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How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

In the tradtion of the infamous loverboy 7 year thread about his checkout chick babe I'd like to pose a question to all the studs/cassanovas/SNAGS/dudes who be getting some.

How exactly do you get dates? After coming out of long term 'lationship and henceforth token cas rebounder, I'm stuck for clues as to how to find, date or even initiate conversation with girls that i find attractive.

Any hints gentlemen? Or even better ladies?

I want details. Long termers (relationship) please exit via stage left.

I see a girl i think is hot. She looks at me. There is eyes. (fill space here)

PS this will be good
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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

Mate...haha I don't know where to start.
I've been so locked up in a cage hoping something would happen with "checkout chick babe" that I have turned down oppurtunitys with other women.
I know it seems so stupid and dumb, but I was so head over heels about her that I looked at no other girl further than a friend. Yes I made a mistake, but hey that's life.
Anyway mate, the ways I find that work for me in attracting the oppsite sex (although did not work on my dream gal lol) is to just be myself, be honest, DEFINATELY make them laugh whenever you get a chance, make them smile and don't make a fool out of yourself. Ohh and something else I have found chicks like in us blokes, they like a guy who can present himself well as in well dressed.
Well mate, I'm guessing you've eyed up that special someone hehe, good luck mate.
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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

Just tell friends & family your looking for a nice girl to meet or date, I'm sure they can help.
My old man introduced me to this girl who works at the same cardealership he works at. That's all he did, introduction. From then on he walked off and I had a bit off a chat to her, you know just "how ya going" chit chat. Then I said :"We should go out some time" and she gave me her phonenumber.
I waited a couple of days and then I rang her up just to see if she was still keen and to set a date to meet up.
We went out on friday, nothing posh just a local poolhall. You have a couple of drinks and you start to open up to eachother. I told her I fancied her and that I wanted to kiss her and so I did.
Then we went to the beach and listened to some music and stuff. Eventually I told her I wasn't gonna drive all the way home and asked if I could sleep on the couch at her place or otherwise I'd sleep in the car,... she then offered me her bed .
I've had a wicked weekend and can't wait to see her again.
The most important thing is 'be yourself' and try to be honest, a lie will eventually always backfire on ya.
I'm not saying this is the way to go, but it worked for me and I'm quite a shy fella. And like Mason said, make her laugh and dress to kill.
Sorry I just re-read your post, and realised you already have a girl in mind.
If there is eye contact, give her a smile, if she smiles back then GO FOR IT !!
As for making conversation ... I think "How ya going?" has to be the ultimate ice-breaker. From then on you just elaborate on what your/her name is and what you/she do for a living etc.

Good luck !!


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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

Friends have friends. That's about all you need to know really, ask around your mates and something usually pops up, pardon the pun.
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Mmm, high pressure wash.
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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

Originally Posted by subsbligh35
Any hints gentlemen?

Just kidding!

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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

Lmfao 3t !
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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101


All agreed just be yourself lines dont work. You just gotta be cool and confident and be yourself. Look at it as going out to meet a new freind dont go out looking for the kill, you will get found out straight away.

Dont get into the thought that you cant have a crack at a particular girl coz she's to high on the food chain, (ie: 'The Shark' TM) just start by saying HI! its that easy!

OH yeah if your too pissed dont even try; unless she has had more than you! ha ha!

BTW i aint no cassanova either!

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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

The Best Damn Pickup Guide Ever!

Tired of the same old lame pickup adviceand still going home with Rosy Palm night after night? These girl-approved tactics will change your luck.

Maxim, July 2003

By Alison Green

Its as good a place to start as any.

Poking some fun at her cocktail is a good way to show off your sense of humor and build up sexual tension.

The Approach
Take the long way to the john and do some reconi.e.,figure out if shes with a guy. Dont make contact too soon (stalker!); just mosey on over when her drink is almost empty. Be confident, as if it would never occur to you that she wouldnt want to talk to your fine selfsmile, and make eye contact. Assurance is key, because if you act like youre not sure shell want to talk to you, shell smell your fear. Order a drink, and cast an eye on what shes sipping. Then drop a casual remark: Is it true that girls who drink cosmos cant hold their liquor? What are you doing drinking a green apple martini in July? Whatever her answer, swing straight into, Well, then, can I buy you another?

Seal the Deal
Getting her a drink buys you five minutes of talk time. The key heres to make her feel that youre interested in getting to know her, not just whether her bed squeaks. This is where a lot of lesser men failthey forget to ask follow-ups that indicate theyre listening. Remember: The conversation will go easier if you phrase your questions so they elicit more than a yes/no answer: Whats your best drinking story? If you find yourself in an awkward silence, dont panic. Turn the deadly pause around with this advice from Susan RoAne, author of What Do I Say Next?: You can hook a woman by telling her youre not usually quiet, but you feel tongue-tied around her. Its charming and self-effacing, and women respond to that.

Wrap it up with a second drink offer. If she accepts, shes signaling that the field is wide-open. Once youve got her sipping that second round, cut to the chase and ask for her digits.

Escape Hatch
Talking to her is as exciting as a Lifetime marathon? Pull the plug: Now that youre settled with that drink, will you excuse me? My buddies are waiting.
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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101


Buying drinks? Are you nuts? That costs $$$, and as a Uni student, $$$ is what you dont have. Besides theres more to boast about to your mates after if you got her in the sack without spending a cent.

Play a little bit hard to get. Make them want you more than you want them.

The best pickup line I know is "G'day, my names Prudence" (well, thats what my name is - hence Prud). 99 times out of 100 they go "Huh?" and you've got their interest. If you follow that up with even mildly interesting conversation, you're home and hosed.

Confidence is the key. Having long CLEAN hair definitely helps. Girls can't keep their mitts out of it. A: its always nice to get a head massage (both kinds ) and B: You've landed the fish once it starts.

Tisn't hard. Just control the nerves and you'll be fine. Dont get p*ssed, and dont act like a jerk. If theres a boyfriend in the picture, even slightly possibly maybe, dont mention shagging at all. If they do, politely decline. After all, would you like it if your girlfriend ran off with another bloke?

Its amazing what happens if you dont appear to be an easy lay. In fact, politely declining the first possibility of shagging ("fancy a coffee?") only increases your allure.


"Be sure to leave your underpants with someone you can trust"
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Re: How to meet, date or sleep with women 101

.. i think i decline without even realising that they were offering sometimes.

My last g/f was giving me signals all night and i didnt realise/pick up on them. It was only when i snuck off to me room for a minute, and she appeared and got naked, that i realised anything was going on.

The one b4 that stuck her hand down my pants before i knew what was going on.

Think i'll have to read on for some more tips :)

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