Drive is the way to go. I have one myself. I live in the country on a unpaved road. The county is too lazy to plow it in the winter very often. I could not live without my 4X4. I once had a 84 F250 with lock outs and a 300 I6. It got allmost as good of milages as my Lincoln. Unfortuntuly it rusted out after 180000 miles. It still runs we use it on the farm as a go-for truck. My present 79 F100 full time 4X4 with the 351M is hard on gas. I also can't get it to run in the summer it keeps vapor locking or something. ( see my post under 72-80 F pickups or what ever they call it) I could not get by without it in the winter though.
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the reason that we have fwd is that people don't know how to drive. for performance, rwd is the *ONLY* way to go. in straight line, the front wheels simply can't grip as well, given that the weight is transfered to the rear. in curvy (road racing, autocross), your asking too much of the front wheels, and it simply doesn't work as well because you can't properely apply power to the wheels going through a turn. also, rear wheel drive allows you to quickly and easily add oversteer in a situation that needs it. in all situations (weather, et al), rear wheel drive is better if you know how to drive, as you have more control.
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I would have to say RWD, although I have one of each. RWD is alot more fun when driven hard.

BF XR6 Turbo
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I'll throw in a vote for Rear Wheel drive too :D
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I'd have to agree with rear wheel drive, although FWD does have it's advantages.

e.g. if going aroung a tight corner and the arse brakes loose all you have to do is point the steering wheel in the direction you are going then floor it.
Another is that FWD cars tend to have higher directional stability when cornering.

Disadvantages, If you have anything over 260HP, it is most likely that you will just torque steer off into a tree, same in the wet - you tend to lose any front traction going around corners under moderate to heavy acceleration.

RWD - Advantages, quicker off the mark under acceleration, in some cases with old cars the driveshaft tended to make the car stronger, better for burnouts which in turn equals more fun.

Disadvantages, prone to oversteer under heavy acceleration (corners) - though it can be gathered up easily, same in the wet though a bit more hair raising - a tendancy to (in some cases) snap oversteer in which by the time you react to save it you're already wrapped around a tree.

Though the best would have to AWD - Jaguars new X-type proves this better than any other car around, not a 50:50 set up but instead a 40% front and a 60% rear distribution, which I think is great.
Not only do you get better traction but also more enjoyment with a slight RWD bias - you get the advantages of both FWD and RWD
in a package that a normal AWD can't have.
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