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frown How many people on FF have had a car stolen?

Just wondering who else has had a car stolen , did you get it back and if caught , did the arseholes get punished ? I'll start......

1 car stolen - XB GT sedan
Now lives in the Goulburn river at Nagambie
Pricks got let off with 2 hrs communty service a week.

Who else ????

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1 bad 302
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Long time ago, some lowlife decided he needed my virtual brand new XW 302 Futura.
Car was found at Bathurst (i'm in W.A.). Been in a head-on and was destroyed. Lost heaps in insurance payout, though on the up side, they caught him and the F%*#ing ba@&#rd ended up doing time.

A year later i had my brand new 750 Honda 4 stolen. It ended up in S.A. Got it back as he was caught fueling up the bike and taking off without paying.

Since then i pretty much had cars not worth pinching till now, as i owned my XR 8 from new.
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I had my EA S stolen - from my garage! Broke into my place from the back door, grabbed the keys and stole the car, along with a $3000 keyboard in the boot (my ex-gf's.) and heaps of CDs. They only other thing they stole in the house, that I've noticed, was a camera (again, my ex-gf's.) They used the car in a robbery in Richmond, then dumped it in the Scheyville Nat. Park in Windsor. Stole the CD-head unit, everything else they could grab except the wheels, not without them trying though. Poor thing has never been the same (was gonna mod it a bit) but it led to me buying the XR6.

Crims came back to the house to pinch all my other stuff in the house having scoped the place, but alas they failed, and I got fingerprints.

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I had my XYGT (faker shaker) stolen from the block of flats I was living at at the time. Never thought I would see it again. I was just about to go out in the forest and look for a burnt out shell when I got a call from the cops telling me they'd found it. They gave me the location of where the car was at (only about 10-15km from my place) and I went and picked it up. It was parked beside a bicycle path near some horse paddocks, it was virtually unmarked except for a dent in the sill panel where they had run over something! A guy on a pushbike road past just as I was about to hop back in and see if it would go and said he saw the car there on his way to work at 6.30am that morning (time now 7.30pm) and that he had rung the cops about it. Took the useless pr*cks 12hrs to respond! Probably too busy booking people for driving two km/h over the speed limit. Damn lucky it wasn't stolen again.
Anyhow, I fired up the car and drove it home, not a thing wrong with it except for the sill panel dent! The car only had about $10 petrol in it when it was stolen and there was still enough left to get home with! Very lucky. I was reading later that there had been a spate of thefts from the suburb where I was living and most of the cars had been found in the same area as mine. Obviously just joyriders.
They had terrible taste in music though - left one of their heavy metal crap tapes in my tape deck.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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Yep back in 1992.
From a "secure" carpark at the units I lived at back then.

Scum never found (as far as I know).
Car found 3 months later - stripped of the good bits and chucked over a cliff into bushland. Write-off!

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But wait ... theres MORE!
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yeah I lost a XF from the ECR carpark about 5 years ago. It was found last year!!
and of course my XC last week which it appears now was towed away.

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My First car - a 1973 Corolla Coupe with air brushed graphics was broken into in my driveway. The scum stole my door handles, and tried to get the car going (the steering column cover was broken, and the ignition barrel was tampered with. - Lucky they didnt know about the 3 kill switches it had) They also stole my jack, tyre iron, jerry can and a spare head light from the boot.

My ex had his cortina stolen a while ago. He parked it in a securtiy car park at his tafe, and at lunch time the car was gone!
There was video footage of a man with blonde hair getting into the car and driving off, but it wasnt very clear.
He got a call from a mate about midnight, to ask him why he had left his car with the doors open in mascot.
The car had been dumped in mascot, but all the stereo gear had been ripped out (full earthquake system).

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We've been lucky. Only had the wife's Pulsar nicked from a shopping centre, last year.

Little bastard wasn't licensed or old enough to have one, and dumped it in next suburb. No damage. Ten out ten for the entry. A few minor items missing, but the most interesting one was the spare key to my car that's kept in her car. Thief obviously going for a collection. Maybe he had one that fitted our car.

No idea what happened to him. Cops don't follow up the victims, but otherwise they were very good. Not important to follow up victims, unlike sending out penalty notices for going a few k over the limit, which is worth the postage because money comes back. Also the local uniforms don't have the time because they aren't resourced like the lazy fat civilians that run the speed cameras to catch the really big criminals that threaten civilization as we know it.
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My XF went a while ago, but I was one of the lucky ones, and got it back the next day.

They stole the head unit, tried to get rear speakers, but couldnt and they took the interior light globe and cover.

They were never found, I suspect the cops did nothing to try and catch them (ie: did no fingerprinting on the car).

I wish they would've, woulda been fun to break out the baseball bat and break it over their heads.

Do I really have to write something funny in here?

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When my GT got stolen and after they caught the pricks i asked the court for the trial dates so i could attend , but get this , they deliberately told me a wrong date because the thief felt i might try to assault him if i saw him outside the court !!! Who is the victim here ????
And wait for the attitude you get whjen you ask apply for restitution (compensation from the thief) , you are a greedy prick who has only lost a car , its not as if it were a "serious" crime ! This is what the court basicly told me , and that the thief has a family to look after and he cant be disadvantaged by his "mistake". I would have slapped the silly b!tch from the court if she was there , instead of on the phone !!

One of the cops put it well though
"If you steal a car worth $10000 , you get let off with a warning but if you held a bank up for $10000 , you will be hunted till the end of the earth."
It doesnt pay to be a good guy.........

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