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Horrific Car Accident!!

gday guys

yesterday was my 18th birthday, my sisters boyfriend, corin, of 3 years whom is very much a brother to me was involved in a horrific car accident on the way home from my house after birthday dinner

he owns a 97 hilux ute, 3.0 litre diesel. this thing is an absolute monster and is pretty unbreakable

about 5 minutes after hed left, we received a phone call from him telling us hed had an accident and the other driver had done a runner, we left immediately to get to the scene, but i thought to myself "wat sort of car would be able to crash into the hilux and then be ABLE to do a runner, no matter wat happens the other guy should come off second best"

we arrived to see a huge scene, an EA ghia was in the middle of the road and corin was standing next to his ute which was up the gutter on the left side of the road, in a daze with a massive welt on his forehead from where his head smashed against the windscreen, i looked the ford and said "i thought hed done the bundy?, where is he?"
corin didnt remember much, but he said the other guy jumped out of his car staright after the crash and ran down a side alley next to some flats.

eye witnesses (busy road) say the other driver was travelling well above 100 ks and was swerving and drifting onto the wrong side of the road when he impacted with corin who would have been doin 60-70ks an hour,

both were total write offs, if he had been in a smaller car, we doubt he would have been so lucky to get away alive.

rego check showed the EA was reported stolen, and reports had come seeing an man running, bleeding badly, limping heavily, dazed and drunk away from the scene.

corins ute was not insured, the plates on the other car were swapped plates

whats goin to happen now that the other driver has gotten away (i presume so much). the EA was stolen with swapped plates, what can he do? please tell me he will not have to be the one to have to pay for another low life scums actions?
a drunk driver in a stolen car, coming at you speeding at over 100 ks an hour when ur just driving home from a family dinner. will he be able to collect on insurance or wat?

cheers, alex
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

Very sad to hear. I feel for your friend, I hope he comes thru this OK.

Pity about the ford too. :p
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

what a small world we live in... over at ls1 forum one of the members was out walking his dog and saw this same accident, he gave chase but the ea driver got away.............
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

did this guy have a shaved head? and drives an astra?
i saw hiim giving a statement to the police if thats the case
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

Imo it sounds like the scum bag in the EA will probably get a slap on the wrist, ie leaving the scene of an accident, stealing vehicle, un-licenced driving(most probably) under the influence(how are they going to prove it now) and some dangerous driving offences.Most likely he is a serial offender with drug issues, the courts will be leniant on him as per usual, he might get a six month sentance, but it will be hurting your sisters boyfriend in the pocket long after that. Unfortunately in your sisters boyfriends case, is that he should of had comprehensive insurance on his car(i dont know his financial situation) but on a late model car like that you just dont know what will happen in a case like this. I firmly believe that comprehensive insurance should be compulsory to cover for cases like the one you mentioned. It costs me $1600 per year to insure my ute but it gives me peace of mind.

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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

Didnt someone on LS1.com.au see this accident happen? He treid to chase the guy from the EA apparently.
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

yep i think it was two guys who saw it gave chase to him but he got away

musta been pretty ****en slow runners no to catch a guy who just survived a huge head one with a 4wd hilux, drunk off his nut.

anyway, good blokes for trying to catch him
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

i think it all depends if the actuall owner of the EA has the car insured. if not theyre both gonna have to foot theyre own bills. i dont think that it matters if the driver is insured as i know people that have insurance on their cars but still arent insured to drive mine. i have to put them on my insurance if they are driving my car so then it will be covered if they crash.
so as i said if the owner of the EA is not insured you friends gonna be walkin for a while.
hope everyone is ok as well and if you ever catch up to this ****wit then knee cap him for good measure!!

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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

just got news, they found the owner of the ford, and yes it was insured, looks like tomorrows gonna be spent tyring to chase her down and try and sort this out
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Re: Horrific Car Accident!!

ohhh mannnnnn... that really sux but.
IF you can't afford insurance you can't afford the car!!!!
Why people even thing to get in a car with no insurance scares me.
May as well drive drunk while your at it...
I feel sorry for your mate but well you just have to have insurance.

If he had 3rd party he would have at least gotten $2000- $3000 but with nothing....

He MAY be able to sue the insurance company of the other drivers car for some cash but really liability lays with the scum sucking bitch that stole the fairmont.
He's long gone and the cops have bugger all chance in catching him. Even if they do I doubt they'll notify your mate.

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