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Funny Story

I still don't think I fully understand most Camry drivers, but I think I get some.

Just then, I was on my way home. As you can see by the time that I'm posting this
at, the roads aren't exactly very heavy with traffic.

So anyway, I'm cruising along in the PimpMobile™ doing 80 in an 80 zone.
I see these headlights coming up behind me mighty quickly, they soon move to the
right lane next to me and a Camry flies past me at an insane speed.
It merges back in to my lane, slows down to about 70, and cruises at this speed
for some time. Soon enough the lights ahead go red and we stop.
I can't be bothered so I just stop behind it. Lights go green, and I'm expecting
this thing to haul ass, as it seemed to be in a hurry.
Nope, I was wrong. It starts to move at about 5% open throttle. We chug along for
a bit, before get bored and over take him.

So now I'm back to 80 and cruising in style .
I don't think much more of it.

Soon enough, this Camry is once again flying towards me. He over takes me again,
and again slows down below the limit in front of me. This is not exactly something
I'm impressed by. So I once again have to get in the other lane,and pass him.
I figure by now that maybe he wants to be in front in the left lane, so I stay in
the right.

Nope. Wrong again :hrm:.

He quickly flies past me and then slows down. At least he's not jumping in front of
me now. This goes on and on for some time. He slows down, and I cruise on by past
him. Some distance later, he flies past me again.

By now I've got a theory happening. So I cruise on past him again. He starts to
accelerate to fly past me again. This time,as he is closing in on me and about to pass,
I floor it and his little 4/6 (which ever one it was) doesn't stand a chance in hell
against the LTD. He cools down for a while. Soon enough he goes to try it again.
The LTD roars as she puts the Camry to shame.

He think, maybe 3rd time lucky? Nope. Still can't pass me, and soon turned off into a
street nearby.

Now the only conclucion that I could come up with for this tool doing what he was doing,
is that maybe, they get some sort of kick out of flying past vehicles at high speeds.
I really don't know. He looked like he was from around my area too as he turned into a
street near by.

I'm sure next time he come across the LTD, he won't try that again.
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Re: Funny Story

HAHAH classic story ive noticed alot of lil 4cyl buz boxes tend to do that because the cant get ya off the line so they think theyre hot shit

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Re: Funny Story

LOL! You always get some poor loser doing a fly-by when you put them to shame on the road.

Originally Posted by Sundeep
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Re: Funny Story

You could just drive with your high beams on and when he moves in front of you he gets blinded. Maybe he'll think twice about it next time.

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Re: Funny Story

lol...dont you love straight line hero drivers?

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Re: Funny Story

He need to makeup for something lacking.......he IS driving a Camry........
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Re: Funny Story

Originally Posted by whippet_zetec
lol...dont you love straight line hero drivers?
Especially ones that need a rolling start!!!

'67 Mustang V8 4sp... what fun to drive!
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Re: Funny Story

Camrys: The Scourge Of The Freeways

Im surprised he wasnt sitting in the right lane doing 80...

Welcome To Victoria, Home Of The Speed Camera

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Re: Funny Story

The other day i was drivin with my g/f back to my place, and im doin 40 coz of the roadwork zone. Anyway the limit goes back up to 60 so i climb back up to 60 again. Immediately I see this white camry in my rear view mirror sittin on my rear bumper. So I slow down to 50 so hopefully she gets the message and backs off, but this only results in her gettin angry and blaring her horn at me. this continutes for about a minute before she crosses double white lines over a crest to overtake me, nearly missing some cars. Then she just speeds on down the road like crazy.

Now, just a question... Ive heard that if I ummmm "slow down rapidly" and she were to hit my car, then she would be at fault? I know it would damage my car, but come on, its only an 86 magna. Not that I had any ideas or anything...
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Re: Funny Story

What a wanker mate!
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