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A shit load of Dim Sims
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Funniest moments (a bit long)

Have you ever seen a car that has had you in shock, disbelief, amusement, and fits of laughter all at once? Then asked either the question, why? or why didn’t I think of that? Well mine happened just the other day, and goes something like this…..

I was traveling along a main road in Perth with a few mates at about 10:00pm, when the approaching lights turned red, giving us pole position.
Our attention was grabbed by a Lancer revving it’s engine, wanting to race the early 80's cream Laser next to it. These two cars were to our left, and waiting for their green light. Now these two cars looked like your average cars, the Lancer had more plastic than Cher, and had the customary “Lancer drone” coming from the exhaust. The Laser looked bog standard with standard rims, tyres, and was not producing any exhaust note at all, while the driver was leaning forward, with his right arm rapped around the steering wheel, and producing a smug smile while looking at the driver of the Lancer.
All of us had a bit of a chuckle and make a few wise remarks towards them (not so they could hear mind you). The lights turned green for these two cars, which was about the same time the smiles were wiped from our faces, both cars launched normally, but the Laser had moved about 3 metres when an extremely load whistle came from it, launching the car forward like a rocket, it was this time we realized why the driver had his arm rapped around the steering wheel (to stop him being thrown through the rear window), and his passenger was pressed hard into his seat, with his eyes the size of dish plates, all the while the front wheels were chattering as they were trying to transfer all that power to the road.
Under full boost, this car was at the other side of the lights within a second, where the motor (which sounded like it was pulling 18,000 rpm!) started to bounce off the rev limiter (that told us it was fuel injected). All this had shocked us, but there was still more to come, as he backed off to grab second, there was the customary “PPPSSSSTT” from the blow off valve, but this wasn’t your average release of pressure, it sounded as if someone had released the valve on an massive oxygen tank, and to this day, we are still surprised it didn’t launch the bonnet 50 feet in the air. His passenger also had a very small reprieve from the G-forces exhorted onto his body, as he came forward out of his seat, before being forced back again as second gear came on strong.
The four of us were just gob smacked as we watched this thing moving away at a rapid rate, before repeating the process with third gear and disappearing into the darkness, all the while the Lancer hadn’t even made it to the other side of the lights, he had admitted defeat very early on.

I’ve seen some sleepers in my time, but this would’ve had to be the best one, just wondering what sleeper stories other people have?
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now with EF power!
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hahahahaha, how cut up must that lancer be...i bet he's still crying.

My friend has a laser, should tell him to do that...make it a big time sleeper.

Nice story dude *thumbs up*

Now for my own.

The other night i was just drivin round when i came to these red lights. Next thing i know this old bomb XC 4 door came up next to me. Now this thing was nothing special...dints and all, and being late at night there was always going to be a race on. So yer, anyway, i knew it was a V8 from the sound under the bonet, but it was nothing special or anything, so im thinking, "im in for a bit of a chance". Anyway, the lights go green and i floor it (i cbf'd stalling it up or anything) so we take off side by side for about 10 metres and im thinking "cool, im holding him", but he was just ****ing with me, the then planted it and the ****ing thing roared up sooooo good, in about 2 seconds he woulda been about 50 metres infront of me. I wasnt ashamed....i liked it.

oh yeah....street racing is illegal and bad....i 'accidentaly' floored it



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Cool, gotta love a sleeper. I have always loved the idea, but have never actually had one.

Does enyone remember a little white Mk1 cortina, some time in the early nineties I think. I saw it in some 'Hot Fords' mag or something. From the outside it was totally stock, from the stockie wheels to the rear venetian blinds, stock and pristine red vinyl interior, with the bus sized stearing wheel still fitted. It even had the stock exhaust tip and muffler visible from the back.

Under that very thin skin though, was a monster. The owner had custom built a new chassie and floor pan. The wheels had been widened on the inside to fill the tubs in the back. Under the bonnet he had stuffed a 428 Big block. That stock exhaust was actually part of the system too, just with most of the bottom of the rear muffler cut out.

That was my dream car for many years.
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Hey skip, this laser wouldn't have happened to be ablue one wit 2 doors by any chace? If it is I know the guy who owns it. It's hellova fast machine.

The best that I have seen was when my mate dragged off this hand painted VK. We pressumed that it was a 3.3L Holden motor in it. The fools in it insisted that they wanted to drag off my mates 4x4 Isuzu MU. To our surprise my mates diesel (2.8L) absolutly drilled the shit out of him by at least a bus length! The blue VK was definatly trying to race and we heard that poor car scream like a bitch!.



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Seen a good and surprising sleeper a few months ago on Ferntree Gully Rd. Pulled up at a set of lights next to a newer model Toyota Hiace van with 2.4 petrol badges on it.

Didnt think anything of it till it launched at the lights with a throaty V8 note to it!

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A shit load of Dim Sims
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Originally posted by maco65
Hey skip, this laser wouldn't have happened to be ablue one wit 2 doors by any chace? If it is I know the guy who owns it. It's hellova fast machine.
No, this was an early 80's (pre bubble shape) model that had 4 doors and was a cream colour.
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spaced out
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best sleeper ive seen ok its not finished yet but is been built is my mates mirage its getting a fuul evo setup 4WD motor gear box ok you get the idea and its also getting the customry rice outfit so watch out for a NSW regoed white mirage riced up to its tits sitting on it arse it should be finished by the end of the year

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heres my sleeper story... the other night on King Georges Road i was headed towards ryde... stopped at a set of lights, guy (with his girlfriend) pull up... He gave me a nod, and I laughed... to my eyes, I saw a stock pulsar hatch (late model, not a SSS but basic pulsar)... Anyway, he thought my car was an XR6T... Lights turn green... We're off... Suprise Suprise... he's right next to me... he was out of first before me and LO! "PPPPPSSSSSSWWWWOOO" Turbo blow off!!! well, it was neck to neck till we hit 85... where he had to change to 3rd... second took me to 110... and once I got into 3rd I was a car length ahead... but they guy gave me the shock of my LIFE!!!

Stopped at the next lights... he was running 8psi... Lucky I saved face...!!

Quiet... They are sleeping
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best i saw was an mazda 808 with a full house 20B had it dynoed at i think (and this is sketchy) around 430 hp? had widened steel rims with hubcaps! PERSUTE i remember the little gt cortina what a beast the best was the 3 inch dump pipe at the diff with the little drinking straw exhaust poking out the back absolute classic!

..........Black MY02 WRX..........

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Sleeper! Whats that?

I want my car! :(
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