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mad Im an Idiot!!!!!!!

So whats the most stupid thing you have done at work to cause injury to yourself!

Im siting here typing with one hand as I just managed to pig stab a friggen hole in my finger whilst trying to remove a caught staple in my stapler........

The stapler btw did not manage to survive the stomping it got after said injury and lies at my feet in 4000 peices!!!
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4000 pieces is one hell of a stomping lol.
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I went racing on pallet jacks when i worked at a supermarket many moons ago - the jack was loaded full of produce at the time too!

I managed to get my foot stuck under the jack and twisted my ankle pretty nicely.. I don't think i could have claimed workcover for that one!!
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This didn't happen to me but i saw it happen:

I work in a printing and packaging factory and we use acetate to clean grease, crap and ink off the machines. Potent stuff - one whiff of it will knock you around. This bloke loads up a rag full of acetate and hurls it across the factory and hits a bloke smack bang in the face. The bloke didnt know what hit him. He just ran to the decontamination shower screaming like a little girl. I can't blame him - he was lucky not to lose an eye. If you leave small pool of acetate on a 44 gallon drum overnite the stuff eats all the paint and can sometimes leave a nice chewed out crater where the metal used to be.

I have also had people get fingers caught in rubber rollers - not nice. :( (tend to lose those fingers that get caught)
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When much younger (and much less patient).....

I had been struggling with the wonderful Korean English in an instruction manual for a large SCSI card that I was installing in a server.
It finally frustrated me to the point that I threw it on the floor with the intention of stomping it into oblivion.
For whatever reason I caught the thing with the wrong part of my foot and succeeded in breaking one of those tiny little bones in the bottom of the foot.
Was unbelievably painful and took weeks to heal.

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being a stooopid apprentice carpenter i always cut my hands, got finger nails torn off and that sort of thing. the one i remember as the most severe was when i was in the joinery shop. i had two layers of 3/4 ply on top of each other, at a ninety degree angle to a 20" radial arm saw. as i pulled the saw towards me, to make the cut, the plywood slid sideways and pulled my hand to the blade. thumb nail gone, about a dozen stitches beteen the two knuckles. very lucky to have my left thumb. it's a bit difficult to enact revenge on a tungsten tipped blade spinning at about 5000rpm, so the saw won. a week off work with pay was ok.
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Mmm, high pressure wash.
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Two things come to mind.

1. I was playing with a stapler whilst talking to my then boss. I press it a bit too hard and put a staple into my index finger. Strangely enough it didn't hurt and i hardly even felt it. Had I not seen the stapler compress I probably wouldn't have even known I'd stapled myself. Anyway, I went around the office grossing people out with it until I decided to pull it out.

2. I was sending a dead UPS back for repair and I lifted it wrong. Didn't feel anything at the time but each day it got worse. A few days later I had to fly to China to set up a couple of servers there. Let's just say that 202 cm tall + economy class + bad back due to stupidity = big time.

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Re: Im an Idiot!!!!!!!

Originally posted by laminge

Im siting here typing with one hand as I just managed to pig stab a friggen hole in my finger whilst trying to remove a caught staple in my stapler........
Teee Heee Heee sounds like a David & GOLIATH battle there...
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This was more an injury to my pride, but when I was 18, I worked as a general maintenance fellow at a resort. I was helping out my boss put the finishing touches to a pergola, when he asked me to rip down the hardware store to grab some sky hooks to hang some plants. So off I drove.

Worst part was when I got there the hardware owner (being another fellow with a sense of humour) asked if I wanted stainless or galvanized sky hooks. I had no idea, so off I went back to my boss to ask.

Was laughed at every time I want back to that hardware.... bastards!! :s3

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I was working on a ship and cleaning out some 450volt ventilation fan starters. I didn't bother turning off the power as it would have taken too long. Besides, I had wrapped the end of the vacumm cleaner with electrical tape to insulate it.

As I was cleaning, a mate started to talk to me. One minute I was talking, the next I was picking myself up off the deck a couple of meters away. I started to shape up, looking for the person that had king hit me.

The other bloke was laughing and I asked him who hit me. I said no one did, I had electrocuted myself.

It feel like Hulk Hogan had bear hugged me while Mike Tyson gave me an upper cut.

My ribs were bruised for weeks where the muscles had contracted.

Funny thing after that, I always found the time to isolate the power.

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