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I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

I'm just about sick of idiot employees who dont have the guts to come out and say something.
Currently, i am team leader at work, so i have anywhere from 4-10 people working with (not under, with) me every night, depending on the size of the load that comes in. Of these, 2-3 of them are over 40 and thus they have MAJOR issues with taking orders from someone like me - 18 years old, and ive been with the company 3 months. I didnt ask for the position, i worked my guts out and put the best i could into my work, and management recognised that and promoted me.

I understand their point, i know where they're coming from and i have told them this - i have told everyone that i am not their 'boss', i am just the guy who has to make sure the work gets done, and deal with any problems that arise. But they still bitch about me behind my back, and in some cases even undermine the work im trying to get done to make me look bad.

Ive had complaints made about me to management when i am 125% sure i did nothing wrong, and the general atmosphere at work is crap because everyone has their own little 'groups' that they talk to, and bugger the rest.

I'm getting really, really sick of this and i'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions or ideas on how to approach this, short of dropping a pallet onto them which im tempted to try tonight........

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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

You gotta let them know whos boss. Only way you'll ever get respect. But yeah must be heaps hard to be in your position.
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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

Yeah older people have problems with taking orders from younger people (I can see where there coming from, but bitching isnt going to get them anywhere). Youre in a tight spot, have you talked to management about the problem?

Can I ask what area of work you do??

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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate life!!! Hate to be the one to break it to ya but it doesn't get any better...

For your situation, it would be best to take stock of the whole situation. Break it down into WHO, WHAT, and WHY :
Firstly for your employees -
1) WHO is creating the negative atmosphere, or gossiping, or shitstirring? Identify them, keep track of them, and their responses to different scenarios both professional and personal.
2) WHAT are they doing exactly? Talking behind your back? Undermining your efforts in doing your job? Causing you undue stress? Creating a negative impact on workplace productivity and morale? Identify exactly the results of what they are doing, and if possible, tie this into potential cost to the company, in any way you can. This is crucial in getting support from your superiors, as this is the way they think and what they act on.
3) WHY are they doing this? This is the tough one, but hopefully if you nut out the first two steps, it should help you to reach a conclusion. Your superior may or may not be interested in this but getting some answers will help you out in the future in similiar situations.

Now onto yourself :
1) WHO are you in the company? Who are you in relation to these other people making your work life a misery? Identify your EXACT position in the company and how that relates to these others.
2) WHAT is your role in this issue? What can you do to improve things? This is a tough one as well, but it would pay to formulate some ideas to put forward to your superior. It may well be that you can do very little directly, but if you have a convincing case for your superior, they may well do the hard work for you (ie. get rid of the troublemakers).
3) WHY is this an issue? Try and break down everything that is irking you into a list of specifics. This will help you no end in getting to grips with the bullshit that is going on, and in formulating approaches to deal with it.

I use this techique myself and it has worked very well so far. Taking the time to spell these things out makes a big difference and provides you with a great deal more clarity than if you just sit and mull over it in your head.

All the best with it mate, stick to your guns and keep it professional, and you'll be fine.

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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

Welcome to human nature.!!!Not every one is like that but I know too well the criticism that goes on behind my back.

I just write them off and get on with the job.In my field many other people try to put me down because of the success I have.Ican only assume the same with you.Youre good and you deserve a good position.
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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

Just let them know who's boss! Less talk, more Gestapo tactics!
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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

it happens in every workplace part of life

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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

I'm 21, my 2ic is 43 and she threatened to quit while renegotiating her contract, if they took her out of my department!!

I had an arguement with my store manager last week, and he stopped talking to me for 3 days. It was bliss.

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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

If you're nice, they'll like you but work won't get done.

If you're an asshole, they do their work but complain.

Cant win

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Re: I am so sick of people who dont have guts....

just drop the pallet.....

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