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Joshua Dowling takes another swing at the Falcon

It appears he has apointed himself as the official protector of the public from the dangerous new Falcon.

How about you let the Police who are using it evaluate it first, then pass judgement. The story does not mention that the brakes have been upgraded with the new BA.

My opinion is the story is a beat up of a non-issue, and another excuse to have a swipe at the new Ford. Seems he had a chat with a (un-named) cop about what he thinks of a car that they havnt even tested yet. A few leading questions and an instant story!

.Joshua should open his other eye once in a while.

There's no substitute for cubic inches!
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The only negative thing he said was that the XR6T brakes are the same as Taxi or fleet car, he's just telling it like it is. He did forget to mention however that the brakes on the SS Commodore are the same as Taxi or fleet car as well. I think the cops would be well advised to use the Premium Brakes.

You know, somebody actually complimented me on my driving today. They left a little note on the windscreen. It said, 'Parking Fine.'So that was nice.

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but thats stupid!! why not say that the XR6T brakes are great, which apparently they are quite fine! and say that "WOW!! the standard car get these great brakes just like the Turbo!!"

Thats how they should look at it, as its not really the other way around.

He's obviously having a dig for he is a silly man.

On another note, i have a freind who laughs at any new commodore and yells out "WHY!!?" to them!! lol. Exactly! Why would you get one over a falcon?

"WHY WHY WHY!!!!!!" lol :-)!!

lets get sideways!!!
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thats not really a swipe at Ford, merely pointing out a fact (as mentioned above).

I do see where there is a slight concern but the only way there gonna find out if the brakes are up to the job, is if they give them a proper test with all the gear loaded.

That way they can call one way, or the other.
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Well easily fixed. Get rid of the body-kit and sports interior and with the money saved get Premium brakes. Simply?

The body-kit doesnt make it go any faster and the rear spolier probally does nothing untill your travelling at 400km/h.
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When it comes to BA's, our good friend Joshua is rather keen on focussing on the 1% rather than the 99%. He feels that he is some kind of journalistic renegade that is on a mission to deliver (what he thinks is) the truth, and his version of the truth does not include giving Holden the same misguided critisizm. He also believes firmly that this aforementioned 1% is of more importance than the 99%. (Perhaps a career change into a political backbencher would be right up his alley???)

He will ignore any and all positives, in order to focus completely on any negative, be it real or imagined. But instead of giving a level-headed overview of the issue, he will go off on some galant tangent making himself out to be some great "revealer" - him and Julian Edgar would get on REALLY WELL!!

He is too wiley to say things outright, but rather he relies on overtones and "between the lines" phrases. Hence, he gets away with it but still gets his misguided message across. He's become an expert at doing this!

I really don't see why or how he is still employed - put him next to someone like Dave Morley, and Dowlings work stands out like the excrement it is. Morley is fine value and a great journo!

Oh well... I can only hope that before he departs this world, that Dowling will finally have that moment of clarity and see exactly how misguided, ignorant, and frustrating his lifetime of work was.

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who does Dave Morley write for?
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What concerns me is that this rubbish was picked up by the radio stations this morning and of course every half hour the Turbo XR6 was portrayed as having shoddy brakes.

At least you can option better brakes on the Falcon - look at Holden: you want a Holden you get Commodore Executive brakes on every model whether you like it or not - Monaro, SS, Wagons, Utes etc.

I have a great idea for the cops to improve the braking performance of their cars:

1. Remove the speed camera gear, and LIDAR equipment such as tripods
2. Eat less donuts (have a look at the fitness of a lot of cops these days!)

Dowling you dumba$$ Get a damn life. I don't care about Ford or Holden or whoever. Take it from me son, eventually even best friends can't handle people who are always negative, whine and cry.

(Suggestion for Dowling: when are you gonna rubbish the Honda CRV for all its rear diff failures!)

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"putting an extra $2950 on the car's $43,000 price - to better comply with the force's safety standards."

$43,000, yeah sure!, I can get into a XR6T all costs included for just under $35k and we have no connection with any vehicle manufacturer at all. The fact is Police get huge fleet discounts and more often than not make profits on the cars they purchase when sold at auction.

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Originally posted by Barra_4_Eva
who does Dave Morley write for?
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