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Girlfriend woes

well if some of you guys have noticed its been my time of the month. heh actually i am kind of irritated because it was my friends,i'll call him chad, birthday a couple of months ago. he had a great party. We, the few good friends he has, threw him a surprise party. It was pretty awesome. It was a bit of a bank breaker, but worth it. He also has this pretty cute gf, they've been together for 18 mos. Anyways he was expecting his gf to show up but she didnt. So after the party and everyone left, we decided to light up a barbeque. Well then his gf shows up at around 11:30pm , but for some reason she cant stay long. She just says "Hey sorry honey i cant stay long becasue my parents want me home early, heres a tape though Happy birthday!". Well were all like "man that was f-d" but its not our place to judge. So my other stoned friend tells the birthday guy to pop the video in. So he does and much to our surprise, it's a video of a girl giving head to some guy and then he cums all over her face and she says. "hey chad I guess you know what this means, I'm dumping your broke ass" and you can hear laughter. Then the tape ended. We took turns staying with him through out the week. He has constantly been telling us his plan for vengeance. It involved going to each of their houses with a baseball bat and a 40 ounce drink. It was a pretty good idea, but we decided not to let him go through with it. Well luckily his parents came back early from Philidelphia (they were on leave for 3 weeks) and asked whats wrong with him. Actually they called me and asked that. I just said his girlfriend broke up with him and hes pretty depressed. And to probably keep an eye on him for a while. IMHO the ends and the means are justified, because she hurt one of my best friends pretty bad. Say what you guys want but here goes. So the 5 of us decided unanimously that night on his b-day that we will assist my freind in his plan a few months from then. I mean it was either that or him trying to cut his wrists every night, so we humored him. Well a couple months later, last thursday, my friend chad calls each of us to remind us what we promised. We decided to do it. We were able to find out who the John Doe in the tape was. We know he drives a bmw M roadster and he always parks it outside on the curb. We decided to strike on windy and stormy night. Luckily it just started raining pretty hard for the past few nights. Btw, this event takes place on tuesday night. So I get a phone call at 12 to meet the rest of the guys in 30 at a Denny's. We agreed upon what course of actions we were going to take, no more, no less. So me and my friends head to chads house to gear up with baseball bats and then we head to my other friends house to get his astrovan. He takes out his license plates and puts on the dealer plates. So we're headed down the freeway, and its 2:30 am. So we get to the guys house and lo and behold, a green roadster with the top down (wtf?). So we get out and its pretty stormy, so we approach the car, except for chad, he was still at the car for some reason. then he comes out with a bucket of red paint. "**** this fag and die" and he throws the red paint all over the leather seats and car. he gets his windshield pretty good and he writes "Fudgepacker" & "Cockmongler" on the hood. And he tells us "hit it already chirst". Now, i've never done this before so I was a bit nervous. So we all sort o look at each other dumbfounded for a while. Then all of a sudden my friend smashes the windshield, and they all started going at it. I just went back to the van with the police scanner on hand (his dads a sheriff). I told him I really didnt feel like actually smashing cars tonight and he was cool with that. they kept at it for like a few min (alarm sounds like crazy, but the wind and trees sorta drowned it out) and then we all got in the car and floored it to the freeway. They smashed it up pretty bad. they got headlights, foglights, windows and made a lot of big dings. Chad had a polaroid on hand and he took some snapshots of it. After that we headed bck to my other friends house, dithced the van and got into hi subaru wrx STi. He swiched plates for dealer plates then it was his gf's turn. She lives about 2 cities away, 20 mi drive. We get to her place and find her 2003 Mustang cobra svt sitting out in the curb too (dont ppl garage their cars anymore?). this time only chad got out. He had a valve core remover on hand and deflated all her tires, and poured paint thinner all over her car. However, her alarm woke up the neighbors and her parents. he rushed into the car and we floored it. After that we headed to denny's and had some breakfast, courtesy of chad. And then we all went home. Since then he's been his own self again, and is not attempting mutilating himslef anymore.
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Re: Girlfriend woes

dont u want to send the porn tape to some internet guru and make billboard posters for her parents to see. send me a copy too please.
I dont like to take out such actions but im sure for what ever reason u did this u can get on with life.
anyway send me a copy of the deep throat scene

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Re: Girlfriend woes

The enter key is your friend.

Moved to the asylum
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Re: Girlfriend woes

I can't imagine how depressed 'Chad' woulda been, what a way to get dumped. I would be sending a copy to her parents for sure, that woulda been the first thing I done. I'm also with dodge on sending us a copy too :)
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Re: Girlfriend woes

rofl, man i wish i couldve seent their faces when they woke up in the mornin to find thier cars all screwed up

top effort, they deserved that, the video wasnt called for, especially on his b'day
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Re: Girlfriend woes

That's a pretty full on story. (Have you heard of paragraphs.. )

If your mate is now feeling better, thats good. However I really hope that none of you get caught. It was a bit risky to do. Maybe even a bit silly.

As the guys said above - Post the video (if it was the ex-girlfriend staring in it) all over the internet and send a copy to her family.

See Below Link:

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Re: Girlfriend woes

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Re: Girlfriend woes

I'm inclined to agree that Chad was better off trashing those cars than himself. Revenge is sweet
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Re: Girlfriend woes

Originally Posted by Casper
or movies!
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Re: Girlfriend woes

All i can say is DAMN, what she did was uncalled for, on the same token what you guys did was uncalled for, but i hope you had one helluva time and caused a lot of damage.
btw if they had half a brain they would put 2 and 2 together and figure out why both of their cars were hit.

Casper nice smilies, i agree with you

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