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Holden Fanatic Lowlife annoys EF_GuY

Before i start, i have nothing against the holden guys on this forums. So don't take it personally.
Ok guys, was at uni today and got a hand written placed message on my front windscreen. Before i quote what it says i'd like to point out that yes I double parked, reason: Cause theres heaps of inconsiderate people who accidently or not scratch/ding doors. I have experienced this from the past.

Next thing is i double parked knowing the fact that there is like 4 rows of empty car spaces in the section of parking. More empty spaces around.

Heres the message: " Your car is a worth less piece of crap which doesn't need 2 spaces. If I see it in 2 spaces again I will run a 20c coin along one side.

P.S. Buy a Holden." End Quote.

Now i say fair enough if the parking was full, but what the effen hell is his problem, and to go out of his way to write up a message is beyond me.
This has seriously reminded me clearly why i ended up being a blue blood. Geez was i pissed off. At least i would give him respect if he/she said it to me in person. Or i'm thinking he must be jealous.

I mean really guys am i really that wrong in this situation for double parking on purpose.
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Your kidding me ??.. Do it again Gaz and wait there with a few friends..... What a gutless wonder... cant even say it to your face.

Signatures are for poofs !!

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ambush the bugger with a cricket bat and slam him on the scon a few times. Once his uncouncious put him in the back of your big Falcons boot (in a big hessian bag all tied up). Go for a drive to your local national park (with a few of your best mates) proceed to kick the crap out of him- not to much just softly to wake him up (imagine when he wakes up in the bag scared shitless!) Then untie him and speed off. Then photograph his face and put it in every shopping centre. "Has your car been scratched? phone me for details- the little pissants name & phone number". Hell that would be fun.
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What a tosser! Yeh all it is is jealousy mate! Fair enough if his pissed of because he couldnt get a parking space and the car park was full. But that was not the case!

Do what EB said, hang around with some mates and get the bastard!
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Jealousy mate, that's all it is. He probably drives beaten up rust bucket old Gemini. But I gotta say, that note would be enough to make me not park like that again. you think you are pissed now, imagine if you got a scratch in that beautiful red paint...

I got nothin!!
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The bastards obviously jelous. Pov **** im supprised he even has 20 cents to use. I say double park, wait for the **** and then run a 20c peice along the ****s face, **** him up real good. Tell him to keep the change too, as he will need it to pay for parts for his out of warranty commodore.

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a vile merchant
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Hehe don't worry gaz obviously a moron. If someone really wanted to scratch a car they'd use a 50c piece!

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Boat Hunting ;)
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hey mate,

I can see where you are comming from, but this is one of the reasons why i try not to double park... I am really worried about D!ck heads scratching my car or banging into it with trolleys and doors, but i think that double parking brings the car to the attention of assholes who relise how protective you are and it will give them a reason to "key it"....

Its really frustrating that there are so many inconsiderate as*holes out there that just dont care...

The other day i went to the crows AFL game in my mums AU fairmont and i was sitting in the car before the game having something to eat and an idiot pulled up next to us, not even close to the center of his lane and opens up his door resting in on our car!! boy did i give him a serve and he just looked at me and didnt say anything!! arggggggggghhhhhhh i can see where you are comming from though!!

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What an idiot. Not because he/she is a Holden fan but because they went to the effort of writing you a note threatening you with willfull damage to your pride and joy. It would be fair enough that someone would be pissed off if they couldn't get a park because the carpark was full, but if this wasn't the case this person realy has a problem. There's only one way to get through to these people . Hope nothing hapens to your car mate, it realy would be a crime :fmad: .

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Mmm, high pressure wash.
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Bloody gutless pieces of @#$%! Yeah, I reckon we could round up a few of us FF'ers to form a posse and help you out there Gaz.

Are there cameras anywhere in the carpark? If so you should try to park in view of the camera in future in case there is an incident in the future.
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