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4WD Jockey
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Smile I think i'm in love

Well people, i'm sorry to hit use with my problem, but here i go.

I'm 16 and in yr12, i work at woolworths in a poxy lil shit hole called katanning in WA. At work the past few working days i have been training this girl (she's in yr11), I never new her b 4 i started to train her. Anyway, now that i no her a little bit, i am starting to feel a way i never have before. When i think about her i go all weird, her friend (that also works at woolies) said that she really enjoyed working with me (don't no what's meant by this), basically i think i'm falling in love with her and i've never been in love before. I mean i've liked sum girls coz they r hot or woteva but i REALLY like this girl. I don't no what to do, get to no her better or ask her out. I'm affraid that if i don't ask her out that she'll think im not interested.

How do i find out if she likes me?
What do i do?

Can somone please tell me what they would do?
Any girls (or anyone at all) on this forum, help would b very appreciated :)

P.S. I'm very shy.
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love is a double edged sword.


Real woman go for shy men becuase they are usually just as shy themselves... but...

Im not a girl but Im a bloke whose been happily married for 19 years if that helps. First there is nothing like unrequited love, that is you love somebody very much but they do not feel the same way in return. Yes it does cut deep mate but we've all known girls that are out of reach. Reminds me when I was in Yr12 and I fell head over heals in love with a girl who did not love me and what was worse she had a boyfriend as well. When I ask her out on a date she gave me the coldest stare I ever saw from a woman ever in my life, when I had the courage to speak, i was shot down. She said "Sorry Karl, your a nice guy and all but I know this guy since Yr10 and we've been going steady for a while"
The rest of the words were a blur in my mind and I could not speak for a day afterward, i was crestfallen. I began to subliminally hate woman afterwards for some reason that they use their beauty as a lethal weapon with lots of collateral damage.

Funny afterward I adopted the stand of aloofness towards woman any funnily enough 3 girls wanted to take me to the Yr 12 formal. Don't ask me why I just adopted the tradtional Macho John Wayne tough ignorant mongrel and some woman thought i was a rough diamond that needed 'polishing'. Spose woman always go for those chracters, the 'alpha male' so to speak.

Well for all the one night stands and all we all have I thought I never was thinking id ever find "little miss perfect" or "miss not quite but nearly there" or "hey she'll do".

After I had a horrid day at work, love was the last thing on my mind but....
Then I was waiting for the next train home at a train station and there she came down the stairs. The birds seemed to sing announcing her arrival and that clear winters day just felt allot warmer. Then she noticed me and we were both following each others eyes all the way till she sat down right next to me! It was truly spooky I never met this lady in my life yet I felt a inexplicable bond, impossible to describe. I was trying to say some small talk like "hey the trains late isn't it" or "hav'nt i seen you before somewhere" or maybe "you have the most bluest eyes I've ever seen". I managed a mere hello and not too long after we had a liverly fascinating conversation from your favorite ice cream flavour to the meaning of life.

We talked all the way home like we were old friends. It only came natural for me to say when i was off work If I could be the honour of taking her out to my 'favorite italian resteraunt'."She was flattered and delighted and she loved Italian food as well! The rest is history. All I can say is, don't ever look for love, let love find you.........

Long Live the EA!

Grandpa Henry
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In my opinion you have been struck with a common dose of infatuation. Surely you can't fall in love with this girl if you don't know her that well first. I'm not a female, but my advice to you is to ask her out. By doing so you will find out if she feels the same for you by either accepting or declining, and you then will find out if you really do "love" her.

Love if a powerful word which to often is too often abused.

I wish you the best of luck mate. You're a few months too late for valentines but if you last till valentines next year you're on the right track.

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Ask her. Remember Failure is better than regret!!
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True Cobra the word love is often mixed up with "feelings from down below" ie infatuation. Love however is something from deep inside a feeling of 'belonging' that knows no bounds.Infatuation and lust however is much often mixed up but im sure he knows what he is feeling inside. True Love Is hard to describe and often love develops rather than appears all of a sudden but I would not rule out the hand of fate.....

Sorry Cobra but im a romantic diehard Cassanova who does belive in true love and love at first sight , i would not be married if it was'nt. Hello is often the hardest word to say, I know that for a fact but If you don't say it you may regret for the rest of your life as well.

Long Live the EA!

Grandpa Henry
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4WD Jockey
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Question dudes

well guys i still don't no wot i'm gonna do, i might wait about a week and see wot happens from now untill then, might get to no her a little better and stuff.

Guys i no wot lust is, and this certainly aint it, I have had lust for alota chix but this is alot more. Something i simply cannot describe, I feel like i want to be with her for the rest of my life and i've only "properly" known her for under a week!.

Thanx for all your help ppl and i'll keep u upto date with wot happens. hopefully she has feelings for me

If she dosnt i'll probably do this and alota this 2.
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Firstly, I think you should just ask her to the movies. Don’t rush her with your intense “feelings”, as you may scare her away. Remember, you are only 16, and that is still very young.

A second piece of advice, and whether you take this or not is up to you. I think you should really start to try and write using proper English. It is a lot easier to read and people, like “us” here on FF’s, will perceive you to be more mature. I think writing like this has been spawned by the SMS text messaging. Responses like the ones from Grandpa Henry’s are easy to read.

But, hey, I’m not your Dad, or even your English teacher. It is just that learning to write properly will benefit you much more then what you are doing currently.

But, go for the girl!! :)

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This could be the start of something big
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Too young to be in love wait till you are in your late 20's at least.
In the mean time just do like most blokes do.... if you know what I mean.
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EA Falcon, go for it. Ask her to the movies for starters. That's a nice neutral thing to do, which could develop into something more. But listen, if she says no, don't take it personally. The fact that you bothered to ask her will be appreciated by her, and you will feel good about yourself for making the first move.

Poop. Wish I was 16 again. Even 26 would be nice.....!!

Foxtrot Oscar Romeo Delta X-ray Foxtrot
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Originally posted by GTHO4
Too young to be in love wait till you are in your late 20's at least.
In the mean time just do like most blokes do.... if you know what I mean.
Ahhhhh yes.... the All Time Number "1" :tup:


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