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Have you got a good hangover cure?

I wasn't going to drink until after all my Uni exams were over, but that wasn't so I was invited to a friend's (actually his girlfriend's) house to catch up as he'd been to China and then Perth for some time. I finished work at 12.30am and got to her house about 1am and there were only four others there who had already started drinking and were playing a game... I won't go into that. So I thought I'd try and catch up, hit back a few Toohey's Extra Dries and had a few shots of Tequila (I know you shouldn't mix, but hey I'm young and dumb). Low and behold I was rightly blind within the hour... I got very and went home the next day at 11.30am.

Normally I feel seedy the next day, but if I have a nap during the arvo I usually feel alright. Maybe have some Hungry Jack's or fried eggs and bacon and I feel tops. Well yesterday I could barely eat, could barely keep water in my system and slept a couple of times only to be feeling horrible still! I had the need to eat something fatty and got fish and chips for dinner with my mum. I slept at 9.30pm (yes on a Saturday night! That's how crook I felt) and it wasn't until 11.30pm that night that I came good again.

Well after officially having THE worst hangover EVER yesterday, I was wondering what some of the ff.com clan find their best hangover cure(s).

I know you should have a (half) glass of water for every alcoholic drink you have, but really, who does that?! I've tried "Alcodol" but they're too expensive and aren't a definite cure.

Anyway, here's 'til next time!

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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

Haha been there done that and didn't enjoy it. Only thing you can do is drink water while drinking liquor, really just drink alot of water is about all i can suggest. In the end only time will cure that hangover.
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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

usually just drink water, or if you feel u can keep it in ur stomach, eat some fruit, watermelon usually does the trick. :)

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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

ummm..... stay drunk!!!!! :-D

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what u lookin at
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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

for me if i can stomach anything:
plenty of water, bacon and eggs, a shower
defin. fruit, an orange (or sumthing with vit c) or two usually does me pretty well

a couple of panadol can get rid of the headache abit

or just dont sleep!...haha
sleepin for a while is usually the best or just lying down if ur too hungover u cant eat anything.

a guy told me a story about this docter who worked at a hospital
if he had abig night and work the next mornin he would go in and hook himself up to a drip (forgot the typ, but it was a water one i think) he would lie down for about an hour and he would be nearly 100%

so yeh just go get urself a drip thing and you will be right, except ur mates will probably always come over hungover as hell and wanting to use it....

an idea has just popped into my head:
start up a joint maybe called the
HANGOVER CLINIC with about 10 beds/rooms each with a drip and maybe some eggs and bacon and panadol....oh and fruit aswell
charge per hour, start work late at night and go late into the arvo
i reckon there could be a small fortune to be made.........

someone pleaaaaaaseeeee start one!

if i had the money i would start one, right near the pubs and lively areas.
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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

its the tequila that done it to ya, i went searching for a mate last nite, coz he had passed out at 1am lol, low and behold at 6pm i received a call from him saying he still felt f#*ked. good hangover cure plenty of junk food!

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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

Cream in, cream out. You eat a tin of condensed milk (cream in) then you, ahem, cream out .......


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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

I haven't been crook after a night out (even huge ones) for about a year now. I don't know why but i just don't get crook anymore. I used to get hangovers really bad (I once threw up over 30 times on the night of the pissup, and then when i woke-up the next morning i threw up about 15 more. I couldn't hold solids down for 2 days!). But that's off topic...

ALrighty, best method i've found is:
1) down about a litre of water before you go to sleep the night of the pissup.
2) If you still manage feel crook in the mornin, go have a nice warm shower. Take the opportunity to stick your fingers down your throat, and try to throw up. If you can, then keep going, don't quit till you feel relieved (you'll know what i mean when you do it). Advantage of shower is it's practically nothing to clean up, just hope it's not chunky
3) Get some healthy bugger to make you some bacon and eggs. Lots of it. Cram the bacon and the eggs between the toast your mate also made, and down it, but not too fast. For best results, bacon should be almost crunchy (but not quite burnt), and the egg and bacon sandwich should be about 2inches high, with %50 bacon and %50 egg.
4) Get a bottle of orange juice (not apple, not orange-mango, not tropical, they'll make you chuck again coz they're too sweet). Try to down at least two glasses, but only if you think you're up to it. If you get the juice down, try drinking some refrigerated (read: cold) water after it, but only slowly, sipping it if you must. Keep drinkin the water for about half an hour, or till you can walk around without feelin like your gonna chuck up.
5) By this stage, if you're unlucky, you'll may need to throw up again. Sucks to be you! Go hang your head over the toilet, and try your hardest not to chuck. If you don't, then you'll feel bad, but at least there won't be bacon and egg up the back of your nose. If you throw up, then don't eat anything. You're too far gone. Go suck some ice-blocks, and wait till 5pm that night. Baked beans on toast is probably a good thing about now, with water on the side.

Works for me!

NOTE: I have found that after a milder night out, A Bacon and Egg McMuffin, a Sausage and Egg McMuffin, and a Hash Brown will be able to replace the homecooked version. Not recommended though if your hangover is bad-ish. Oh, and don't get the Maccas OJ, it's ****en shitehouse.



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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

I usually get a phone call from friends that have been really hungover. I don't drink you see, and when I tell them where important stuff like items of clothing and wallets have ended up, that helps.

What about Vegemite on toast? I've been told that helps.

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Re: Have you got a good hangover cure?

Originally Posted by Peuty
Cream in, cream out. You eat a tin of condensed milk (cream in) then you, ahem, cream out .......

I've always done the "cream out" bit , and it's good, but i end up feeling crap again 10 mins later anyways. The "cream in" part though, i've never heard of! I couldn't get that sweet stuff down i wouldn't reckon.
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