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Have you owned a cheap car?

Just wondering how many of you people have had or own a cheap car, say less than $5K to give a threshold.

Up until just recently (my EL XR8 @ $17K) the most i ever paid for a car was $1,500!

As follows:

1. 4CYL 1972 LJ Torana with rego $500
2. 4CYL 1973 TA22 Toyota Celica with rego $1,100
3. 6CYL 197? Chrysler Centura with rego $500
4. 4CYL 1985 Mitsubshi Magna with rego $600
5. 6CYL 1986 XF Falcon GL Taxi no rego $400
6. 6CYL 1983 XE Falcon S with rego $400
7. 6CYL 1982 XE Falcon Ghia with rego $1,500

Total cost = $5,000!

You can see a tread towards the end!

Give us yours. Cheers

Scope out my '80 XD Fairmont Ghia 351 V8 in the gallery!

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I have had my share of cheapies.

FC Holden no rego, rusty, smokey motor $500
TA or HB? 4 cyl Torana no rego $75 (one of the most reliable cars I've owned!)
XF ex-taxi LPG, 12 slotter mags, lowered $3000
TD Cortina 6 cyl man 3 months reg $500
TD Cortina 6 cyl man, mags, stereo, rear spoiler 3 months reg $2500
TE Cortina 6 cyl 1 month rego auto, mags $300
TD Gemini 6 months reg, mags, stereo, sunroof $500
TD Gemini no rego smashed rear end good motor $150 (for parts)
XA Falcon coupe no rego? 302C auto $1500

I think there's been others but I can't remember them all!

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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First car was a 66 HR Premier paid $550

Bought it in 89, with 25,000 orginal miles and all accessories, spats, venetians, picnic radio, genuine "leatherette" (vynal) seats. Only sold it 2 years ago.

Damb I loved that car!!

Since then all company cars for me and always a Ford

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Had a mate who was a classic for buying pieces of crap cheaply on the basis cars were not spending money on as they depreciated - therefore buy one that can't depreciate much.

First one was a TC Corrina wagon that cost him a carton of beer (it was an absolute piece of crap but it ran for a few months).

It was replaced with a HQ sedan for the princely sum of $50 - painted poorly in white exterior house paint it was known as the "shark" and was modest transport for some time (had more crap in the fuel tank than the local sewer though).

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XF Falcon my Mum gave me. It was a great old banger, and I would still have it if it wasn't causing so much trouble.

Although, over 350,000ks will do that to a car.

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I bought a VH Commodore from my mate after it was sideswiped out the front of his house. Bugger all damage but he'd rather a new car than fix it. I Paid $500 for it, repaired the damage and got it Roadworthy (about $900. Thrashed it around for a while and sold it for $2500 :)

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1975 Chrysler GC Galant - bought for $300, sold it for $350 !

These cars are real strong little buggers, I absolutely thrashed the hell out of this car on my folks block of land. Plus I've driven it without a clutch with a heavy trailer for a month.

1979 Ford ZH Fairlane 351 on dualfuel - Bought it for $1300

The ultimate cruiser ! I still miss her.

After that I bought my 1993 ED Falcon for $6100
Now I drive a 1994 VR Clubsport for $18000
What's next a BOSS XR8 ???? I sure hope so !

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All in NZ $ ...

'77 Leyland Mini Clubman 1000S - High back seats, 3 dial Pod, Cloth upholstery, sports wheel, sunroof, cooper wheel arch flares, 10" Trident style mags. White with Black Pinstripes. Absolute Minter, with cam, webers and zorst. I was 16 it took me 7 months to kill it. taught me alot about maintenence but. Cost me $1500

'76 MKII Escort 1600 4dr sedan. Ex rally car that used to run a 2.0 turbo. It Had Butt Ugly Flares at the rear, Pizza Cutter 155sr13 wheels, a ton of Bog, Dodgy steering Rack, But the 1600 ran a wild cam, twin webers, and freeflow zorst. I would pop tyres with regular abandon, chuck it into any corner i wanted, and replaced 2 gearboxes, and two diffs. cost me $498.00 (sposed to be $500, but we had to chuck $2 into the bike to get over the hill. The Joys of being 17!) :s6:

83 Gemini POS with poked compression rings, smoked like a thousand bastards, $250

76 Alfasud, awesome 2dr cloverleaf model, not overly powerful but shit it handled great! Astonishingly overpriced @ $4000

82 Laser 1300 sedan $2000 (not bad at the time)

84 Mirage hatch, minter with 76k $2500

83 DX Rolla 5 door wagon, 4k, 13" Tridents, Primer, Tints,Go anywhere RWD - $400

84 323 Limited $2000

72/3? HQ Wagon, complete with "HSW, Holden Special Wagons" Painted Tailgate - $200

everything after that was over 5k, ecept the 85 barina GS @$400


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Hasnt everyone had a cheapy as their first car unless they got a spiffo hand-me-down from the folks or the grandparents?

My first car was an 84 Bluebird i bought for $1000. Traded it in on a new rodeo 4 yrs ago for $300 with the engine overheating and a piece of wood holding up the handbrake when i parked it on the delivery ramp! Was excellent timing as it all happened that week i traded it!

BAXR8 Ute 5M- 13.51@106.03
zorst, SS Cai,240rwkw
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Chasing 500rwkw
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My first was a nice mini deluxe for $800, needed a fair bit of mork.
Then an ED gli, perfect condition, stock, auto for $4600 RIP.
Now i have an XF which i paid $700 for in RWC, it is now equipped with a come racing head, cam, redline manifold and Holley 465 and its lowered. All up spent less than $3500 and it goes faster than my ED ever did.

Thats all.
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