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Read Holden threat to get parts offshore

From The Daily Telegraph

HOLDEN has threatened to shop for car parts overseas if industrial disputes continue to cripple the $5 billion components industry.

The Australian newspaper says Holden, the nation's biggest car marker, issued the warning as a strike at a Victorian steel plant threatened to paralyse the whole industry for the third time in a year.
Holden's chairman and managing director Peter Hanenberger said its export push was under pressure and the company might have no choice but to source parts offshore.

"I hope we are not forced into that situation," he told the newspaper.

"Holden doesn't want it, and I know our colleagues don't want it either.

"I'm always for co-operation because confrontation just brings on further confrontation and I don't believe it's the way to go into the future."

The latest strike by 280 maintenance workers at BHP Steel's Hastings Plant near Melbourne could halt car production as early as next week.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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AMWU behind all three of these strikes, Holden just needs to say to suppliers "If the AMWU represents your workers then we won't deal with you" - that should sort them out.
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do you honestly believe that?
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Do the AMWU represent any workers at Holden/Ford/Mitsu/Toyota plants?

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Prob do represent workers at Holden but they have been behind a lot of unrest in the industry persuing their own agenda re employee entitlements etc. They have threatened the Labour party with withdrawal of support because the party will not pander to their every wish.

They are unfortunately the next in the firing line after the MUA was sorted by the govt a few years ago.

The export earnings carrot being dangled by Holden will be the catalyst for Govt action in this matter.

I personally think the AMWU leadership are a bunch of dinosaurs hanging on to and indutrial relations concept that hasn't existed for decades around the world. I also feel they do absolutely nothing for the benefit of the workers they represent.

Case and point being the recent dipute between Qantas and their Maintenance workers. They are represented mainly by the AMWU and AWU. Their argument (valid) was that there were ramp workers (TWU) and checkin staff (ASU) that were getting paid more tham qualified tradesmen. This is true, however, the problem is not that the others are getting paid more, it is that thru poor representation that the maintenance workers have fallen behind.

The TWU and ASU have continually negotiated raises for their workers whilst the AMWU have basically ignored the aviation indutsry except when it was convenient to establish a basis for a wage rise in other areas of manufacturing.
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Sounds like you are talking with a fair degree of experience in the matter. Do you think Holden will hold their hand up to be the equivalent of Patricks Stevedoring if the govt did take the AMWU on?
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Looks like the Ford backed unions are going to send Holden overseas, that great . Ford counter-intel at its finest. Soon they will be making Commodorres in China, that will be funny Holden Wongadorre Executive, with chopstick holder and Holdem Ecytechnosupa V6! and General SuperDupa Cool Fater V8. Everybody in China is paid slave labour wages and Im sure they will pay it back to their American masters, gladly... I suppose when the AV arrives it will be the end of the world for Holden. Peter Brock will then will be making AV specials. They should ship him overseas too.

Long Live the EA!

Grandpa Henry
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Don't laugh Grandpa.. guess who's going to make around 50,000 Focus' in China..

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more steel news...

Sumitomo Metal wins steel contracts with GM group
Sumitomo Metal Industries has reached basic agreement with General Motors
to supply high-tension steel sheet to the US giant's Swedish unit Saab AB
and its Australian unit, Holden.
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