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frown Insurance for young guy

I was wondering where you guys would recommend I try to insure the EL XR6. Only mods are exhaust, EL GT rims, lowered, CD player and thats it.

I have called a few places and been rejected, then got quoted $3700 by Just Cars. As you can understand I am not happy and shocked.

By the way I live in western side of Melbourne, so this will drive up the premium (higher crime rate) but nearly $4000 is ridiculous.

So what you guys think, any suggestions where I should try?

Thanks for any comments.

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Re: Insurance for young guy

Sorry to tell you that thats the price you will have to pay. I am 33, rating 1 and have no mods to my AU XR6 and I still pay over $950 a year due to living in the West of Melb.
Insurance is just very, very expensive, not much we can do about it.

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Re: Insurance for young guy

RACV....1200 for me full comp and im 17!

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Re: Insurance for young guy

insurance for me under my dads name was $313 full comp, but that was when the car was stock. As soon as i lowered it they said they cant insure me as an additional driver anymore! Basically if you do anything to your car to make it look better and/or perform better they will kick up a sh!t. its very frustrating!! Yet they had no dramas whatsoever with my dad doing basically any legal mod he desired but wait 'your 18 year old son can no longer drive because..well..his 18..and we are pricks'.
basically you will have to just get third party fire and theft otheriwise its just ridiculous.
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Re: Insurance for young guy

yeah insurance as a neccesary evil, id suggest NRMA if you havent tried them already, I am insured under my dad's name and its around $500 for comp. insurance each year, although that will go up after my little effort on wednesday (see sig.).

Also, be 'creative' in your mod descriptions - instead of saying they're EL GT wheels, say they're 'alloy wheels' etc etc. I have heard of a few people getting a few $$$ off their premium this way, yet they're still fully covered because the insurance company cant say 'you didnt tell us that'. It is risky, and Id prob. never do it myself, but if you're desperate......

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Re: Insurance for young guy

back2thefutura: can't you just tell the insurance company your dad was driving it so the excess is less and his probably got max no claim so his insurance shouldn't get effected anyways?

on another note about insurance, does anyone know a company that will do 3rd party fire AND THEFT for canberra? most of the companies i have tried either dont do 3rd party theft for canberra or they wont insure me because i have a sound system which contains a 'boot speaker' will 'attract attention'. Like im stupid enough to have it up loud when parking in a carpark.
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Re: Insurance for young guy

I'm in the Sth East of Melbourne with an EL XR6 and I pay about $920 a year with AAMI - 29 years old and rating 1. I've heard of people being quoted $3000 for full comp. on cars like an XF Falcon. Basically you're buying another XF every year for that money. Ring around to some of the more liberal companies. If you can do better than $2500, you'd be on a winner, otherwise you're gonna have to fork out some big bucks.

I suppose insurance is something you should have looked into before buying the car. Unfortunately the insurance companies charge an arm and a leg to most younger drivers, and if you buy a higher risk car, they want your balls too!

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Re: Insurance for young guy

Dunno about full comp, but I found AAMI the cheapest for third party, fire and theft. $454 PA with my stack. Full comp as soon as I can afford it. Hah.
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Re: Insurance for young guy
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Re: Insurance for young guy

Never tell that your car is lowered... as soon as you say that your car is classified as 'a high risk motor vehicle'.

At your age, you are just better off getting 3rd party fire & theft and stick with that for a few years. this will lower the price of comp over the years, especially if you hav a no claim bonus.

I tried insuring my XF last week. They asked me how much do you think's it's worth as is. I said at least $3,500... they said that because of the type of vehicle, they can only cover it to the value of $2,300. I said it was crap and that the car is in A1 condition, well looked after and has a number of mods added to the vehicle. She said that the price is an average and that's what they go by.

It's crap, I could've had an XF built for show (I wish) and they still would have only insured it for $2,300.

Anyway, they worked it all out for me and said it would cost me $2,287 per annum. BULL$HIT! Unless I write the damn car off once a year, where the hell is insurance going to take me. I got in trouble with my boss because he over heard me saying "stick it up your ass!".

They only go on average's created by dickheads. Young drivers = trouble... that's their philosophy. It sucks, I've never had an accident, never been convicted of any criminal offence on or off the road. Hell, I even had a clean record all through school, but the fact is i'm young and I'm an average... and so is my car... damn it hurts when someone completely mis-values your car.

So I went to a difference place and got 3rd party fire & theft for $45 a month. My GF is paying $21 a month for a car valued at the same price. why, because female's are less likely to cause or have an accident on 'average'!

Maybe I should put make-up on and wear a dress next time I want insurance.

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