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How did you become a Ford fan?

Well, when my father first came to Australia in the 1970s he was looking for a car to buy. He didnt know much about this Holden brand, but gave them a fair go.
He walked into a Holden used-car dealer and spotted a Holden with a pan underneath the engine bay, collecting all the oil that was leaking from the engine...
Every since that day, my father has bought Fords (He ended up buying a XT falcon). So I've grown up in a Ford Family. Right now there are 4 Fords in my driveway. =)

Go FORD!!!!


P.S. So whats your story?

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I come from Central America.
My dad has owned lots of different brands of cars.
Mainly Chev and Ford as the cars where shipped down from the US. He tried 4's, Rotarys (said he had to keep rebuilding it every year to keep it smooth and quick) 6's and 8's. His fav car was a 63 Ford Thunderbird he had before he was married, and forced to sell to get married. As a kid I enjoyed many rides in Chevs and Fords. Impalas, Malibus, Thunderbirds, Mavericks(sedan), and lots more. I didn't really mind, but I really had a soft spot for the Ford.
As the time to buy my own car was closing in on me, I turned to my dad for advice. He said that I should go with what I felt comfortable in. I always like the roomy feel of large cars, so that crossed out any little crap box. It was now a choice between Chev and Ford, and I'm not very fond of Jap brands, and since Chev is not known as Chev here, but Holden, I went for the Ford.
Plus I'm into old cars, not new ones, and Chevs are rare, and expensive for the right one. (mmm Impala)
I never liked the old Holdens anyway so it was FORD for me :)
Now I have blue running through my vains, although I wouldn't mind a bit of the old vintage Chev taste in Impala form.
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Seems to be a family thing

My grandparents used to buy a new Laser Ghia every model,
My dad has always brought Fords, from the escort, laser's, LTD, fairmonts, Econovans. all his cars have sported the blue oval.

Now it seems to be my turn, My first car a laser, then brought dad's old LTD, then my EB XR6, now my ELXR8, I don't really have to think about it, cos it is just nature that I buy a Ford.
It really comes down to a trust thing, and loyalty I suppose.
Weird I guess, but just in my blood.

Cheers Benny

Gunmetel Grey EL XR8.
Manual, 17" Rims, Full Bodykit.
My Dream furfiled for the moment.
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Well, I come form a Holden family on my mum's side, but my father had an EA S pack from work when I was younger, and I loved the width and stance of it. Always wanted one, but got an EB when the XF died (bad, but good, expereinces with that hunk a junk). I lurve the straight 6 engine as well, and wanted a car that really harnessed the potential of this engine. Hello Tickford, and I bought the XR6 when I finished studying. Fair reward I thought :)
My second favorite cars are BMWs - mainly for the handling and straight engine reasons.
At the end of the day though, we are so lucky we are in Aus and that we have 2 local brands we can afford with 4.0 and 5+ litre engines. What a country!!!
Good thread ChuBBz :)


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I was born in Germany, and my brother in law had a Capri 2.8l with dual exhaust,that was the first time I creamed my pants over a Ford. Later my dad was offered a job at Qantas, so thats how I came 2 Austalia,my dad was looking at cars ,run out XD 5.8 and at the time current ESP Fairmont Ghia 351 they were about 14k as I recall, and I was only 9 y.o. but I just had this feeling a FORD was the car for me. It happened at Sinclair Ford St Marys,the moment I will never forget.
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Like my gender and race, I was just born that way :s3
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I'm deprived. I was born into a holden family.
But I like Fords ever since they were advertising the EF XR series on 'Bright Ideas' (freakin sad - a seven year old watchin that crap).
But yeah. That's it.

"When I joined the marines all they gave us was two sticks and a rock! And we had to share the rock between the whole platoon!"
H2 pwnz j00 foo.
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Me... cause we own them!

The closest call that mum and dad had to the dark side was back in 1980 - they were actually going to the Holden dealer to by a Commodore. Funnily enough, they had to pop into Ford on the way to pick up a part for the Panel Van (Oh yeah baby!) and saw the new XD - there was a 3.3 Falcon sedan (Roman Bronze!) and a 6 seater. Went for a drive right then and bought the first XD Falcon in New Zealand.

How different life would be...

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When I was a kid, my dad used to buy all sorts of cars.

Then he bought a VB Commodore.

We drove it on a family holiday from Wagga to Cairns, and the car broke down 11 times in 15 days. Gearbox, uni joints, power steering..........

The car was a lemon.

The year after, Dad bought a XD Fairmont Ghia 351 (which I still own), and we did the trip.

6,000ks in 3 weeks, and not one problem.

The whole family has been Ford mad ever since.

He has just clocked up 450,000ks in his XG ute, with no problems apart from a blown head gasket. He is about to buy a BA ute.

Marcos Ambrose - 2003 V8 Supercar CHAMPION
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My Dad always owned Fords and when I was growing up he wallpapered my room with the Moffet/Bond 1-2 wallpaper.

The rest is history. Fortunatly I still have a few rolls of that wallpaper and I would love to the garage behind the GT or behind the bar.

There's no substitute for cubic inches!
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