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Had to add this as an attachment as by the time I got done writing, the system logged me out and wouldn't allow me to copy and paste. Just another thing to add to my weekend. Enjoy.

I bought a truck. I like my truck. It's fun to drive, got a little pep, I think it looks good (you can see her grill on my avatar), and she gets a lot of looks.

She's also a mutt. Her origins span 2 decades and 6 different donors, including a '91 Mustang HO. I'm a pretty good backyard mechanic, but I do need a certain amount of reference material. Rather than buy a library of books, I went to the web. This forum came up quite a few times. I'm normally not much of a social networking kinda guy, but this place was pretty much up my alley, so I kept it in mind.

On purchasing this truck, I knew it was going to have some challenges due to the changes in technology and design over 20 years, but I'm not a novice in adaptation. It's where the name "Cat Skinner" came from... there's more than one way to skin a cat. For instance, a Navy buddy of mine several years ago had an old Ford pick up with a Y block. He blew his tranny (standard 3 spd) and he couldn't find another (predated the internet). We found out that a Dodge 3 speed for a slant 6 had the same bolt pattern on the bell housing. The only problem was that the input shaft for the Y was bigger then the one for the slant 3. So, I had a small machine shop available to me at the time, so we cut the input shaft off the Y tranny and ground down the input to the Slant tranny and pressed them together. Hence, I can make things match up, I just need a little info.

Anyway, I had a problem with the speedo on the Heathen (I name my trucks, this one's full name is "Born Again Heathen" kinda describes me as well, my first was The Beast... as in a Beast of Burden, and it was a burden) and found that not only was the gear worn on the end of the cable, but the gear on the shaft was worn as well. I originally was going to just pull the tailpiece off the transfer case but I remembered back to a day when I had a lot more hair, a lot more pimples, and grey was only the sky on a rainy day, not a hair color, where 3 teenagers in the hills of West Virginia decided to tear into the gear box of a Yamaha dirt bike. You had to fight with it to go into 2nd gear, and once there, it didn't always come out. So there we were with these new fangled things called "metric wrenches" splitting the casing. As soon as we got the casing apart, all the guts fell onto the floor of the garage and it took us 2 days and several beers to get it together again. It probably would've gone together quicker without the beer, but that's just not heard of in WV. Step one of any repair states: "open a cold one and contemplate." We contemplated a lot.

I was reasonably sure that if I pulled the tail piece off the transfer case, everything should stay in place, but I thought it'd be prudent to at least see if anyone had gone down this road before. I found out a long time ago that if you don't learn off of other's mistakes, your sure to learn off of your own. So I joined the forum, been having fun, but I got little feedback on dealing with the gear on the shaft of the transfer case. I did find a blow up picture of the BW 1356F and a source of all the parts, but the diagram wasn't that detailed. It did look simple enough, after all, I've rebuilt C-6 and 727 automatic transmission, this didn't look as complicated.

Round 1: calculate the the gear ratios so I can get a fairly accurate reading on the speedometer and order the cable gear and the shaft gear. The parts come in and the following week end I pull the tail piece. Fairly easy, no surprises other than I needed to replace the output seal, which I figured as much. I then noticed that the gear on the shaft doesn't look quite like the gear I received. I take the new gear and attempt to slide it on the shaft and realize to my dismay that the bore on the gear was too small. Damn. I clean things up and put it back together and check my resources. Even though I knew better, I hadn't read the full description, the gear was for the output shaft of the transmission, not the transfer case. Since the S&H was almost as much as the gear, I just threw it under the seat of the truck, found the right gear (it called out the output shaft of the BW 1356F) and ordered it.

Round 2: A few days later, I receive the new gear and it looks exactly like what was in the tailpiece, sans the concave wear pattern in the teeth of the old one. Yesterday morning: I hop out to the truck, pull the driver's side exhaust (can't get the tailpiece off without moving that side) and pull the tailpiece. I try to slide the old gear off, the entire main shaft wants to come with it. Since it was all ready wasted.a I just took a chisel and split it. Awaiting a fight to slide the new one in place, imagine my surprise when it slides freely into place. It was like picking up what you expect to be a full gallon of milk and finding out that it's empty. I pull it back off and verify that I'm putting it back on the way the old cam off, and was puzzled. Since it can't go far, I figured that the cable gear must hold it in place and re-assembled (with a new seal). First trip: I place the truck in first, the speedo bumps to 10, drops to 0, and hasn't moved since. Damn.

Round 3: I think I'm still in the middle of round three. Common sense says that I probably ought to think of an alternate fix, but it's personal now. Logic say that of both gears were originally wiped, who's to say that they were put in right. Of course, the cable gear only goes in one way, but the shaft gear can go in 180 out from how I put it in, with a bit more difficulty. So this morning I get back onto the web and start doing more searches. I get 3 returns on the first page of my search that came from this forum. All three were my first question when I joined the forum with little to no response. Double damn.
Here is the frustrating part. In the past, I used to repair the reactor plant and steam plant on nuclear submarine. Yeah, I know nuclear science. I presently work on industrial HVAC and building controls. I'm getting my ass handed to me by a small plastic worm gear.

I think I'm going to go out, find a small cute little furry dog with a lot of white hair and drop kick the little son of a bitch as a means of stress relief. I hop your weekend went better.
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Re: Frustration

Sorry to hear your weekend's went to hell. You know what they say, When All Else Fails (Drop Back 10 Yards And Punt). I bet you'll get it figured soon.
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Dazed and Confused
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Re: Frustration

Actually, I enjoy working on cars and trucks. If I didn't need to work, I'd probably have a garage full of projects. And the rest of the weekend went fairly well. It's just frustrating when something so simple and basic owns you and calls you its B**ch.

But thanks for the condolence.
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